Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey Girlies! It's Christmastime At Bellamere Cottage. And, Pink Saturday Too!

Hi sweet and wonderful girlies! I'll bet you're zipping around being busy little bees too!

How are you doing? Are you finished and sitting back enjoying the season or are you harried and hurried? I am in the latter category for sure!

Well, I finished the cards and they're ready to mail tomorrow.

And, there are a few wrapped gifts under the tree. Progress, right? Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

I've shown you this little black chest before. I was looking for a buffet of some type and couldn't find a thing.......finally settled for this ugly maple number I found on Craig's list for 30 or 35 dollars....I painted it up, added the applied carving and fab.u.lous big glass knobs....about a week later I found EXACTLY the piece I wanted for a song at a thrift store. I would have gotten it but I didn't have time to mess with it then. .....wouldn't 'ya just know it?

Mmmmmmmm..........I LOVE those tole trays! I've collected MANY of them....I think they're like little bits of art.

The "cloche-ie" thing is from the Goodwill........about five dollars.......I think it was something that held perfume and lotion....not sure........and the little Christmas thing-y is from Joann several years ago. :)

Martha ornaments on a spray painted super cheap-ie urn....with some greens from my yard.

I used to go crazy with the decorating...........I even did the bathrooms......yeah, I'm old and lazy now, so I'm lucky to get the main part of the cottage finished.

I have gazillions of plates.............I'm CRAZY about them..........I'll use them EVERYWHERE...even in the bathroom............that could be ishy, couldn't it? Plates in the bath? YIKES! But I like to see them....That green square one is Royal Winton. I got it in Bend at the Goodwill for a few dollars.

My daughter has one of these little candle stands she uses under things........I was greeeeeen with envy so I kept my eyeballs peeled until I found one for myself. It had that little pointy thing to hold the candle in the center. I nearly killed myself removing it.

Tole tray peeking out.. :-)

I think the Santa came from Joann's too....they didn't have cute things like that this year. Phooooey!

Good gravy............I think I got this snowman there too!

The casserole/serving dish is from the GW too. What would I do without that place?

My Mum took me there since I was just a tot. I used to worry that somebody would see me there.........she'd always tell me "well then they'll be there too, won't they?"

Now, Miss Beverly..........our sweet hostess from told us to describe our favorite holiday tradition. :-)

I can't wait to hear what all of you sweeties have to say!

Mine is staying overnight at my daughter's house on Christmas Eve so we can be there on Christmas morning when my little grandson opens his gifts. I LOVE it. My hubbs would say the cinnamon rolls............I only bake them at Christmas and he LOVES them.

Now, don't forget to check out all of the other chickies! It's going to be a Pink Saturday to remember, I'm sure.

I love each and every one of you!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Everything looks just perfect, I too am very close to sitting back and enjoying myself. We have a grand babies 2 year old Birthday this Saturday! Happy Holidays, I found you through my sisters Blog Cottage Cozy. Hugs, Diane

  2. Spence I love it all especially the little snow man with all those pink balls.
    So I guess we will be able to find you at your daughter's on Xmas Eve? We are going to my daughter's on Xmas Eve also. Not sleeping over though, the 6 dogs wouldn't like that at all.
    Happy PS Spencer.
    Love Claudie

  3. Such a delight to see all your pretties! Have a wonderful weekend and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  4. It all looks so Beautiful & Festive!! You did a beautiful job... I just love second-hand shops too!!
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Oh my dearest, I am sitting here chuckling at a low volume so as not to wake my husband, but I laughed so hard reading your descriptions such as "I almost stabbed myself trying to pull the thing out...." and then when you said how you didn't want anyone seeing you at that one shop and your mum replied, "Well then, they would be there too!" Oh precious, I would love to meet you so that I could give you a big brighten my days and I am sure to feel welcomed at Bellemere Cottage everytime I come. Bless you always, Anita

  6. Spencer! It all looks so pretty. You are done, and what a good job you did. I love all of your things, and I love how you decorated so beautifully. I am wildly in love with your tole tray wall, and I love, love, love the way you've mixed your ornies with the regular decor. Love your cloches and the pretty displays.

