Friday, September 18, 2009

First Put On A VAT Of Coffee.....And Then Let's Do A Makeover!!!

Sometimes I even have to laugh at myself........I'm such a TIGHTWAD. And, I didn't want to have to buzz to the store to buy matching fabric for cording for my little project, so I whipped up a nice strong vat of coffee and dyed some dandy little bits.

Well..........first I started with tea.....but it was a bit too gold in color, so on with the coffee. I was using a canvas drop cloth from Lowe's as my main fabric......Wow! What a thrifty buy!

The fabric on the right is the tea stained and on the left is the coffee model which matched my drop cloth perfectly.

I buy white sheets at the thrift store ALL of the time. ONLY 100% cotton and in great condition. They usually run about 3-4 dollars so it's a lot of fabric for a tiny bit of cash.

They're so handy to have on hand.

I use them for all sorts of things. And, it's the best ever for cording you need to cut on the bias. You can get much longer strips. I know there's a method for cutting endless bias, but I need to see someone do it someday, I just CANNOT figure it out. :-(

Ahhhhhhhhh.................the little ottoman........BEFORE it's makeover. I had been looking FOREVER for one for my husband. I had already gotten him two different ottomans. The first one he gave to my daughter after I had it all finished. Grrrrrrrrrrr. The second one was too high and he didn't like it, so when I found this petite 'lil number I snatched it right up. And, only 14.99 too! What a deal.

If you're going to make a slipcover...........cut off the binding. It looks horrible when it shows through the finished product.

A simple little slip makes it look totally different, doesn't it? A funky old stool becomes a little cutie. Do you think so too?

Ever so simple.

Measure the top. Cut the fabric to that measurement. I don't add anything extra or it will be sloppy. And, I only use 1/4 inch seams. Now lots of girlies like their slipcovers sloppy, but for me....I like snug. It's all up to you!

Then four pieces for the sides. Cut those to the exact size too.

Now, I don't know why this works, but it does. CRAZY.

Sew the cording to the top.

Then the sides into a loop, then sew those to the top.

Add ruffle.


I used Old English on the legs instead of totally re-doing them. They actually turned out pretty well.

This is going in my den. I think I posted a picture of my fabric for that room in one of my very first posts and I'm just getting around to doing the sewing. YIPPPPEEEE!

I'm finally in the mood.

I've been working on all sorts of little things for the re-do.

I can't wait to show it to you. But I'm not even close yet!

Have a wonderful day, little sweeties!

I think you're the BEST.

Huggies and Lovies,


Oh, and PS.....If you haven't been over to see Jennifer's new kitchen and dining room, you really MUST! It's so darn cute. I LOVE it. Especially the counter/table built by her hubby with shelves above.....DELISH!

Oh my goodness.........I just went over to verify her address and she's added her living room now too. Dang it's cute!


  1. Ha-ha! Spencer, I was thinking we would need that vat of coffee for energy to tackle your make- over! Ha-ha-ha! Your ottoman looks sweet! Wish I could sew.

    I haven't tried coffee on fabric but I have used tea. I just found out that Kool-Aid works for colors! I want to try it on some tulle. ♥

  2. Oh my dearest, that looks so great! What a great idea! I am more satisfied when I make something from scraps than to go out and spend a lot of money. But it is fun to shop big now and then, too!!! Anita

  3. That foot stool redo is so professional looking! I really admire your sewing skills. I am not that great with a sewing machine. My daughter does all that for me.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. You did a beutiful job on the ottoman. I think it is the perfect size. Oh and the ruffles. What patience you must have. The ruffles are perfect!

    You are right about sheets. If you look at them as a large amount of fabric you really do have a lot fabric for very little money.

    I need to figure out how to do a continuous bias strip too. I have instructions on how to make a continuous strip but I have zero patience for instructions. You would think at my age I would have figured out that instructions are important!

    xxoo, Sue

  5. Spencer, the ottoman slipcover is perfect, I love it, especially the gathers at the bottom....but I'm afraid what may be easy peasy for you might be more of a challenge for me!!

  6. Love the slipcover for the ottoman. It is just wonderful, and the ruffle just makes it. Hugs, Marty

  7. I adore how your ottoman turned out! It looks awesome. You really did a wonderful job on it.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  8. beautiful!!!! pat yourself on the back, it came out gorgeous

  9. What a great project and it turned out beautifully! I would almost be afraid to put my feet on it. You are very talented because you made that look and seem easy but this average seamstress is impressed. Great job!


  10. Oh Spencer, I could write a book right here. I love your footstool/ottoman. I NEED one so bad...but I simply cannot afford what is in the stores and my husband doesn't want a big one either. I have seen some that I could afford and they are too low. I have got to keep your idea in mind. Thanks....

  11. Spencer, thanks for stopping in and praying for our family. I so appreciate this!

  12. Wow that looks good - wouldn't have thought of putting a slip cover on - mind you my sewing is so bad it wouldn;t look like that :)

  13. This is absolutely adorable! The little ruffled detail and the cording give it just the right oomph! The Spencer Touch! Of course, I guess you know this means I'll be hunting now for an old ottoman to slipcover . . . (I'd better find a place to put it first -- it's kinda tight here at Casa St. Michael!)

    Glad you're in the mood 'cause I'm dying to see what you're going to do! I know it'll be scrumptious!

    Grins and blessings!

  14. Well, Spencer, that is DARLING! I love the ruffled fringe, just adding that extra punch.

    Hope all is well with you, sweetie. Hugs, Have a lovely weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  15. Spencer, that is perfection! Oh how I wish I could sew. I'd have slips on my dining chairs and all over the house. I love the way you say "easy peasy", but not for measy! laurie

  16. The ottoman looks amazing! What a transformation. It looks so fresh and crisp and new. Love it!

  17. I want to do this with my ottoman! But the ruffles scare me! Is it really easy peasy?

  18. Spencer, Your ottoman cover is absolutely perfect...a great job you did... I have a tiny stool I've been wanting to get to and you've inspired me, thank you my friend, xoxo ~Kathy ~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  19. girl....this project is right up my alley! I love the finished project did so well that it looks professional! I also was at your Saturday those pinks girl!

  20. I'm so glad I found this post, because I'm planning to sew a slipcover and cushion for a big cedar chest I have - I want to make it function as a bench seat, but then have the cover come off so I can open it. This is perfect! Thanks!

  21. Spencer, that ottoman cover is to die for! Absolutely scrumptious! By the way, thanks for linking to our home!


  22. Hi, so happy to find your blog! I have an ottoman that I have just thrown a piece of vintage white bedspread on and have been thinking of how to add a more professional look...and here it is! Thanx, I am totally inspired! The only thing that scares me is the ruffle...would it possible to include a post with the How-to on this little ruffle trim? I would love it! Keep up your Inspiring Blogging! I'll be back for more!:D

  23. Amazing! I love the cover. I just learned to sew this summer, so now I'm on a bit of a bender! :-) Great idea on the sheets....I've been buying old, oblong tablecloths for projects. I do need to learn how to do the cording thing -- I have no idea. I'm sure I can find a "how to" video online.


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Many, many hugs!