Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is It Already Pink Saturday? Whew....Time's A Flyin'!!! YIKES!

Hi Chickies!

And, Happy Pink Saturday!

Hosted by our sweet Beverly at

Isn't she a dollface to host this fun event every week?

Beverly said we could deviate from the pink theme a little bit for the next few weeks since lots of the girlies decorate for Christmas with red....and after is just light red, right?

Well, I actually do decorate with pink. My house is soooo pastel that red is really too bright here at the cottage.

Our assignment this week is to reveal our favorite Christmas decoration.

Mine? This nativity. Isn't it beautiful? My sweet and wonderful daughter bought this for me for Christmas a few years ago. I adore it.

As I've said.......I'm not one to shy away from marriage....and the second time (yep, you heard me right).....I had a little stepdaughter who was about ten at that time.....I asked her to help me decorate for Christmas and she was thrilled to be involved.

Years before I had purchased a Precious Moments nativity that was the sweetest little thing ever.....My little stepdaughter was in charge of setting it up.

I was doing other things and when she said to come and look, she was all finished....all I could do was cry. I had had this nativity for years and the faces were so darn sweet I always wanted them to show so I faced them all to the front.........

Not this little gal........she faced every single face where they should be focused...

Toward the Baby Jesus.

Is that not the sweetest and dearest thing ever?

I've NEVER faced them to the front again and I think of her every year when I set my nativity up.

The Precious Moments nativity? daughter loved it so it lives at her house now.

I think she knew how much I missed it so she bought me this new one. *wink*!!

Several months ago that dear little Stephanie at Rose Petal and Rust had a giveaway for these delish vintage pink balls and I WON!

Aren't they yummy? I was so excited to get their cute little packaging with a posie on top! Ahhhhhhhhh......... :-)

I actually bought that silly little tree on Maui!.....after Christmas for 50% off. My kind of buy!

More of those delish pink balls.......and a little robin egg blue bird on top....My sweet daughter bought that for me too! Isn't it cute?

I bought the little glittery silver box at Joann's a couple of weeks ago....for next to nothin'...

And that sweet little box? Goodwill! It has ILY on the top. I couldn't figure out what that meant...wellllll.........silly me! I love you! Oh, who cares.....I thought it was so sweet and I neeeeded it! Why, in heaven's name is my lampshade crooked? Well, too late to take another picture.

Yep, those sweet little Goodwill shoes again. I just love 'em. They make me feel like dancin'.....Do you think Dorothy would wear pink instead of red in this Shabby Chic era?

Hello Yellow Brick Road!

Ok..........sweet and wonderful girlies!

You won't want to miss all of the other delish Pink Posts for Pink Saturday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

I'm thrilled you took time to come by.

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Spencer, How wonderful to let your little stepdaughter set the Nativity. Children have a way of touching our hearts.
    Have a great day and great weekend.

  2. Good morning sweet one! I love those pink balls! My mummy had so many of them...Oh how I wanted to do a "retro" christmas post but I don't have a single ornament from my childhood and I can't for the life of me find the aluminum trees and pastel colored balls to get my message across! Your color scheme at the cottage is so light and wonderful! I bet you are so excited about Christmas with the little is your grandson? HAPPY PINK SATURDAY! Anita

  3. Oh it is fun to see all your pretty Christmas decorations. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Sppencer - in fact, DOUBLE Happy Pink Saturday because you won my draw!

    Let me know what you'd like: Japanese Stab-bound album, a Kiss journal (the stitching on the spine makes an X like a kiss) or a Coptic book, plus colours etc. And your address of course.


  5. Awe... I love the nativity! Smart little girl!!! ;)
    I hope it's not so cold for you and that you are catching up on your Christmas shopping!
    Congrats on your wonderful win, such cute goodies!
    I hope you have a beautiful Merry Christmas Spencer~
    everything vintage

  6. That nativity is so beautiful, and I love that you made it your blog header. How generous that it lives at your daughter's house now. Those pink shoes make me feel like dancing too. I do believe, I do believe...and I think that Dorothy would have preferred these to ruby red.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  7. Spencer..everything is so pretty!!!! Thank you for sharing all that lovelyness with us!!!!
    xo Tami

  8. Spencer... I just love pink ornaments! and those little shoes are absolutely precious!

    hugs. Dixie

  9. I love your post, Spencer! The story about the nativity and the figures facing toward the baby was so touching! Happy Pink Saturday!


  10. Beautiful photography. I love getting little snippets of your beauties. Is that black check drapes I see in the background? Lovely.

  11. Spencer, I loved this post and ALL of your goodies. Stephanie's neat ornies look so pretty at your house, the pink shoes are adorable, and that lovely nativity from your daughter is truly a treasure. I like that pop of blue, too, that she gave you mixed with your pink.

    I won a nativity set last year in a blog drawing, and it is special to me, too. Thanks for sharing your treasures and your heart...

