Sunday, November 8, 2009

And, The ParTEEEE Begins.....

Yipppeeeee.............. I am so excited!

I get to drink this wonderful beverage this evening....

I'm so looking forward to it.

Have you ever had a colonoscopy?

Yeah, the procedure is a piece of cake, the prep......

NOT so much.

Why do they call it GO LYTELY? Seriously? Who actually named this stuff?

I opted for Half Lytely....Do you think it tastes TWICE as bad?

Yeah, and NOTHING to eat today. And, my procedure isn't until 1:30 tomorrow. I feel a big case of grumpiness coming on.

Colonoscopy AND Endoscopy.

When the gal called to confirm she said "you're scheduled for a turn around on the ninth........"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She did NOT just say that?

So....I'll be off now....preparing to enjoy my Half Lytely for my Turn AROUND............

You know where you can find me.

I hope YOU'RE all enjoying YOUR day!

Huggies and Lovies,


Edited to add.....I have such hilarious bloggie girlfriends.........I've loved your little bun puns...keep 'em coming...I need the laughs. :-)



  1. Oh Spencer sweetie!
    I do not envy you today. I know what that stuff tastes like. I hope you have a great Snake Charmer for this procedure.

    I will be eating roast, potatoes and carrots for you today. I will also be saying a little prayer for you tomorrow.

    Enjoy you Go Lytely today. It will be over before you know it.

    Have a beautiful blessed Sunday sweetie.

    Country hugs and love, Sherry

  2. The prep is just awful, but the test is so important. Good luck, this stuff is really yukky. Hugs, Marty

  3. Spencer, just imagine your self in a beautiful beach drinking a margarita!!! good luck tomorrow. Ciao Rita

  4. I've had it done and you're right...the prep is what is terrible. Take a big breath can do this. And think about might drop a few pounds :) by not eating so much! Tee Hee...

    Still...I'll take drinking this stuff any day than taking a chance on getting colon cancer. I have a sweet friend (the guy who has done my hair for 5 years) who is terminal from Colon Cancer. How I WISH he'd opted to have the procedure. It might have saved his life.

    Hugs to you! Thanks for bringing it OUT into the open AGAIN!



  5. Poor Spencer! I'm sorry for all of this torture but will be praying your results will be good!
    Stay close to the bathroom, Dear One.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Hi Spencer, Have fun, and as Cindy from "The Yapping Cat", said before her procedure..."Bottoms Up"! Guess we have to laugh, huh? Hope things go well, dear!

  7. Hi Spencer, The prep is awful but I'm proud of you. I've had many - I wasn't one of the fortunate ones who could wait til age 50! My prayer is that you will get a good report and that it is all over with before you know it.

  8. I have cancelled the procedure...maybe next year. The "prep" on the list I had was like a 3 day event..yours sounds much easier...
    I also don't want to be "aware and yet unaware" of what's going on.
    like I said...maybe next year and I'm only going to do it once..unless something comes up.
    Deb :)

  9. My doctor keeps telling me you're due for one . . . . next year I will do it . . BUT they'll have to schedule me FIRST thing in the morning as I could not go that long without FOOD!!!

    To quote Debra, bottoms up, LOL


  10. So sorry for you! Reward yourself with a yummy treat for being such a good brave girl!

  11. Yuuuuck!! The best part is on the drive home from this "procedure" we get to stop at McDonalds!!! THAT'S the only good part of this...

  12. I haven't had one...I figure all the radiation and chemo should have killed anything in there too! BUT, (and no pun intended!) My hubs had his...he was thrilled!!!!! Have fun, lol!

  13. Hi there! Well, bless your heart! And certain other areas too!! It does seem they could have scheduled a morning appointmnet instead of 1:30. Anyway, you can do it - but I know that stuff is nasty.

    I just signed up as a follower because I don't want to miss anything! Yesterday's post was wonderful and so many pretty things.

    Come see me when you have a moment (Beauty and

    Cynthia K.

  14. Oh my gosh my heart goes out to you dear. I have to have it done every three years and the prep is awful, but I guess catching something early is worth it - right? It was in my case.

  15. I'm glad it's you and not me!! :) Kidding... that prep stuff is no fun! Too bad your exam isn't until 1:30! That makes it even more of a challenge, doesn't it?

    Good luck....just think about the yummy food you can eat tomorrow afternoon when all of this is (tee-hee) BEHIND you! :) Dana

  16. Oh yuck!! I got to do this when I turned 50 then again in Sept when I had my hysterectomy. I had a total hysterectomy and honestly the bowel prep was worse. Hard to believe but true. I feel for you sweetie! Hugs! Well maybe hugs later. :-)

  17. okay, that doesn't sound fun at all!!!! tomorrow nite go out for a big dinner...rump thats not, my turn will come, aghhhhhhh

  18. You poor dear! I've had to drink that slop and I can really sympathise!

  19. Poor Spencer! Think about Tuesday! Good luck!

  20. I do not envy you, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
    I pray you have good results. Just think how good food will taste after it's all over.