    I am so glad you are going to be at your daughter's to see your grandson open his gifts. Please be sure and take lots of pics so we can see! And hope you and DH eat lots of cinamon rolls for me! ;-)

    Happy Pink Saturday (have fun at your party!)...


    Sheila :-)

  7. Spencer,
    As usual, you never dissapoint us! Your home and your Christmas decorations are lovely.
    I'm a cloche nut, so that's what I'm jealous of. Love the little snowman too!
    I have a soft spot in my heart for the tole trays as well. You are right, they are pieces of art.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  8. Oooohmygoodness, Spencer, it's just fabulously gorgeous there, sugar. Love it.

  9. Hi Spencer,
    What a wonderful pink post this last Pink Saturday before Christmas! I love all your baubles and decor. I love plates too, everywhere, yes, even the bathroom!! Spending Christmas with your family is a real treasure. Thank you for sharing and hope you have a lovely weekend. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Christmas blessings,

  10. Spencer I love your decorations and I have years where I go all out decorating and some where I just don't. Age has its way of creeping up on you, but then you can do what you want and I love that!! Have a wonderful Christmas!


  11. Oh how beautiful! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! Warm hugs, Esther

  12. Beautiful, Spencer. I love your little stacked dishes. It's wonderful you get to stay with your daughter and grandson on Christmas!

  13. Everything is a 'beautiful sight'. I adore the way you put your pretty china dishes to use. I may have to copy some of these sweet
    I'm getting so many that I think stacking is definitely the way to go. All your goodies from Jo-annes are lovely. I love to go in there everytime I make it to town to see what I can't live without. I love your holiday home girlie!
    huggies and lovies back sweet Spence!

  14. Your cottage and decorations are really beautiful Spencer! I have come to really enjoy just a touch here and there. It is so much easier to clean up:>) Merry Christmas to you and your your family.

  15. I just love your posts. I feel like I'm sitting there with you. I, too, collect little odd plates----thought I was the only one.

  16. Spencer, everything is so beautiful. Love your little white Santa and the little snowman angel nestled among the pink ornaments, just adorable. But the tole trays, they make my heart beat just a little faster, they truly are pieces of art. I always like coming here to see what treasures your vignettes hold! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I am far from being able to sit and enjoy...maybe by next Wednesday or Thursday that will come!

  17. Your decorations are lovely. I am done and enjoying the reason for the season.
    I know what you mean about no cute stuff. I have never seen a year when I just didn't see much that I cared to add to my collection. I don't think I will even do the after Christmas sale is very sad....
    Oh well, I have plenty....Merry Christmas!

  18. I am salivating Spencer over your tole trays....just yummmy....well everything is...gorgoeus. MERRY CHRISTmas. ch erry

  19. Pretty, pretty blog. Thank you for your visit, was that Manchester in England she came from??? Lizzie x

  20. Spencer, I just love how you put things together to make vignettes. Everything looks just yummy. Enjoy Christmas with your family! Love the black tole tray on the wall.
    lots of Christmas hugs to you.... xo Sue

  21. Thank you for visiting Bellascountry.I see you love plates too!
    Best Wishes to you and your family for Christmas.


  22. Hello my sweet Spencer! How lovely you looked in those little half-bow gloves! And dahling...that pink gown was just perfect for you! How elegant you slide across the floor!!! Yes, chandeliers are fun! I have one in my dining room from.....HOME DEPOT! Hey, it sparkles, that is all that matters. I have a vintage Italian one in my kitchen and a small one in my music room. CHIC!!! You are a sweetie! Hey, those little French pastries are killers! Oh I pray that one day you could go to Paris. Please, please go for me. Eat to your heart's desire because the food is unbelievable. Well, enough of that! You go and have yourself a lovely evening!!! Anita

  23. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love the pink ornaments and plates!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  24. You have great style! I love everything. Have a really special Christmas!

