Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peeking At The Tree.......No, Not UNDER It! :-)

Oh my gosh........can you believe Christmas is only TEN days away? How in the world will I ever get everything finished?

I haven't made my cards........YIKES!

I don't have a single present wrapped. Double YIKES!

And, I have tons of gifts left to MAKE?


At least my tree is up! My little grandson always puts it together for me.....Yeah, nothin' quite says Christmas like a nice, white fake tree!

But...........don't you just love that fluffy stuff? Yep, feather boa! I dreamed about this a few years ago and bought them throughout the year with my Joann's coupons. I absolutely ADORE it!

Do you think it sort of looks like snow?

If you look closely at the top of the tree you'll see a little paper angel my little grandson made shortly after his dad died. It's been on the tree every year since. Poor little guy has a hard time staying standing up there....he keeps falling over! :-) But I love it and it makes my little guy happy....and that's what really matters to this old Hemma!

Or heaven? :-)

See how there is no picture of the bottom of it? Yep, it doesn't look really nice when not a single giftie is underneath.

I made the little felt stockings, mittens and hearts about three years ago......I think I did it over the course of one of the recuperation's after surgery.

I think it has plenty of ornaments on it..........do you think it should have more?

Ok my dear and wonderful girlies........I think I'd better get the paint stuff out and get myself busy. I don't want this little tree to still be empty on Christmas Day!

I hope you're enjoying the season and remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior! What a glorious gift!

I'm going to be a bit neglectful in the visiting department while I try to get some things finished!

Huggies and Lovies to all of you WONDERFUL little Chickies!




  1. Mi piacciono le tue decorazioni, sono molto delicate..belle belle
    ciao dall'Italia

  2. My first thought when seeing your tree is that it looks like a "heavenly" Christmas tree. Love it.

  3. Hi Spencer - your tree is gorgeous! The feather boa idea was inspired....Ooh la la!


  4. Oooooh, Spencer, it's lovely, sugar!

  5. Hi Spencer,
    I love your tree and to think it was made from feather boas, my oh my! Your grandson is so sweet and I can see why you never take the angel down in remembrance of his Father.
    I think your tree looks really complete and doesn't need anymore decorations. Your music is beautiful too, it all makes me feel sentimental and peaceful.
    Hugs to you.

  6. Spencer I just love your tree...it looks like a heaven full of soft fluffy feathers :) It was a wonderful idea! I haven't been in the christmas spirit yet, but I am working on it :) visiting you all is definately helping with that :) Have a wonderful day...I am still a million steps behind you in the ready for Christmas department :) Besos, Rose

  7. Beautiful!!! Ten days....aghhhhhh

  8. I was so tempted to put up a white tree this year. I think I could have a lot of fun with a white tree. Maybe next year. I really like yours. YIKES, no gifts wrapped. Now girl friend don't follow in my foot steps, you really don't want to because I am train wreck waiting to happen. :)
    Hugs, Sue

  9. Love your tree, Spencer, and the feather boa is an awesome touch! Hmmm, I may have to do that on my little pink tree! I have LOTS of pink and white boas!!

    Hey, Spencer, did you see where you won over at Six Divided By Two!?!? Congrats!!!


  10. Merry Christmas Spencer...I love your tree...

  11. Spencer, it's gorgeous! I love the foofy, fluffy feathers! And the ornaments are so sweet, particularly the one your DGS made. Awwww... I loved reading this!


    Sheila... who is getting close to finishing her shopping, and THEN has to start doing the house! ;-)

  12. Hello you sweet cup of sparkly sugar!! (Now that's original and ONLY for YOU, Spencer!!):o)

    I got a close-up pic of this tree of yours and the first word that popped into my head was DELICIOUS!! JUST DELICIOUS!! Then dreamy, and fun, and fluffy, with a touch of whimsy!!
    Just love it!

    I still have quite a bit to do here, too, but am not allowing the "s" (st---sed) word into my vocabulary, and am happily skipping along just savoring the wonderfulness of the holiday season!

    I will miss you, but I hope you get all that you desire to accomplish done so you can share more of your wonderfulness with us!!

