Thursday, August 20, 2009

It Was A Super-Duper, Wonderful, Fabulous Day With My Little Guy!

Whew.....this gramma has been ever so busy spending time with my little grandson. It's simply the best. Yesterday we hopped in the car and drove THREE hours (have I ever said that I HATE to drive??) to the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington.

What a wonderful day! Sequim is the sweetest little town.....I loved it!

They're famous for lavender there. I didn't even know that until I was researching this trip for my little guy...........(we visited a lavender farm as well).

We had a sunny beautiful day.......

The Olympic Game Farm is unlike any zoo I've ever visited. You drive through the entire park in your car and let me tell get REALLY close to the animals. I was a bit anxious at times..

I swear....there is NOTHING better than looking at things through this little guy's eyes....

He was sooooooooooo excited to go and must have told me how much fun he had and that he loved me a gazillion times.

Ahhhhhhhhh..........I'd do ANYTHING for this child.

We visited the petting zoo........

He was thrilled to see the bison. He'd never seen them before, so it was something new for him.

He's crazy about animals and has been to MANY zoos.

They said not to feed the bison right now....they're in rut and a bit aggressive, but we could feed all the other animals on our way through.

Yes, we went through twice. He really wanted to see everything again.

I can't remember what kind of deer this was, but my boy knew... :-)

Have you ever seen an all-white deer before?

I'm a lousy photographer and I was trying to watch what was going on around us while taking photos ahead....there were about 6-8 elk around this car a few moments earlier. They look RIGHT in the window. HOLY COW!....or should I say HOLY ELK! :-)

See the elk-ett wandering over to the blue car....they were going to each car looking for a treat.

Elk and deer.......believe me......there were WAY more than this!

Like I said, I'm a bit slow on the action shots, but this was the MOST amazing thing! They have a sprinkler set up and this bear was standing up, dancing around in the water! It was hilarious. Then he plopped down and played in the mud. He was a BIG boy.

Not much between us and these fellas.

I swear to you, this guy smiled and waved! I'm NOT kidding!

Is this not the MOST beautiful animal? I am crazy about black and white animals. Pandas and penguins too! Isn't she pretty? We didn't feed her, there was a sign that said they bite. OUCH...

Yep, looking for a treat! They sell loaves of bread on the way in...Of course we had to have some too.

My favorite boy feeding the llamas.

Careful honey pie....they spit!

Prairie dogs.......gosh they were funny!

There was a sign............."How many eagles can you count"?.....there were way more than these few! Isn't that just stunning?

Not something you see every day....the chickens hanging out with the peacock?

An all white peacock? Amazing.

If you don't live too far from Sequim, you really need to make the trek to see this amazing park. We've already planned another trip for next summer.

I'll be looking forward to it, but my boy is already anticipating.

I LOVE being a's such a special relationship!

I know I've been a bad blogging buddy..........and haven't been around to visit all of you lovely sweeties. I've been keeping my boy for most of the summer so we've been doing lots of fun little things together. I don't want time to slip away and regret missed moments.

Thanks for coming and for wading through so many pix.

Love to all of you!




  1. Sequim is a lovely little town,isn't it, Spencer. Obviously, you both had a wonderful time ... you can hear the love & joy in your writings. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. OMG. You did get up close and personal. You know Zebra's are mean. I would have kept going right by those guys. I think it is great that your grandson loves animals. My granddaughter loves animals too. I am encouraging her to be a veterinarian. She likes the idea. That place looks like it is so much fun. I am with you about driving, I don't like it either.
    xxoo, Sue

  3. I so enjoyed your pictures and commentary! What a great day you had with your guy!

  4. Glad a great day was had by you both! Loved the pics of your flowers in the previous post. I get to see the prairie dogs almost every day where I live. I didn't know, until I moved here, that they bark like little dogs. Also, they don't drink water. They get their water from the plant roots they consume. They are funny little creatures.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful day. What a fun place to visit. I enjoyed seeing your photos.

  6. That moose was HUGE!!! I would have been a little apprehensive, let me tell you. My Mom took us there once when we were kids, we didn't live far from there, about an hour. I bet your little guy had a blast! What a fun summer for him and you.

  7. Holy-moley! There really isn't much between you and Mr. Bear!?! Weren't you scared? I'm a big wimp I guess. He really does look like he was smiling though... What a fun day you had with your Little Guy! He'll remember it forever too!

    Happy Thursday Spencer!

  8. I just love them all! But the bear is just amazing! AND how HUGE!! Even in your pictures you can tell how large he is!! Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. I really enjoyed reading about your fabulous day with your grandson. The zoo looked amazing. There's nothing better than going to the zoo and actually seeing some animals (I have been to several where it seems the animals are always hiding!) Enjoy your days with your little guy.

  10. That looked like such a fabulous day! I wish I had been there, though I would have been tempted to reach in and snuggle that bear (I know, I know, but he is so cute!)
    Fabulous post and visit with the critters.

  11. Dearest Spencer,
    What a great outing for anyone, especially those of us who are a child at heart! Your darling boy is gonna remember you when he is a man....he will have fond memories of you forever. God bless you sweet one! I love that bear and I think that white dear is a caribou???? HAVE FUN! Anita

  12. What a fun day you had!! Love the photos of all the animals....

  13. Oh! I have friends who live in Sequim!

    We used to go to North West Trek in Eatonville. Have you ever been there? We lived about 30 minutes away from there and we had a family pass. I sure do miss WA this time of year... ♥


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