  25. Oh your home is just breathtakingly beautiful!

  26. Your Christmas decoration "thingies" are so pretty. (smile) I love the idea of stacking plates. I have so many, too, and I never know what to do with them all. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and really enjoy your grandson opening his gifts on Christmas morning.


  27. Hi Spence; OH how I am loving all of your dishes,, I love to collect them too,, but you are so far ahead of me.... your Christmas decor is so pretty... Happy Pink Saturday..... and a Merry Christmas to you all;


  28. Spencer, what a gorgeous post! I just love everything about it! Speaking of passing something up, I did just yesterday. I hope it's still there on Monday . . . I must have it now! LOL!

    Your tole trays are amazing . . . you've collected some beauties and they're displayed beautifully. Love all your little Joanne finds!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!

    Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Christmas,

  29. Love your vintage plates, cloches, and holiday decorations! What fun to spend the night with your daughters family so you can see your grandbaby first thing Christmas morning! It's a wonderful family tradition.

    Merry Christmas...Kathy

  30. hi spencer!

    your chest looks amazing!!! everything is looking so fun & festive!

    i still have lots to do but i think i have enough time to enjoy it all, although this little snowstorm we're having could put shoveling on the to-do list! LOL

    happiest holidays!

  31. Hi Spencer, what a coincidence! My family originate from Manchester too. Sadly my Gran & her brothers & sisters have all passed away. I have happy childhood memories of going there at Xmas to visit them all. They all spoiled us as none of them had children apart from my gran. Lizzie x

  32. Hey Pinkie Spence,

    Our tradition is going to Life COllege and looking at the lights and roasting marshmellows.

    I see you lost your mom the day after Christmas last year. This Christmas might be tough on you. I still think of my mom and she died in 2003.

    Well, hope you are well and feeling better. And I know you will be going to your daughter the night before.

    You house is gorgeous.


  33. I think we have something in common.. we love plates! I love lots of plates too.. abundance of them.. everywhere at my home too.. but I like your vignette.. stack of plates.. lovely.. and your pink balls vignette just pretty.. thanks for sharing.. Happy Pink Saturday & Merry Christmas

  34. Oh Spencer, I just love coming in here and getting whisked away in all the beauty. Life has been keeping me away from visiting and tending to my own blog lately and I have missed you. I love what you can do with your finds of the GW. I have a couple of black tole trays we bought when we were in Russia. I know know what to do with them, yours are gorgeous on the wall. I too love plates, but have never really displayed them. I guess I need to get them out the first of the year and get going so I can enjoy them. JoAnns didn't have a lot of pink this year, maybe because of the economy they cut back....there is always next year tho. We can always hope. I love that you visit your daughter to enjoy your grandchild. I hope you and yours have a perfect Merry Christmas and Happy Pink Saturday. I will see you in 2010, Char

  35. Loved all your sweet little displays. My favorite was the stack of dishes with the candle on top. Never thought of doing that.
    I shop at GW, trift stores and Joanns too. You never know what you will find. And....your Mom was right.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your little one. Grandkids can make Christmas morning special.

  36. I love all your decor! the black dresser you painted, those nobs are perfect. the candles, the cloche, the plates... I imagine them lovely in your bathroom.. as long as no one is eating off them right? ha ha. truely all is beautiful. Blessings!

  37. It was great seeing all your beautiful Christmas things arranged with such style. You have a lovely collection of tole trays and china plates.

    I still have much to do. My three kids (and spouses) all come here (plus two grandsons that live with us) and we do a big dinner Christmas Eve and another Christmas Day. Hope you have a fun visit with your daughter and grandchild.

  38. I LOVE the stack of dishes with the candle on top! CUTE! Charlene


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