    Big hugs, and love,

  13. The feather boas was a great idea!!! It looks lovely!!!

  14. So Beautiful.....
    Merry Christmas!

  15. Your tree looks beautiful. The boas are such a unique look. Your handmade felt ornaments look very pretty on it. I just finished my main tree today, but I haven't put up my tea tree yet.

    Wishing you lots of Christmas joy,

  16. Your tree is gorgeous, Spencer!! A nice break from the traditional. Love it!


  17. Your tree is not only beautiful, it is magical, Spencer! Gotta go get busy trimming a tiny tree for the dining room....happy holidays to you ad yours.

  18. NO! Christmas can NOT be 10 days away! I think that for my house, we could change our Christmas to the 28th or something...right? We'll do the church/worship thing on the 24 th...but, after that....the pagen gifty part...it can come later.
    I LOVE the white tree. REALLY! I almost bought one! Now that I've seen yours, I am having one next year!

  19. Spencer, I love your tree!!! Is that a feather boa? I want to make my white tree look fuller, is that how?!!!!
    Happy fun days to come, lots of time for gifts!!!
    Margaret B

  20. I was thinking the other day in Michaels craft store that boas would look neat on a tree! I was right, it's gorgeous! Good luck with your projects and Happy Holidays!

  21. Good morning my precious Spencer! HEY! I have a little white tree too and this year's theme is silver glittered ornaments and brown dried hydrangeas. IT WORKS! I have made some gifts, but I still need to mail one. And, I haven't written cards either!!! I send you my warmest regards and love...HAPPY HOLIDAYS SPENCER!! Bisous, Anita

  22. Oh, I do love the fluffy stuff. Your tree is fabulous. Good luck with your wrapping, that is what I'm working on too and need to finish by this weekend....

  23. So beautiful, Spencie. Thank youf ro sharing with us.

    I love the boas! YUM! Sweeeeeeeeeee idea.

    Merry Christmas to you and blessing to you and your family.


    Love you~


  24. First of all dear, I LOVE your tree, With ten days left, presents to make, presents to wrap - I'd get going. Maybe you should forego the cards this year. lol


  25. What a beautiful tree and nifty idea with the feather boas - how clever! Thanks for visiting my blog and you should not only make it Monticello but out to Molly Mo's shows happening in March, August and Nov! Love your blog and Merry Christmas!

  26. Oh Spencer! That tree is gorgeous! It does look like Heaven! What a great idea with the feather boas! Your ornaments are adorable.
    Christmas Hugs,

  27. A white fluffy tree....how divine! I love it and your fabulous idea. Your sign over there on the sidebar that says "9 days until Christmas" scared the heck out of me. Somehow I have not counted the days and seeing it right up front like that...yikes! :)

  28. I think your tree is just gorgeous.And there is nothing better than a topper made by your grandson.Get busy lady with your cards and presents.I bet you get them done.You can do it.
    Merry Christmas Dear, May God bless you and your grandson
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  29. Spencer your tree is so so pretty! The boa idea is just lovely. Your tree looks so soft, and angel like! I too have a grandson that I adore..he makes me little ornaments and they are so precious to me! Have a lovely day! Hugs!

  30. Now I want white boas for my white tree....
    it takes away the fake-ness of it and makes it more romantic and elegant!
    Gonna keep my joann coupons and buy them thru out the year!


  31. Thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of blogland. I'm so glad you did because now I found yours. Delighted with what I see so I'm now a follower! Thanks!

  32. Thank you so much for coming over to my giveaway and signing up! I came to see you. I have been without internet for 3 days and it was horrible! I am so glad you found me. I am enjoying my stay and will come back when I can stay longer.......... I love that you love our Jesus! Thank you so much for coming over and please come again. I wish I could share with you a cup of tea in real life; since I can't bring your cup of tea with you when you come visit my blog.....
    Love, Linda
    Prairie Flower

  33. OMG I have to have a feather boa tree next year, Spencer!!! I love this so very very much. How clever of you. Using those coupons will save me $ each week. Sometimes, I never have anything to buy. (OH POOR ME) I hope you are enjoying the season w/your family.
    lotsa Christmas hugs, Sue


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