  21. Oh my! I wish I could think of something positive and cheerful to say to you! xo rachel

  22. Oh, Spence! Yes, I have had to drink that, and there is nothing lightly about it. LOL! I can laugh at what I went through now, but at the time, I was miserable. But yes, I had that horrible thing done. Fortunately, all was okay. Hope it will be with you, too, dear one! Thinking of you and hoping you get some good sleep tonight...


    Sheila :-)

  23. Good luck Spencer. I hope all goes "smoothly."

    My husband has his first colonoscopy in August and had several "pre-cancerous" polyps. He's "hinted" that I should have the procedure done too, which intellectually, I know. However, I have no idea how I would get through the prep because I can gag and throw up at the least little thing. Heck, I gag if I simply change toothpaste brands!

  24. Oh I remember mine!!! I was so nervous, but really, it was nothing. The sedative they give you makes it all just a helped to have a very handsome doctor as well! Ad Fundum...(latin for bottoms-up!)

    Blessings and good health to you dearest one, Anita

  25. Hi Spence, Hey drinking the stuff isn't so bad it's what it does to you and makes you do that's awful. What a pain in the BUTT!!!
    BUTT seriously, this is important. I had mine done two years ago and they removed one whatcha-ma-call-it. I won't even try to spell polyp without spell
    Good for you girl.

  26. oooohhhh!!! that doesn't sound fun at all! good luck!

  27. good husband has had to have a few far I haven't....

  28. This too shall PASS! (Sorry, couldn't help myself). You are very brave, and like some others have said, it's better than the alternative. If I were you, I would think of my favorite restaurant that I've always wanted to go to, and have a wonderful meal with those you love once this is all over. You deserve it.


  29. Sorry, I've been there and the prep is not a lot of fun, but it's good to hear that you're looking after yourself.

  30. Oh Dear Spece
    That sounds yucky for sure.
    Hope all goes well tomorrow, I know you'll get through it with flying colours.
    BTW i forgot one more thing about me. I moved to Vancouver, B.C. where i met my husband and all 3 kids were born in White Rock, B.C., border to Washington State. I have been to Seattle, La Conner, Port Townsend (my fav) and many other beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest. Where are you actually?
    Happy or not Blue Monday Spencer.
    Love Claudie

  31. Everybody dreads and hates that part of it. They wonder why people don't get this test done. You'd think they could come up with a better way to prep for it. Good luck! laurie

  32. Hi Spencer!
    Before I turn in for the evening, I wanted to drop you a quick note and see how your test went today. I pray everything went well, and that you will be back to yourself soon.

    Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you, and that you were in my prayers today.

    God bless you sweetie, Country hugs, Sherry

  33. Hello Spencer,
    Hang in there! Pinch your nose when you swallow! Te He! I feel for you! It's time for me to have that done too... sigh...just lovely!!Come on over when your up to it and join in my anniversary giveaway! Hugs!

  34. well spencer, i have had the "test". the go lightly is the most misinformed label ever placed upon a ten gallon jug....nothing coming out of there will ever be best advice is to just strap yourself on the pot for safety and keep a little shelf with magazines..i don't remember anything of the test but the recovery room was a hoot. they did remove 2 polyps.i laugh about it with joy now that it was, not this time, cancer,
    even so they are making a lot of head way in cancer.
    i am still waiting for you to join my blog so i can enjoy that gorgeous eiffiel tower. i have a love affair with the eiffel tower. thank you for the kind words and prayers for my beloved amy.....i miss her terribly spencer.
    angel hugs sweet lady
    i have been one of your followers for a long time.
    angel hugs

  35. I only have to have one every 5 years and I'm about two years away. Poor Spencer. Why couldn't we just mix them with hot fudge sundaes or my personal favorite Coca Cola.

    My daughter-in-law is a nurse and she has to give it to little kids. Poor darlings.

    It's so worth it though. My husband had 24 polups last year when he had his done.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  36. Oh dear!

    I love your blog...just found it from the QMagpie's........will be back!

    Here's to hopin' everything comes out okay! ;)

  37. Bowel prep Not what I was expecting to see! :) It made me do a double-take. One of those important things, though. I have not had the pleasure, but I'm sure my time will come. Hope it all comes out ok...

  38. So how did you do? Is all well? Thinking of you.

  39. Oh Spence... I hope everything went well. I don't envy you, but kudos for doin what has to be done! Think happy thoughts!


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