Thursday, December 10, 2009

HaPPy As Can Be To Be OLdEr Than DiRt!!!!

Hi There Sweet Chickies! I've really missed you....time is flying by isn't it?

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm trying to get all of those little projects done..........and at the same time remembering to take time to think about the Birth of my Savior and what that means to me.

Behind on my blogging and behind on catching up with all of you wonderful girlies.

Every year I think I'm going to finish early.......mmmmmmmm........NOT. :-)

So...........why am I thrilled to be older than dirt?

Well, several months ago that wonderful Sheila of The Quintessential Magpie had a birthday, bear in mind it was HER birthday, but was giving away a gift to someone............OLDER THAN DIRT....Well, by golly....that would be ME!

I entered and totally forgot about it until I started getting messages congratulating me on my win.

Now, Mrs. Magpie loves to shop........and wanted to pick out a gift for the winner based on what they loved so it took awhile for her to actually READ every word of my blather??? HOLY COW!.....and then pick out gifts for ME.....Now, honestly, have you ever heard of anything so sweet?

I had mentioned that I loved the little enamel nest sign that I have in my hallway ....and I'm crazy about black and white gingham so as a special surprise this little cutie was included in my HUGE package of goodies...

Perfect! Everyone always congregates in the kitchen.......rarely does our company sit around in the living room. I LOVE it....

See that adorable china bowl? I am CRAZY about it. It's exactly what I would have picked for myself.....isn't that color yummy???.........and I ADORE old postcards so she sent me SIX little vintage cuties........I LOVE them. Aren't they adorable?

Is this not the sweetest little hankie? I was tickled pink with Mum always had a hankie tucked up her sleeve..........handy for noses and dirty faces... :-) With a little spit....did I really just say that? (Do alllll mothers spit on their kids?) ....anyway......I am going to use these in memory of my Mum....each time I take one out I'll think of her.....and Mrs Magpie's thoughtfulness too!

Soooooooo pretty, aren't they?

I would have made a beeline for this vintage lovlies in the antique store!

This little girl looks just like Dolly Dingle, doesn't she?

I just can't get over what a sweet and generous gift this was ...I'll treasure every bit of it....but mostly.......I'll treasure the friendship forged with this perfectly wonderful Christian woman. What a sweetheart.

Looooook at all of this deliciousness!

See that adorable little elephant bag?....That's the bag that held the names of all of the entries.......It couldn't have been more perfect. My little grandson is NUTS over animals.......I mean realllllly crazy about them and elephants are his favorite animal.

Mmmmmmmmm.......lots of PINK!

I truly adored everything......but this little fella? MY VERY FAVORITE THING.........because?????? It looks just like my little grandson.....I've called him Pumpkin Head since he was born....His head is has to be to hold of of that brain!........And........I couldn't believe this...........but he's holding an ELEPHANT!!! I love my grandson more than I could ever say.......and now I have a little statue of my angel boy. How could it ever have been more perfect?

I can't wait for my little Brett to see it.......He's been sick (strep throat) so he hasn't been over yet.......

Now, I'm sure alllll of you wonderful Chickies know Mrs. Magpie....and Annie.....but just in case you haven't ever met her you must go see her. Here's her Older Than Dirt Winner blog....if you'd like to read it. What a lot of work and thought went into doing this for me.

I am so grateful....

God is soooo good. He gifted me with Mrs. Magpie.....

Sheila........I love're simply the BEST!

Ok my sweetie pies........I'm trying to re-train myself to get to bed at a decent off I go....

Thank you so much for coming and for spending your time with me.

It means the world to me. DOES!

Huggies and Lovies,

Edited to add....

Holy is COLD here in the Pacific Northwest....better get the long johns out..

It's TWELVE degrees!

It NEVER gets this cold here. Fortunately there is NO no SNOW! I didn't plan for snow and I have NO TIME for snow....Let's just keep it like that, OK??

I am NOT dreaming of a WHITE car NEVER leaves the driveway in foul weather. :-) And, I'm NOT ready for Christmas yet!


  1. Hi Spence sweetie...
    When you train yourself how to go to bed early, will you please tell me what it is that works for you, because I haven't found it yet, and I sure do need it.

    I loved your beautiful wins. I so love the little angel boy with his special elephant. That is just the sweetest thing ever. Sheila did a beautiful job of capturing exactly what you would have wanted it to be.

    Please stop by and say hi. I would love you to read my post today. It is sure to delight you.

    Talk to you soon. I love you sweetie.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  2. You sure hit the jackpot with that gift. I love each and every piece you received. That china bowl is so cute and the hankies and postcards are treasures. Thanks for sharing is such a cute way. I will check out Mrs. Magpie's blog tomorrow as it is a little late tonight. Am enjoying coming here.

