Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hi Girlies....Just Checkin' In!

Good Morning!

Yep, it's a treasure........I know, doesn't look like much does it? My Uncle bought this little box for my Grandma many, many years ago...When she passed away it was given to my Mum.....It's one of those things that was ALWAYS on the coffee table.

My Mum gave it to me in one of her "From My Home To Yours" boxes at Christmas several years ago. She'd walk around the house and pick sentimental things and wrap them up. It was always my favorite pressie... It's worth nothing monetarily, but means so much to me. I would do the big, ugly, sappy cry each time I opened one of these precious know the one.....when your face all shrivels up? Yeah, it sure doesn't look like the movies!

I lost my wonderful Mum the day after Christmas last year. This will be my first Christmas without her. I'm pretty weepy. She was just the best Mum and I miss her soooo much.

My sweet friend, Sheila (The Quintessential Magpie) suggested buying myself a special gift from her for holidays. I'm still shopping......

And, the scripture verse? I can't tell you SWEETEST little chickies how often I think of it. I've always had super thick hair.....the kind that would take hours to dry......and sooooo much is falling out.......I find them everywhere.....and imagine....God STILL knows the count. Isn't He amazing?

Still trying to get things decorated. I'd be way too embarrassed to take a picture to show you the chaos I create in the process. Do you decorate for Christmas in an organized way? How? I have to spread everything out all over and then pick from the piles. It's just not pretty at the cottage right now. :-)

I'm hoping nobody pops in for a visit!

And..........I'm SICK AGAIN. How can this be? This is the third round of the crud since September or so. Sore throat, cough, headache and that nasty stuffed up nose.

And, I've been carrying anti-bacterial wipes in my car so I could wash my hands all the time.

Well dear and wonderful girlies......I'm off to continue on the decorating. I was hoping to be finished by now, but everything always takes longer than I plan.

I'm hoping to show you a few pictures soon.

Wishing you a perfectly wonderful day!

Hugs and Blessings,



  1. Spencer, what are we going to have to do to get you well and keep you well? You poor dear.

    I can only imagine how much you miss your mother. Our mothers are a great treasure.

    I'm sorry to tell you, but I am super organized when decorating. ;-)

    I love your little treasure. Those kind are the best treasures of all.

  2. Spencie...You are sick again? This is very scary...:(. GET WELL! What would we do without you and your sweet muse?

    I love the box from your uncle. The things I love have to value to anyone but me. When I go to estate sales and find little treasures I almost can't handle the thought that some little momma saved those sweet mementoes out of love...

    Love to you. Thinking of you with get well prayers.


  3. Hi Spencer. I'm sorry you are sick again. There is just so much crud going around this year. My whole family has had a raging cold and I'm just crossing my fingers not to get it.

    I bet you are missing your mum now. I love her idea of the gift from my house to yours. That's very sweet.

    No organization here either. My dining room/entry way is covered in junk right now. The mailman rang the doorbell a little bit ago and I was embarassed to open the door.

  4. G'day, sweetie ~ Thought of you immediately, along with other friends & family in your vicinity out there. Prayers were immediately lifted for everyone, & safety.

    Oh, no! not again ... please take care of yourself. I can't shake this stuff I am plagued with either, this year.

    Don't you just love the memories that flood you just by looking or simply touching some item that is from your loved ones.

    So thrilled I was this year. i had told Julie Marie I didn't have any of Mother's ornies left. As we got to digging out everything to decorate with ... LO & BEHOLD a box of her precious ornies were found. I was very emotional & overjoyed. I'll be posting them soon.

    Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Spencer, what a sweet post! I'm very much like you about things that have little value other than sentiment. To me, these are the most treasured. Thank you for sharing your box handed down through the family. It is a jewel! You might enjoy one of my previous posts that I left on a child's set of Blue Willow china. Hope you have time to stop by for a visit. And get better soon.....Sarah

  6. Howdie! I just got back from visiting my oldest son in Seattle--I think I envy those of you living out that way....but then when I come home I love SC and the warm weather. Every area truly has its beauty.

    Sorry you are sick. I find that Airborne really helps me if I take it at the first feeling of illness 3 times a day for a few days. It also helps to shorten my colds (which used to last 3 weeks). I think I will go knock on wood now, since my youngest son has a cold and I surely hope I don't get it!!

    I think that is a neat idea about buying a present from our mom. I know how you must miss her. My mom died right before I had my first child so she never got to be a gram to my kids. I was so sad that she couldn't enjoy them and vice versa!

    As far as the mess goes---I think most people make a huge mess when decorating the tree!! I had boxes everywhere. It is amazing how much goes on a tree, eh!

    I saw that little bird and thought how well the verse would be that talks about even a sparrow doesn't fall to the ground without our heavenly Father knowing it. It might be in the same passage as the hair one---not sure--I didn't check.

