Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Lord For Protecting My Family.....

This adorable little fixture used to be in my daughter's hallway.....As you can probably tell....not so much anymore.

My girl was in the bathroom.....just a few feet from this fixture.....doing her hair and getting ready for work this morning when flames came shooting out of this little light.

She managed to blow it out....I know....she should have called the fire department, but she was in a panic.....she realized that after she calmed down. She's a lot like I am....I don't handle panic very well either.

Fortunately they were not sleeping.

God is soooo good. Thank you Father for your protection......AGAIN.

She considered getting it repaired, but decided to just go buy a NEW fixture. Maybe she can just use this one with candles or something. She actually bought this darling little thing on eBay and had it all rewired. I don't know what caused the problem.

I'm just more than grateful that my girl and my little guy are OK....

On the colonoscopy/endoscopy front.........Glad that's over!

Here's a hot tip.......just in case one of these delightful tests is in your future...


My Dr. said I could mix some into that nasty GoLytely....I'd double check with your Dr. to be sure, but it helped quite a bit. It's not going to be my bevvie of choice anytime soon, but it did help.

Colonoscopy: Perfect

Endoscopy: It seems I have a little bit of narrowing in my esophagus so he stretched it a little bit. My throat's a tiny bit sore, but no big deal.

And, there were some inflamed spots in my tummy so he sent them off to be biopsied, but he's quite sure it's nothing to worry about. Best to be safe though.

And, I got to sleep LOTS yesterday without guilt. YIPPPEE!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and prayers. Not to mention some REALLY funny comments.

What wonderful gals you are!

Have a wonderful, fabulous, terrific day!

Huggies and Lovies,


  1. Good morning precious! I am glad to hear that your daughter was not asleep during that fire!!! GOD IS GOOD! And, your tests...I hope your stomach is going to be fine...God bless you, Spencer!! Please keep us informed. Bisous, Anita

  2. Hi Spencer.
    Wow, so glad your daughter got everything under control. What a strange incidence, considering she had it rewired and all.

    I'm sure your relieved to have those tests over with good results!

  3. Yes God is wonderful. He watches over us when we dont even reliz it. When you do realiz it you just feel so humble and thankful.. Happy that all is ok with your daughter and your test.

  4. Wow, I'm glad that everything turned out OK for your daughter....that had to be scary. I think she was smart to get a new fixture.
    Also happy to hear your day went fine. My son had to go through all of that when he was around 12 years old. The prep was the worst part!
    Have a great day.

  5. Hi Spencer! Glad that is all past you now and you can just recoop...I like the sleeping lots with no guilt thing!!

    And thank God your daughter is ok...God is good and He does scary for her though...

    Have a great day!

    :) T

  6. That is scary having the light catch on fire. Thank the Lord your daughter was able to put it out.
    Glad to hear your colonoscopy went well. I had one done many years ago.. I also was fine. I pray that your biopsies are normal. Blessings!

  7. So glad your daughter is ok and what a blessing your tests turned our good. Hugs, Marty

  8. Good news for you.....Loved your post!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  9. Glad that is behind you!!!! Yeah!

  10. Good new indeed on the colonoscopy AND surviving what could have been a tragedy, sweetpea!!

  11. sooooo glad your girl is okay, scary...and glad that everything went you won't have to do that test for along time.

  12. Spencer, Our God is wonderful! so glad your family is safe. Also very happy to hear the outcome of your tests. I had them done a few years ago, the prep not so much fun, but the tests were a breeze. Take care.....
    Linda @ A La Carte

  13. Thank you, God! Reminds me of my curler incident earlier this summer.

    Yes! God is good.

    Love to you~


  14. Good news on all the tests! As for the light, wow, that is scarey! What a shame it can not be used anymore cuz it sure is nice. Thank goodness nothing happened! Fire is the one thing that frightens me the most - how many times have I not been able to sleep and layed there wondering what I would ever do to get my family out if fire happened in the home. What crazy thoughts my mind has at night! warmly, Debby

  15. Spencer, Glad it looks good on all ends!
    *big grin* And happy to hear your daughter and grandson are fine after that electrical mishap.
    Hugs, Sue

  16. Spencer, first of all I'm so glad your precious daughter and grandson are safe. How scary! I'm so grateful to the Lord that they are fine!

    And that stuff is like drinking atomic rocket fuel. Didn't want to say that BEFORE, but it is. LOL! I'm glad your ordeal is over and pray for a speedy recovery from the ordeal.

    Spence, your package is going in the mail NEXT week if that's okay.


    Sheila :-)

  17. so glad things went well for you!!!!

  18. Hi Spencer,
    I'm so glad your daughter was able to be there and was able to put it out. I am freaking out now about all my own fixtures. You were all very blessed.
    Glad all the other went well. Alls well that ENDS well, I say!

  19. Thank goodness you are all safe and healthy to face another day. The light is cute, too bad it was faulty and dangerous. I think your family has some serious Angels on your side!


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