Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let's Take A Trip To My Beautiful Daughter's For Pink Saturday.....You'll LOVE This!

Oh my sweet and dear girlies....

I hope you've been having a wonderful week.

Lots going on here at the cottage. I'm actually making some progress on the den. It's small stuff, but any progress is great in my I'm THRILLED....

I think you're going to LOVE this little tour. My precious daughter has such a way of setting up her little vignettes.........she loves to do it and it shows! She is such a special girl....totally delightful, and funny....oh my.....she's REALLY funny........hilarious, in fact. :-)

She sort of takes after me in the collecting department. Yeah, she's not a minimalist either....empty spots? Oh heavens no! :-)

There's a little picture of my dad.....see him in his uniform??......Quite a long time ago I shared a picture of this darling girl with my dad. She was CRAZY about her grandpa and he was totally taken with her. It was wonderful to sweet.

After my Mum's funeral we went to the graveside.....just my girl and I....My Mum is buried next to my dad. Those dice were on his grave. We have no idea how they got there. How strange. Anyway......we saved them....

We both collect these pictures..........they're called "The Light Of The World" by C. Bosseron Chambers. We both realize that one is probably enough, but we both have LOADS of them...

They're so precious, aren't they?

My girl adds a little do-dad to nearly everything....a flower, ribbon, bow....tassel, whatever. She loves adornments. Me too! :-) She's MUCH better at it than I am.

My daughter's house is quite old....I think it was built in the 20's. It's DELISH!

She has this little faux fireplace.....original to the had one of those little niches where the mirror is. For years I suggested a mantle there and something large to cover the hole. She wasn't too keen on the idea, but one day she relented. I built it for her and it's one of her favorite things to decorate. I don't think she could fit another thing on it. I LOVE all of her pretties and look at them every time I visit.

The little banner is hard to see, but it says F.L.O.W.E.R.S

Several years ago Pottery Barn had a vintage wooden folding yardstick fashioned into a crown. We were all over that and both did one....see it standing up behind the crown picture? Yes...crowns are the theme....and she IS a princess. The cranberry glass belonged to my Mum and that's her in the tiny, round frame in front of it.

You can see the reflection of her old light fixture in the mirror. It belonged to her husband's grandmother.

This shelf looks much brighter than it's actually a very pale robin's egg blue....I made it for them when they bought the house.

Her little pup is a Westie (Trixie Belle), so she collects vintage Westie things.......

I hope you've enjoyed the little tour. I'll take more pix so I can show you more. Doesn't she have a knack for display?

From the time she was just a little girl I put YMLY on EVERYTHING for her...her lunch sacks, notes, handmade means "Your Mama loves you"....

So............Sweet girl............YMLY!
I am so blessed and couldn't have asked for more.

Now, I know you're just itchin' to see more lovely pinks, right?

Beverly is hosting this fabulous event and you can visit her at:

She's asked that we actually link to the Pink Saturday post, but I can't figure out how to do it. I'm sorry. :-(

Have a wonderful weekend darling girlies!

God bless you!

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Your daughter certainly has "the touch". I especially likes the 1st one with the beautiful vintage lamp & a black lampshade! Very nice!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!

  2. Oh Yes! Enjoyed this very much!

  3. Spencer darlin'! Bonjour! I LOVED THIS POST! I tried clicking on the photos to get a better look at them, but to no avail...I will try again. I need to see that crown close up! Come by my post; I mention you, you darling, wonderful person, YOU! Bisous, Anita

  4. What fun to see all your daughter's beautiful vignettes. I especially love her Westies! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. This house of your daughter's, really is a beautiful home full of memories and very special treasures! Thanks for sharing with use!
    Happy Pink SAturday!! xOxO

  6. Your daughters home looks amazing!! I really can't wait to see more, I love all of her beautiful displays (;

  7. Your daughters home is lovely! I could spend hours exploring and admiring all her lovely treasures!

  8. Your daughter does have a talent for making her home warm, cozy and adorable, sugar!!

    I remember the song playing: You Belong To Me. I sing it all the time. What a coincidence to hear it this morning, chick....


  9. Thank you for the tour on this Pink Saturday. Everything is just beautiful. Her vignettes are all so cute! Have a Happy Pink Saturday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  10. Your little girl is very talented when it comes to putting together vignettes...they are all just so beautiful. I ♥ the little blue shelf with the dainty teacup, pretty tole tray...oh they are all so pretty...I love how she has incorporated the little pictures of her grandparents. You have a great weekend, Spencer.

  11. oh, her house is GORGEOUS!!! have a wonderful day, and halloween

  12. Oh Spencer, that was so much fun. I loved the tour thru your life, your dad, and your mum. Happy Pink Saturday sweet one and have a great Halloween, Char

  13. She gets her excellent taste from her Mama alright! Everything is so pretty! Thank you for sharing and thank her as well! Happy Pink Saturday.