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Hi, Spencer,
    I loved the story about your stepdaughter turning all the figurines to face Jesus. That was from a child's heart. All of your Christmas vignettes are as pretty as can be. I especially love those pink shoes under the cloche and tied with the fru fru ribbon. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Pink Saturday to you! Vicki

  13. Spencer, love your story of your little s/daughter setting up the nativity set.
    Your pink ornaments are really gorgeous on that lovely white tray.

  14. What a wonderful and happy post!! Your pictures are so pretty and I just love the pink Goodwill shoes!!!!! Have a great weekend. :)

    ~ Wendy

  15. What wonderful Christmas decor and great memories to go along with them. I really enjoyed taking a peek into your home!!

  16. OH Spencer I love the pink shoes!!!! How sweet. Your Nativity scene is so beautiful....... I hope one day to get one!
    Margaret B

  17. Oh, I love how you displayed the pink ornaments, love the sparkle snow and little bird on top. I knew they were going to a good home. Have a wonderful weekend

  18. Happy Pink Saturday, Spencer. I love your story and your nativity! The pink ornies are lovely too. Thank you for sharing and please drop by and check out my nativity too. Seems a lot of us chose this for our pink post today. Have a beautiful weekend.

    Christmas blessings,

  19. Good Morning Sweetie...
    I love this post. I loved the story about your nativity set. Isn't that just the sweetest story ever? I love it.

    The pink balls from Stephanies drawing got a beautiful home sweetie. I love what you did with them. They look so festive there.

    I also love the little pink glitery shoes in the cloche. Such a beautiful idea.

    Please stop by and let me share my pink post with you sweetie. Country hugs...Sherry

  20. That is such a lovely story about your step daughter and the nativity. Love those little pink shoes. Pink Blessings!

  21. I sure do love those little pink shoes Spence! The nativity is lovely. I loved the story of everyone facing the baby Jesus. Children are so close to Heaven. I love all your beautiful decor this Pink Sat.

  22. We don't need elaborate decorations or a big tree or numerous gifts under a tree. All any of us needs is to carry the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and to share it all year long with everyone we meet.

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me today. Yes, I'm crazy about ♥PINK♥ but I'm also devoted to visiting some of the nicest blogs in cyberspace.

    Hoping your weekend is filled with peace.

  23. Spencer, every time I stop by for a visit I leave with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Great story about the nativity. Children have a way of showing us much about life. Love your pinks for the holidays! ~ Sarah

  24. Such a beautiful "Pink Saturday". Those are the cutest little pink shoes!:o) Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!



  25. Have I told you that you're my kindred spirit?! PINK ALWAYS before RED!

  26. LOVE YOUR PINK ORNAMENTS!!! Looking for some old Shabby Chic pastel MERCURY Ornaments!!!! Know a source you could point me to???

  27. Oh you sweet friend, you! Thank you for your encouraging words. I really do want to publish one day and I want to be one of those writers and artists that create original magic. You are so funny, I love how you said, "I can't even touch my toes..." I notice how people write and express themselves and your "voice" comes through in such a fun and magical way too. You should have seen the painstaking trouble I went through to take a decent picture for my header, and those scenes with the doll....yikes! A photographer I am not, so we all have our talents and our challenges!!! At one time, I was so flexible as a dancer and even though I am still in rather decent shape, don't even ask me to touch my toes either!!!

    Have a blessed Sunday dearest. Blessings to you, ANita

  28. Oh what sweet memories! And such pretty soft pink Christmas goodies! thanks for sharing!

    Happy PINK!

  29. What a wonderful post Spencer ~ I love that she faced everyone towards Jesus!!! Every time I see those little pink shoes, I have to smile! I hope you are doing great ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  30. Oh Spencer your Christmas is lovely! Thanks for sharing! I too have out my vintage pink christmas balls I just love them!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  31. Hey Sweetie!! Love your pink and especially those vintage ornaments!! I am going to start collecting them to add to the ones from my childhood!! Can't wait! Love them in the big hurricane, and that sweet little nativity scene, too!

    Hope your week is full of joyful deliciousness and the love and laughter of family and friends!!

  32. Happy Pink Saturday to YOU!!! I love your story about your Precious Moments Nativity and how your little Step Girl set it up! She was certainly on the mark! Your new one looks like the figures from the Willow line. . . it's wonderful, too!

    Love your PINK ornaments and your lovely way of displaying them...and OMG, those PINK slippers are darling. I think Dorothy would be wild about them!

    Hope all is well with you! Dana

  33. What a beautiful post.I loved the story of the nativity.How precious is that? I love your decor.Very lovely.Can't go wrong with the vintage blubs in glass.The little shoes are just to to precious also.Loved them.
    Merry Christmas and May God Bless you,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  34. Spencer, thank you for sharing this very special story about the nativity. And, I love that you have continued it.

    And, those little shoes are gorgeous.

  35. Hi Spencer
    You asked about my header (and I am flattered). The Cutest Blog On The Blog made it for me ($35.00, I think). I emailed them the picture of the vignette I made, that is a picture of my late mother, some journals and other treasures in it, and they designed the rest. You can click on their icon on the top left corner of my page.

    Happy holidays!!



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