Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Having A HEAT Wave....Yep, ROASTING Here In The Northwest!

Hi little sweetie chicks!

Oh my goshhhhhhhhh.........I know I'm a wimp, and many of you have it much worse than we've had it here, but I'm HOT! This is the Pacific Northwest! We usually get some 80 degree weather....occasionally some 90 degree weather and on rare occasions we actually hit 100. And, if it gets hot it always cools wayyyyy down in the evening.

Well, yesterday it was 104. ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR DEGREES!!! I know many of you are used to reading that on your little 'ol thermometer.........but that's why we live with the rain six months out of a we can enjoy a nice mild summer. We broke records. No, I actually think we SMASHED records. YOWZA!!!

My Hubbs and DH both have those outside thermometers in their cars....DH's said 106 and my daughter's said 113 degrees!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??? NO WAY! Honestly, I've lived here for a longggggggggggggggggggggggg time (that would be my whole life) and I've never seen it get this hot.

We are ever so fortunate to have air conditioning....not terribly common here in the rainy state. For that I am SOOOO grateful. We actually use it from about May until October so it's been a great investment and such a blessing.

I have my little grandson for the week and had planned some fun little outings. We went to see Up on Tuesday..........that was WONDERFUL....if you haven't seen it yet, do go. It was awesome. And since it was supposed to be REALLY hot yesterday we decided to just stay home, close the blinds, and stay cool. That worked nicely until about NINE PM.....Yep, I was sitting here trying to do some make-overs on my blog when............BAMMMMMMM.....the stinking power went out. I can't remember that EVER happening in the summertime here. Yep, it was still 90 degrees and now we have NO air conditioning. No ice. No fans. Nothing, zip, nada. YIKES!

And, then the fear set in. How long would it take for the fellas to restore our power. I have TWO fridges full of food. How long would it last when it was roasting? And..........this is the BIGGIE.....I actually made a great macaroni and crab salad for dinner........I wanted those darn leftovers! :-)

I called the power company about every two-three hours for the recorded update. First...midnight.........nope..........then 3:30 am.........nope..........then 6:30 am.............nope.........then 1:30 pm.......................TA DA!!!!!! Finally, at about 10 am our power was restored. I went to turn on the light at the same moment thinking........."silly power".......and the light came ON!!! Then my precious little guy came in, thrilled that the power had returned.........he told me he had JUST prayed for it to come back on! He was so thrilled. He said.........."yep, I guess God does care about the power".....! Be still my heart. "Yes, Sweetie Pie, He does! *smiling and thanking God for my boy*.

So now, all you little cool cutie patooties......I hope the weather where you are is comfortable and you're enjoying your day. I think we'll be playing lots of cards today.

With big cool A/C hugs!


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Oh, and PSS.....I'm so excited....I've saved old ephemera for years and years and actually found the box of it out in that garage (is that what they call that area when you still can't put a car in it?)....I'll be posting some great old stuff soon! :-)


  1. So glad to hear that your power was restored. We did have a power failure a couple of years ago in August during a heatwave and it was out for 3 days for most of Ontario and some of the US. It was unbearable!! Your little dude's prayers were answered and now you are all comfortable again!!
    Can't wait to see all the goodies!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  2. Ok, used to the 100+ degrees, but we couldn't do it without a/c....oh my stinkin' word, no way. It runs round the clock from March or so until Oct./Nov......sooooo glad you are cool now. What a sweet story!


  3. I am in NE Pa.... The weather people are saying this is the year "without summer" for us. Temps have hardly broke 85 this year & that was only once. Rain, rain & more rain! Nights only in the 50's. Hey, good sleeping weather.
    We put in AC several years ago because ole' Menopausal me can't stand the humidity. Guess what?? We haven't even turned it on at all so far!!
    After seeing all the hot, hot weather had by so many this year I will just shut my mouth & enjoy the screen in my windows at night with the chilly breeze drifting in!!
    Stay Cool!!

  4. We're coming over there on Aug. 9th to visit with granddaughter and I'm hoping it cools down by then, sugar! I hate heat!!!!!!!

  5. It is hot up in the mountains in Big Bear Lake also. We are not use to the heat at all. Glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  6. Time to flip over, Spencer, you're done on that side. Chuckle!

