Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eight Days??? YIKES!

Oh Girlies! Time is zipping by, isn't it? Are you up to your eyeballs too?

I did actually finish the Christmas cards last night.....still have to address them, but at least they're all made.

And, just in the nick of time too! My printer breathed it's last breath yesterday. Pooooof!

Well, first she made this HORRIBLE noise and then NOTHIN'.....NADA......ZIP!

After a little chat with a very polite little fella named David, in India, a new printer is on it's way.

Whew........Good NEWS!

Well, except I just spent over 120 dollars to replace the cartridges!....Actually, only one, the magenta, the others aren't even opened yet.....and one black one out of a two pack.......

You guessed printer? Yep, different cartridges.


That little girlie? Yes, that would be me. It must be Christmas 1952, I had polio the next spring....

I LOVED this panda.....and they're actually STILL my favorite animal. Are they not the cutest things ever? Have you ever seen video of them playing together as little cubs?

That's a picture of my sister, Donna on the right side table. I think the big doll was hers....

See how much I loved that panda? I had this little stuffed fella until I was about ten. My Mum had mended it many times. It had straw inside..........whew, that shows 'ya how old I am doesn't it?

I got the spring cleaning tradition from my Mum.

I came home from school in the middle of spring cleaning one Mum had THROWN IT AWAY!.................Noooooooooooooo!

Now, my sweet Mum just couldn't take it anymore. She hated that pooped out panda.....but she THREW IT AWAY!

My little heart was broken.

My Mum was the "if you're not using it right this second" it's history type. She didn't like extra things around "just in case"......there were empty places in cupboards and closets.

Let's just say I'm NOTHING like my Mum in that department. :-)

I hope your planning and preparations are coming right along and you're enjoying the blessings of the season!

I'm off to do some work on presents today.

Huggies and lovies!

PS......I'll be back visiting all of you like crazy as soon as I'm finished!



  1. what sweet!!! pictures, poor panda

  2. Spencer,
    I love the pictures of you and the panda...they are just precious!!!
    Happy Holidays.

  3. Love the pictures of you as a little bitty girlie. You were an adorable wee one, Spencer! I remember mending a few stuffed toys in my day, was glad when they could be tossed but not forgotten.

  4. Panda's were popular in the 50's I guess. My husband still has his. His parents were stationed in Germany at the time he got his.

    Great pictures! You were a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You and the panda are adorable, Spencer!


  6. Spencer, great photos and great great post about them etc. You have a way with typed words my dear! I remember Christmas times like that, simple, magical, we were young.
    Darling bear and you, to cute.
    Blessings, Linda

  7. P.S. sorry about your printer, what ever happened to appliances lasting 20 years, they use to. Drat!

  8. Get busy, chickee!!! LOL Merry Christmas, sugar.

  9. great photos...I love Panda's also...

  10. Well honey your post is beautiful and you know why this chickie is not ready this year yet. She keeps checking on her blog friends. lol
    I am going to have to quit and get myself in high gear.
    Love your Panda too

  11. I had a panda just like that one, and I loved mine too. He kept busting at the seams and my Mom kept sewing him back up. I'm not sure whatever happened to him.
    That's sad about yours. Maybe you will find another one someday.

  12. I love our old photos! Thank you!

  13. Well Spence I'm thinkin' that is the cutest little girl in that picture I ever did see!!! What a little doll you were...and are!
    Good luck getting 'it' all done.

  14. I love the pictures!! How sweet!!! You won on my giveaway- if you emailed me I did not get it. Dang yahoo. Please email me your address so that I may send it out asap- thanks and have a blessed day

  15. I love you, Spencer. Again, your "voice" in your writing (sorry, I am a teacher, you know!) is so marvelous. You are consistently appealing and wonderful to read and your pictures are just precious as all get out. I too had a favorite panda, but I STILL HAVE IT!! His name in SPanish was Oso, which means bear...of course! But I used to call him "embarrassed" early attempt to play with words! My mum TOO tried to throw him away, but I got wind of her escapades and took him out of the trash! Now he sits in my basement closet...I need to pull out Embarrassed and store him away from the mold. If momma saw him she would try again to throw him out! Blessings to you my dear one. Anita

  16. Hello Spencer! I love your Christmas pics! You are just too adorable! I know what you mean about only 7 days left! I haven't even officially finished my deorations!!! I love your white tree with the boas! I might have to try that!! God Bless and Merry Christmas! Lauralu :)

  17. Your pictures are great and you were such a pretty child. All my childhood photos were lost during a move - that was heartbreaking.

    I remember throwing out a Humpty Dumpty toy that my eldest daughter had for years. I too got tired of sewing the arms back on and looking at it's baldness where she had literally rubbed all the fleece off. Of course now I regret not keeping it.

  18. Hi Sweet Friend!

    I just adore these photos!'s crazy time but I'm trying to stay in the moment and soak up the magic that is the best thing about this time of year. Sorry about your printer and that you just bought! Maybe you can sell them on Craig's List and recover some of your money.

    Love and hugs,

  19. Spencer, I wish you and your family a very happy christmas, and may next year brings much blessings and happiness to you all.

    You are so adorable as a little girl!!!
    Muchos cariños,
    Maria Cecilia

  20. Spencer, you are ADORABLE! Look at you with that Panda!

    Yes, I'm frenzied. I did, however, get some things in the mail today AFTER locking myself out of the house, going to the Pack and Ship and finding out I had to go to the P.O. to send a simple envelope to Canada, and then going to one P.O. and finding out they took a two hour break at LUNCH! What??? Is there such a thing in the universe? Then, I went to the other one (without makeup) and was spotted by a friend! LOL! I'm home and trying to play catch up on the blog, and I still don't have the first decoration completed, much less tree. HELP!


    Sheia :-) (Yes, I know my name is Sheila, but I left it that way because that's how harried I feel. LOL!)

  21. Spencer, what a lovely post! Sorry about your panda! You were just too cute!

    I'm almost there . . . just some light cleaning and baking left to be done before my mom arrives from Canada on Wednesday. And then the real work begins! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing!



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