  14. I have so enjoyed seeing little bits of your daughter's home! You're right, she does have the touch! Everything is so personal and filled with her little touches! Like Mother, like daughter!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Everything is so pretty. She has a real talent for decorating.. Happy Pinks and Happy Halloween.

  16. Just loved seeing your sweet daughter's home! Yep, I do believe she takes after her mother! :) Happy Halloween.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Your daughter has created a lovely home for her family. She had a great teacher. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  18. What a sweet and charming post about your daughter and all her pretty things. I enjoyed looking at it all. wonderful eye candy!
    Have a blessed day!

  19. Hey there sugar! You are such a peach to come by and leave me such kind words. You deserve all the recognition for being one of the sweetest people out there. Yep, no candy or "junk" food for that matter for 29 years....I just wanted to see what would happen if I did that, and in the process, lost a taste for it! Bizarre, I know, but to each her own!!HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY to celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY!! Anita

  20. Happy Halloween nice to read about your daughter and i can tell by how you wrote about her that you have more then just a mother/daughter bond there....just like me and daughter as you know by how much I write about sounds like we are our daughter's biggest fans.....Wonderful.

  21. Oh i know where she gets her taste from! I love her beautiful treasures! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Happy Halloween!
    Hugs, Lisa

  22. ... ummm, what time would she like to do my place!? She is really talented. Beautiful. Love the pics of Dad & Mother.

    Have a BOO-tea-FuLl Halloween. TTFN ~Marydon

    ** Watch for huge giveaways that start tomorrow for several weeks.

  23. I love it when I come across a blog I really enjoy creative! I found you through Confessions of a Plate Addict. It has been awhile since I have been able to wander and look at blogs...what fun it is!
    The pillows are fantastic. I must go back and take a closer look!

  24. Daughters are the best. Yours sounds adorable. I am so in love with mine too. Your daughters house is precious.
    Thanks for coming by. It is so nice to meet you.

  25. What a sweet tribute to your daughter's wonderful talents for all things vintage and new. It's wonderful the way you praise her and recognize her talents.

    I posted my first Pink Saturday today and the comments were wonderful. It's so much fun.
    Beverly has really created something that we all love.

    I'll be back to see you often.

  26. Your up late girl! I was just about to turn off my computer and saw your comment come in on my email. Had to pop over to say hello and see what's up.

    I loved seeing all your daguhters's arrangments. Its all so sweet. It really shows that she has a love for special touches. And it's those special touches that make a home so inviting isn't it? Thanks for sharing it. I was at my mom's today and took a bunch of photos of her "garden" room. Its done in pastels and is full of flowers and sweet things too. I'll share it soon. Have to get some sleep now, it's been a long day!

  27. I love everything I've seen here today! :o) Yes, your daughter has a good eye for display. Talking of your daughter, we are the same age! I turned 38 at the start of October.

    Thank you so much for visiting. I appreciate your comment, and I totally agree, Gorgeous Girl should have some wonderful memories when she looks back on her childhood. If my house isn't covered with flour, then it's covered with glitter and she's usually covered in a combination of the lot! Just as it should be.

    I've just read your story. My goodness, what an inspiration you are. I'm sorry you lost your sister, and I see you have lost your mum too.
    I hope when Gorgeous Girl grows up, our friendship is as strong as the one you clearly have with your daughter :o)

    By the way, I had to laugh at your Bellamere Cottage explanation, and must tell you. We don't just name our homes. GG has a little playhouse in the garden, which I've named for her. It's called Gingerbread House.

    Have a lovely Sunday x

  28. Spencer, Thanks for the tour thru your daughter house, you will have to show us more sometime. Everything was lovely.

    Have a great week and see you soon.Barbara

  29. Happy Pink Saturday, Spencer.

    How wonderful to have a daughter, and a bonus that you have so much in common. I love all of her pretty vignettes.

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  31. Well she has some fun things and I can see has the decorating talent passed down from Mom.
    Thanks, fun to see!
    Linda Q

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  33. Beautiful decoration.
    Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  34. Hello Spencer,
    It's so nice to meet you! Thank you very much for entering my giveaway and your kind visit. I really appreciate it and your sweet words about my hubby.

    What a beautiful vignette made by your daughter. She is so talented! Love the unique lamp and photo of your father in uniform. It's all just wonderful. So pretty!

    I hope to see you again soon. You are always welcome my friend.

    Many Blessings & Happy Fall!
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  35. Her home is filled with sweet little sentiments. SOmething to make things personal.

    I can't see the dice but interesting how they turn out there :-)


  36. Just lovely! Like mother, like daughter, that's plain to see!

  37. I love your daughter's house! I love all of the vintage bits and bobs that make the space so personal and special. My kinda gal. ;-)

  38. Your daughter certainly has an eye for arranging pretty things. I've really enjoyed seeing her beautiful home.

  39. OMG Spence, now I know what my vase is called. Your daughter has them on her mantel. Cranberry Glass.. oh I'm so happy I know now.
    I had it in one of my pink posts, and asked, but nobody said anything. See I came here for a reason.
    You are a hoot. Love Ya
    Love Claudie


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