    Yes, the family we have is truly complaining about the unusual heat you are getting. TTFN ~Marydon

  7. Oh bless your heart! I'm so glad your power was restored within a days time. I hope all your food was ok. Reading this reminded me of the huge Eastern power outage in the summer of 2001. Yay....we Michiganders were apart of that little catastophe for four days. Was not fun. And hope that never happens again.

  8. Wo! That it a scorcher...we had some temps like that here in North Florida last month...I know exactly how that feels! With the humidity down here we could barely breath when we stepped out the door. We've had some rain here recently cooling it down some. Thank goodness. It's still hot though.

    That's such a sweet story you shared of the little fellow. He sounds like a little sweetie pie. You Stay cool now,...I'll be looking forward to seeing your box of goodies that you found!
    Big Hugs,

  9. I am so glad that you have air conditioning! We're having one of the coolest July's in like 100 yrs. hear. It's great! I'm actually sitting on our deck right July!!

  10. Wasn't it just miserable yesterday! It go 107 here. I have never felt heat like that in my life. It even go too hot for the air conditioner to keep up. It was 80 by the time the evening rolled around. Sorry to hear that you were trapped in the no power zone! Today felt like a cool day in the mid-90's. Can you believe that! I hope you can stay comfortable now and have fun with your cards.

  11. Cool (no pun intended) that you found some fun stuff!! Sorry about the heat! EEEKS! 104!!!! Our air is out right now! I hope it comes on soon!
    Hugs, lisa

  12. I do hope you get some cool relief soon! We're in the High Plains and it has been hot and dry here. Expecting some storms here tonight.

  13. Your not a whimp...that's stinkin hot and stinkin hot is not fun! Glad you A/C is back on. Sending cool breezy thoughts your way!!


  14. Spencer, we are in northern Ca and have been having a very mild summer. We could actually say it was cold this morning and I took a little nap with a blankie this afternoon. But I know the hotness is coming. I love that your little guy prayed for the lights and there they were. Enjoy your time with him!

  15. Spencer-
    I live in Iowa... where we normally hit 100 + humidity... BUT we are having the coolest July on record... it's not even going to hit 80 tomorrow... its so strange.
    Even stranger.... Hubby and I were in Portland the first week of July and we couldn't believe how chilly it was...(only reached 80 one day) We talked about how lovely it was and how we would come home the crazy heat and humidity....and then, boom... you're getting blasted with the heat.

    What a strange, strange summer!
    Stay cool out there!!!

  16. Dearest Spencer,
    I feel so bad for you all; I heard on the news again about your "canicule" (heat wave in French) and it is unbelievable. We are having 75 degrees consistently here in the "nation's icebox" and I don't know if that means we will be having a colder than normal or warmer than normal winter...please take care of yourself and stay INSIDE! AH! God bless you sweet one...Anita

  17. Spencer, You are a wimp...hehehe, how about one month of 100+ and no rain, but then everyone has heard our Texas sad stories.

    It is hard to bear 100 when you are not accustomed to it, I understand and pray you have no more days like that and your power stays on.

    Purple hugs,

  18. I know how hard heat waves are for PNW's! And hardly anyone has air conditioning! We're having the weather you're supposed to be having! 70's and raining. Hang in there!

  19. I cannot imagine temperatures over 100º, let alone no AC. You poor thing! I'm glad the AC is fixed.

  20. That is way too hot for me! We have been having some cooler weather here in Missouri lately. Have a great weekend and try to stay cool :)

  21. 'And a child shall lead them.' What a blessing!!! Looking forward to looking through that box with ya.
    Come see what I came across today.

  22. Oh Spencer, I just had to come in and say hi. Our weather has been in the 100's now since June. In fact we hit 115 last week. Once you hit the 100's a few more degrees just don't matter that much. Melted is melted no matter what the temp.........I would imagine your temps get lower at night, ours are still in the triple digits.....oh, I can't wait for Sept, this is truely our worst season.....I love winter!!!! Take care Spencer and see you on Pink Saturday, Char

  23. Oh you poor thing. I live in Northern Cal. and we have been hearing about your heat wave. I had to chuckle when I read your post. I sort of figured you would do a post about your heat wave. I hope things are getting better for you.
    Hugs to you sweetie

  24. As far as modern day conveniences go, electricity has to be my #1 choice! I hate when it goes out! I wouldn't have made a very good pioneer woman.

  25. Now that IS hot! And that is a long time to be without electricity when it's that hot! Bless your grandson's little heart. My heart just melted when you told what he said. What a smart little guy. laurie


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