  3. Aw, what a sweet give away win!

    "Older than dirt" Ha! Never heard that one before! ♥

  4. Oh dear precious Spencer! YOU SCORED! All those lovely gifts are just perfect! Every item is so vintage and cute and perfect for you! I can't believe that little fits your little man to a tee!!! I also reminisced when you mentioned how your mum always had a hankie hiding in her sleeve...SO DID MY MUM!!!! And the wiping system, that too! What generous ladies...the Magpie has visited me a couple of times and I feel honored. Very, very wonderful. Oh! And I like your new header picture!!! Please stop by when you can dearest! Bisous, Anita

  5. What a beautiful package! Ilove the little figurene, so charming:>)

  6. Spencer,
    Congratulations on winning that awesome giveaway. You got quite a haul!!

  7. Spencer, all of your gifts are just the most precious ever. I love the little guy with the elephant too. What a cute figurine. Such thoughtful gifts. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  8. What sweet treasures. I would have picked out all of these for myself. Love all the colors and the little angel boy is adorable.
    Hugs, Sue

  9. Congratulations, Spencer! That Sheila is just the best, isn't she? She sure picked out some wonderful treats for you.


  10. Love those hankies! So sorry to hear about the strip throat. Poor baby. That's miserable.

    Black and white check has become my new favorite print. I just ordered a bedskirt and shams yesterday in check, but only after weeks of searching for the fabric I wanted and not finding the right weight. I think check is the new basic black with pearls.

  11. Hi Spencer, from one Bella gal to another. Thanks so much for coming have a lovely spirit; I can tell from this post, and it will be fun getting to know you.

    Chrismtas Blessings,
    Barb ♥

  12. Oh Spencer, how sweet is that gift and so thoughtful. I love it all, but yes the little boy angel is perfect for you!! Mrs Magpie is such a wonderful person. We are all so blessed in this blogging community to meet such wonderful friends!


  13. congrats on your gorgeous, and very special win!!!

  14. G'morn Spencer ~ Love your gifts, they are wonderful. Sure do remember those hankies that Mother had tucked in her sleeves ... & that we had to have for Mass on Sunday's.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon
    ~~NEW BLOG~~

  15. What a wonderful gift she gave you! I love happy posts like this! It peps me up so! Now, I can go into my kitchen and bake, bake, bake for a cookie exchange I'm going to! Thanks!

  16. Such a delight to find your site. Enjoyed my visit and looking forward to being a follower of your lovely site
    Happy Holidays

  17. Thank you for sharing pictures of all the adorable hand-chosen gifts! Love them all. Wishing you a very good weekend. Take care.

  18. Spencer, this made me cry. You are the sweetest one and deserve only the best! It was my absolute pleasure to shop for you. I feel like I've known you all my life, and I give thanks for your friendship which is precious to me.

    You are a sweetie pie. Hope your little sweetie feels better soon and you, too.

    Love you much!


    Sheila :-)

  19. Well. Just. Wow! That is some giveaway! Good for you!

  20. Dear Spencie...

    Isn't Sheila a dream? I just love her! Congrats on the fabulous win.

    Now about your comment today about my Stockings and ALL THAT ENERGY... Hmmm...where to begin~

    Here's the rub...

    I don't get it all done. And over the years I've been so incredibly hard on myself when I haven't, too! I LOVE what I do...passionate about creating! But, along with the drive to create and produce comes it's sidekick depression. Ideas are always swirling in my head and it can be overwhelming to try and put them all down on paper (or sew them or paint them!). There are days when the ideas just stay in my brain. Those are sad days. I often struggle to give any of them even the tiniest of wings!

    To balance what I do and to find even more JOY in my work and business I have to set aside time to make things for ME and my family. If I don't then all my sweet friends and customers have things I truly adore and would LOVE TO OWN, but then don't.

    Anyway, I've wanted to make my family new Stockings for years. This year I only made a handful to sell on eBay because one of my goals for 2009 was to MAKE SOME FOR ME! Somehow I managed to do it. Thank you, God! :)

    And now you have the rest of the story.

    Love to you and Mr. BCottage. I pray your Christmas season continues to be wonderful.

    Love, Rebecca

  21. Oh Good evening my sweet angel! Thank you for your visit!!! It's funny, something is always not right when certain people haven't come to visit yet for whatever reason or another and when you come, you fill in the void! I so appreciate your spirit and like I 've said before, your love for Jesus and your humor come right through your comments. I enjoy you so much. And thank you for your comments on my little tree! I love it! I opted for white with silver glittery baubles and dried hydrangeas. OH There are so many lovely ideas out there for decorating! Now, you have yourself a lovely weekend and relax. Come by after tonight and see my new post. Love to you, Anita

  22. How awesome!! I think it is fun to be older than dirt! My family has said that for years and love it! Your angel biy is perfect! It is so great to get something like that isn't it!!
    ENJOY! Stay warm, and Christmas will come and you will be ready.
    Hugs, Lisa

  23. Spencer, how great to get prizes picked just for you, and they are all so wonderful! Congratulations! Brrrrr, glad it's not 12 degrees here in Arkansas! laurie

  24. Hi Spencer; What a treasure trove of pretties... Congratulations on winning.... have a great weekend and enjoy your beautiful gifts...


  25. I would love being older than dirt if I had won such a wonderful package!!! you did good!

  26. Dear Spencer,

    The gifts were beautiful and much more than that - they were personally picked for you.
    Hope your grandson is better.
    I'm busy too this time of year - I can't believe how fast time is going by.



Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!