Saturday, August 1, 2009

Look What God Painted! Ahhhhhh ....So Pretty! Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Good Morning Wonderful Pinkies!

I'm so sorry I'm late here doing my pink Darling Hubbs and I RARELY stay out late, but we sure did last night and I was just too pooped to do the post when I got home......then I realized I was totally unprepared too. Can I blame it on the heat wave? :-)

We went to some friend's for dinner last night....I'll post about it later, but we laughed all chatted until way too late for this old gal.

So, my Pink Saturday pictures are from awhile back....My timing that evening was just perfect and I was going through town just as the sun was setting. It was a scrumptious view, wasn't it? I was so happy that I had my handy, dandy camera with me so I could get some snaps.

Folks were parked all along the road, leaning against their cars, talking and watching.....lots with realllly fancy cameras. I would love to see their pictures!

God is sooooo good, isn't He? Just stunning isn't it?

I hope you're enjoying your Pink Saturday, touring about all the wonderful PINKNESS! Beverly hosts this yummy event each Saturday. You can find all the beauty at

Don't forget to leave a comment on my giveaway post! I'll be drawing the winner this evening....I can't wait!

So my sweetest little chickies.........please pardon my rambling. It takes me awhile to wake up and I'm still half-sleeping. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Huggies and Lovies,

Oh...........and HAPPY GIRLFRIEND'S DAY!!!!!! YOU'RE the BEST!


  1. What a beautiful sky picture. God is certainly good.

  2. Hey Spencer, believe me, I had nothing to do with how those roses look. I didn't even pull the weeds before I took the photos!

    Your sunset photos are so beautiful! I wish we views like that.


  3. Just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your pink day.

  4. Oh what a great pink!! You did a good job! Keeping my fingers crossed for tonight!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Dear Spencie...;)

    These pictures are beautiful. God is sooo good to us to bless us daily with the kind of beauty that can ONLY come from His hand.

    I'm so thankful for His grace and patience...

    Love, Rebecca PS: Please PICK ME! I never win! :( :( :(

  6. Have a perfect Pink Saturday & a great week too!
    xo Tami

  7. Aren't sunsets and sunrises beautiful, sugar? I love them. Especially when they have pink and purple in them...........

  8. Your pink Saturday looks beautiful to me*!
    Have a GREAT rest of your day*!!!
    ((hugs)) _Ashley*

  9. Hi Spencer,
    That sky is simply stunning! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!


  10. That is one gorgeous sunset. Oh your evening sounds so fun!! Happy Pink Saturday!
    ♥ Teresa

  11. Beautiful Nature!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!

  12. That's one good thing about all this heat, beautiful sunsets! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your weekend!

  13. Glad to hear you had fun times with friends. Thanks for stopping by to read my tail/tale ;-)
    And yes, God is a wonderful artist. Scenes like this just makes one want to stop (like some did) and take it in. Peaceful! Awesome!!

  14. Hi Spencer! What a beautiful site! God does it best! I was reading about your temperatures out there! Yikes! That's even hot for here in the south! I think we got our weather switched! We've had nothing but rain, rain, rain and temps in the 80's! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  15. Hi Sweetness!!!

    hehe I'm back!! What a exquisite sky, isn't God just the Master have you been? I've missed everyone so much, golly I was a way far to long.
    I hope you have a super sweet weekend my sweet Spencer :)

  16. How beautiful, Spencer! Nothing prettier, is there? Just spectacular. Have a Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. Cold, dark, raining all week. Summer is not going to make it to northern Michigan this year. We haven't seen many days over 70! WOWZA! So, with that in mind, Pink Saturday is especially important for me. I sit back and cruise around the blogs filling myself to the brim with my favorite color.

    ♥Thanks so much for adding a bit of sunshine to my day♥

  18. Oh Spencer those photos are just amazing! What would we do without color~you can hardly believe the beauty in all of His shades!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a fun drawing tonight! Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is!

  19. He is the greatest painter. Absolutely breath taking photos. laurie

  20. Awesome photos...beautiful pink sky...great capture!!
    Happy girlfriends day, Happy Pink Saturday!!
    Enjoy your evening!! Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  21. Spencer, these pictures are gorgeous. What an amazing gift from God.

    Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway. And, Happy Pink Saturday.

  22. Thanks for the lovely photos, what a beautiful sight.

  23. Happy PS, Spencer! What great photos! Only God can create such magnificent splendor!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  24. Wow your sunset pictures are just spectacular. I don't think your guests will mind these pic's taken awhile back ago. You should use this picture for the header of your blog. That must have been a sight to see everyone stopping for this beautiful photo opportunity.


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