Monday, October 26, 2009

And, The Pillow Makin' Continues.....

Oh totally delicious is this old linen tablecloth? It's the most beautiful linen I've ever found. A lovely "hand" to it....and look at this yummy embroidery. It was handmade, for sure. It actually had a seam down the center of the cloth!

Now, I don't normally cut up ANYTHING that's in perfect condition....but whack this I did!

I thought it would really be better to cut it up and enjoy it than to stick it in a drawer unused.

Right? Yeah, maybe not, but I soooo wanted pillows out of it.

Thankfully an old tip from high school came back to me. Now, that in and of itself is a REAL miracle. That was a LONG time ago! :-)

If you try to cut linen it just gets all wonky. That would never do. If you pull a thread it will leave a perfect little line in the fabric. If you cut right on that line it's a sure bet it won't be fact, it will be PERFECT.

I cut off the bits on the sides that had the hemstitching on it....and crocheted little vintage buttons across the edge....

I can't really tell you how I did it....I don't really know myself. I'm a lousy crochet-er....and just sort of faked the whole thing. Shhhh....I'm not really admitting that. Not here on the www. :-)

I wanted to be able to get full use of the entire tablecloth so I incorporated that little bit of lovely embroidery. Isn't it sooo pretty. I think the woman who made this would be happy to see her glorious work displayed.

Stitch that little gal up with a bit of piping and voila!.....Looks like a pillow to me!

More coming soon. I'm going to finish this darn den, come heck or high water.

What does that mean anyway? Anybody know?

So my sweet little chickie friends....

Thanks again for coming to see what I've been up to.

God bless all of you. ABUNDANTLY!

Big smoochies!




  1. Oh Dear! That was a risky but successful whacking!!!! That is a beautiful pillow, Spencer! I would have been afraid to cut it up, but you really do know what you are doing with linens!!! AWESOME! Love ya', Anita

  2. That turned out beautifully. I absolutely love it!

  3. Hi Spencer! What a lovely pillow you've made from that beautiful linen. I love the corner where you kept the embroidery. Love your little row of buttons too. Great tip about pulling the thread! You're good and you should be proud of yourself.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Great job .. I know if i saw this pillow made from my table cloth i would be soooooooooooooo happy. It is lovely..

  5. Oh Spencer it is simply gorgeous!!! I absolutely adore the vintage buttons across the, love, love it! And I totally agree that it is better to use your old linens for something you can use than keep them stashed in a drawer...

    :) T

  6. Gorgeous pillow. I love that you kept the hand embroidery and your crochet/button edge works perfect with that vintage linen. I think you gave that tablecloth a new life!

  7. Oh Spencer, this is lovely... And so much better than letting the piece just go unused in a drawer. I love how the those buttons accent the pillow. You have such a talent for making pretty things.
    hugs, Sue

  8. So pretty, Spencer. You do beautiful work and how fun to surround yourself with it.

  9. Hi Gal! What a lovely pillow! I LOVE the idea of using vintage fabrics and linens for pillows! Love the button treatment, too! You are quite talented my friend!! Can't wait to see that den all gussied up!!

    Have a glorious day!!
    Love ya,

  10. WOW... What a great idea. I have quite a few tablecloths & napkins similar to this that were my Grandmothers. Some have wear marks.... What a great way for me to continue "loving" my Beloved Grandmothers linens. Thank you so much for the idea!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  11. Love your creative talents! Beautiful pillow and I adore your crochet work with buttons. I also remember that trick from highschool. Thanks for reminding me, because I didn't really remember what kind of fabric to use it on. :) It was a long time ago, but it's like riding a all comes back. Thanks for sharing. Mumzie PS: Great music!

  12. Spencer, I love this pillow. In fact, I do believe I am "in love" with this pillow.

    You did good. ;-)

  13. What a glorious piece of linen and the embroidery is just beautiful. I love the pillow, can't wait to see more. Hugs, Marty

  14. Sencer, that is beautiful and a wonderful way to repurpose the tablecloth. The vintage little buttons add the perfect embellishment. Thanks for the tip on pulling a thread to get a good cutting line.

  15. Spencer, your tutorials are great. Mostly because you do such nice work--I'm an heirloom sewer and though I cringed at the part about cutting off the hemstitching (wink, wink), I love the reminder about pulling a thread for straight fabric. I've been known to cut up a few doilies and hankies from the antique malls myself, as I agree it's better than just stuffing them in a drawer. Lovely pillow!!

  16. Hi Spencer! This pillow is wonderful. I love the feel of old soft linen. I would have cut it up too! You get so much more pleasure out of several pillows! Thank you so much for coming over for a visit and leaving your sweet comment. I'm off now to enjoy the rest of your blog! Have a great week.

    My Desert Cottage

  17. It's gorgeous, well worth cutting it up, I'd say!

  18. I want to sew just like you Spencer! I can't seem to get the whole piping thing down, but I love making pillows so. That's what I've been doing the most of lately. Your pillow is so beautiful!!! Oh those buttons...sigh

  19. It's a pretty pillow, love the buttons detail.

  20. Hi Spencer, that pillow is simply stunning, I love the colour and the texture. Makes me want to touch it. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  21. You have been in a creative mood, haven't you? Love all your gorgeous pillows and the buttons on them are perfect! I can't seem to get myself up to my craft room, but I have been cooking up a storm!

  22. Spencer,
    You are such a talented lady and I admire that so much, we like so many of the same things but your sewing talent is way beyond me. I am trying to learn to knit and it is not going well. I may not master that. Would you like to e-mail back and forth? I would like that very much and maybe some day we could meet at Starbucks for a cup of tea. I think we live in the same general area of each other. I hope you do not think I am too forward but I just enjoy your blog so much and would love to talk with you, even if it is by computer.
    God Bless you dear Spencer,
    Sandy Bertrand

  23. Hi Sandy...

    Your message came with a no-reply e-mail address...I'd love to you have a blog too? Could you send your addy?


    PS...thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it. :-)

  24. The pillow came out so nice! Just beautiful! You are one very talented lady my friend!! I have never done piping, how about a tutorial some day?

    Congratulations on winning the vintage Christmas ornaments, they are such a lovely shade of pink. I can't wait to see pictures of your Christmas decorating!

    Hope you are all over the creeping crud by now. My son and DIL came down with it while we were on vacation and now Miss T has it so I'm probably next! :o(

    The pictures of the deer are amazing! That is such a good shot of the one jumping over the fence!!!!!!! We see it a lot here as they jump in and out of the horse pasture but I have never been able to get a shot of it. They are so graceful when they jump and can do it without a running start!

    As always I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog!

  25. Oh, it is beautiful! Your are brilliant! laurie

  26. Spencer! How did I miss this post??? I know I checked your blog, and here it is!

    Love what you did here. WONDERFUL and cute as can be. You are such a talented girl!


    Sheila :-)

  27. Oooooo....I love this! I have yet to try your piping tutorial out (I still can't thank you enough for emailing that to me!!) but have a crop of slightly damaged old linens that would be lovely to play with!


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!