Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh For Pete's Sake.....I Messed Up The Pillow Tutorial....Can Somebody Help Me???


I've hit a snag on the Pillow Tutorial I promised you dear girlies....yes, I do know I promised it on Sunday. I'm a bit late. :-) Oooops.

I've been sitting here for a LONG time getting it all together....got to the last two steps and backspaced to delete my text and deleted the last two photos. Now, here's my question. I uploaded the two missing pictures, but of course they appeared at the top of the post. How do I get them to the bottom where they belong? I've tried, in the past, to copy and paste to a new post..........yeah, that doesn't work. I hate to totally start over.....it's a VERY long post....

Right now I have to go to bed. I'm a bit rummy and nothing's making any sense to me.

Any help would be soooo appreciated.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Good morning precious! You did the right thing by stopping and resting a bit. I wish I could help you with the photo thing....as much as I have learned about computers since I started blogging, there are still some glitches that I can't unravel! Get your sleep and I know you will come back with full force and someone will know what to do....sorry! Bisous! Anita

  2. Poor thing, I feel your pain. Blogger trips us up sometimes doesn't it? Why don't you just upload your pictures and lable them a or b and just refer to the a or be in your writing. It will be okay if they're at the top of your post. That way you don't have to stress over it. I use Firefox now and it does allow me to copy and paste.
    Good look.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Next time you do that, just hit "Control" "Z" as many times as you backspaced (lost your information) and they will reappear.

    As for now....copy and paste your text and place it on "notepad". It has to be on notepad!! Then copy from notepad and paste. Go back and add your pics again and place your text where needed. This way you don't have to retype!

    Good luck!!!

  4. Spencer,
    I feel your pain with losing your pictures when you were almost finished with your post. This has happened to me as well. I have found that once you have uploaded those pictures again you can click on them and drag them down to where you want them. I'm no expert with all the aspects of the mechanics of the blog....hopefully with all the talent out there you will get an answer that works for your situation.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  5. Spencer, I have had the exact same thing happen to me and I end up starting all over!!! It's a pain, but I don't know any other way. I hope someone out there can help, I would love the answer to the question. Would also love to see your tutorial, Char

  6. How frustrating when you know it should work and it doesn't. I just highlight, cut and then paste them where you want them. Hope you get it figured out, Spencer.

  7. i have had the same problem, i don't know, i usually have to walk away and redo it, i really hope someone knows this secret and shares!!! thank you so much for the sweet card

  8. Hi Spencer!

    Go into your text again and copy and paste the pics you want to move.

    SO if you want pic # 3 to go below the text.'bla.bla.bla' click right after the last letter of that portion of text and paste your photo there.

    Hope that makes sense:D


    I like to seperate each pic with text, that way I can see the breakdown in HTML of text compared to HTML of the photo. Just remember each new phot starts with a onblur=.....

    This way when you copy and paste, you know when each new photo starts, so you dont delete another part of another photo.

    Good luck!

  9. Oh I do so understand. I sometime get my pics in all the wrong order. I find that I can just highlight and copy and then go down and paste them wherever I want them. This sure helps. Hope you get it all straightened out. Hugs, Marty

  10. oh don't you hate it when that kind of stuff happens.....

    I know you've already gotten plenty of advice, but no one has said what I would do, so here goes...

    I would delete the pictures at the top & then just re - upload them at the bottom. ? If that makes sense? Hopefully I'm not missing something but if I am I apologize in advance :}

    I didn't know about the tutorial but now I'm very intrigued so I will check back soon!

    Good luck


  11. Spencer, I am going to try and email you the details if I can find your email address!


    Sheila :-)

  12. First off, I always load the photos with "none" clicked for layout. I've not had any luck copying and pasting in blogger posts but have found I can click on a photo and drag it down but It won't scroll down so you have to unclick and let the photo stop in other places, scroll as far as you can then do it again. Sometimes you have to stop on the side of other photos if there isn't room. Even if there isn't room for the photo where you let it go it will move the other stuff down. When the photo is higher than you can see you can still click and drag if you see the little squares that show where it is. Moving it up to the top is easier. As you drag it a little arrow appears when you get close to the top of the box, if you get it close to the line and continue to hold it will start scolling up. That was clear as all get out wasn't it! LOL! Just keep playing with it. You can drag them, but it is a pain. I'm still using the old blogger post system. I see there is a new one but I'm scared of change! LOL!
    Good Luck

  13. Spencer, how about emailing me at my blog. When the Geek Squad worked on my lap top, they forgot to install the default whatchamcallit that will allow me to point and click to email people. Go figure! Anyhow, I can walk you through this step by step and give you some pointers that will make your life SO much easier. They are things Mr. Magpie has had to help me with over the course of blogging.


    Sheila :-)

  14. Spencer, This whole dilemma was part of the reason that I no longer use Blogger to post. I now use Windows Live Writer. It is so much easier to use, I can make my pics really large, and do everything else so much easier! Good luck with restoring your pics. I agree with those who told you to copy and paste the pics that are up on the top of your post, then paste them where you want.
    hugs, Sue


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