    One really nice thing about your mom is that she lived a pretty long life (I guess from the picture) and so you should have a life full of wonderful memories of her!! That is such a blessing. May you be blessed today with the blessings of God.

    nannykim, from

  7. Oh,what a sweet story about the box! And I'm so sorry about the sad anniversary that's coming up. Nothing will replace your mom but you know how much she loved you.

    Re your sickness: I never use anything antibacterial. My doctor told me that they make you more susceptible to germs because, just like using antibiotics too often, they lose their effectiveness on you. So, I use good old soap and water and, if I'm in the car, just wet wipes. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. Hello Dearheart...

    Ohhh nooo...I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well again! Darlin', your system must be runned down...please do take care of yourself!

    Well my friend, I just adore that pretty little treasure box that your Uncle gave to your Mom...and that is one of my favorite scriptures! Our God is an awesome GOD!!! Sending you lots of hugs and prayers, Spence! We lost my husband's Dad just two days after Christmas this past year as well! The holidays are especially difficult...may the Lord bring you comfort and peace, my friend!

    Ohhh my...I can't wait to see all of your Christmas pretties! I just giggled when I read about your Christmas chaos...even as I type this, my house is sooooo messy...I have Christmas decorations and boxes everywhere! I need to get busy and get it put out! Hehe!

    Hugs and prayers, Sweetie...feel better!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  9. Spencer, hope you will get over the 'crud' once and for all. I know you will be missing your mother this time of year, especially...just try to remember all the fun times...that should put a big smile on your face. I love how you have arranged the little box from your grandma, the little birdie sitting amidst the moss is adorable. Take care my friend.

  10. Get well soon, sweetie! I've been weepy for my mom, too. I'm like a little kitten taken away too soon. God will help us. *Is* helping us! ♥

  11. Spencer, sometimes those little presents that don't have any monetary value are the most wonderful gifts cuz they mean so much from the person that we love. I have many things like that and just treasure them every day. I lost my mother last year too, right on my birthday in September and i still miss her EVERY day, and get so weepy just thinking about her. The first christmas is the hardest! I will be thinking of you. Hope that you are feeling better. it is that time of year, one bug hits you time and again. Same here at my house. Ugh. warmly, Debby

  12. Oh Honey.... Just do what I do ....On Christmas Eve I take a necklace that was My Grandmother's to My Mother to me & have a good medicinal cry!! Sometimes a good cry is good for the soul!!
    Both women in my life are gone......Not forgotten!!
    Happy Holidays!

  13. My mom used to give me one of her treasures to take home every time I went to Canada to visit her in her last few months. I love to see them around my home now.

    So sorry you are sick again - praying for a speedy recovery for you. I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas decorating.

  14. Oh, poor Spencer! I'm so sorry to hear you're sick again! Take care of yourself.
    That is a wonderful little treasure box filled with sweet memories! I'm sorry for your sadness. I lost my Daddy on Dec. 13, 1997, and I know this time of year is hard. You're in my prayers, Dear One.
    Shelia ;)

  15. Spencer,
    I'm so sorry to hear you're sick again. Sounds like you are taking the necessary precautions...sometimes those bugs just creep up on you :-(
    Take it easy and get yourself better for the holidays.

  16. oh Bless your heart in so many ways. And yes, I create a disaster area while decorating. The house looks like it threw up boxes right now. But in a few days, I predict a winter wonderland, or hope anyway!

    Kindest thoughts for you at this time.
    Love, Dana

  17. I love the sweet little box that was your mum's and grandmother's. What a wonderful treasure to have. Oh I know that cry...that ugly cry. That's the only cry I know how to do.
    So sorry you're sick again! I hope the decorating will bring you some joy as you think of your sweet mum.

  18. Dear Spencer; I hope you feel better soon, I can understand your heart ache about your first Christmas with out your sweet Mum,, I lost my Mom the week of Christmas,, it was a very hard one that year,,, but with the Lords help we made it.. and he will be there with you as will your Mum.. I love the box such a sweet treasure...
    Now as far as a being neat while decorating for Christmas,,,, I never have been able to do that,,, ,my house is a mess until I am so I am like you... Have a great week and Prayers for you to feel well..


  19. This time of year is so difficult without our Mothers. And you're sick, too. I am so sorry but I send good wishes for getting better and I know that you can feel your mum in your heart.

  20. Hi, Spence... I hope you are feeling much, much better very soon. I hate to hear that you don't feel well.

    I wonder if there's something you could take that would help boost your immune system. There are all sorts of cold teas. We drink those when we're not feeling well, and Trish's 95 year old mother used to swear by Ayr from the drug store for your nose. It's some sort of saline solution to wash out your nose. Nettie pots work, too.

    Sending you big hugs and love. Thanks, too, for your congrats on my blog win. There were some vintage ornaments, and I was excited over them. All of the glass ones from my childhood were stolen by my mother's housekeeper. She just helped herself to years of memories. But that's okay because it meant that we got to give Mama all sorts of ornaments over the years that had special meaning, and now those are living with us. :-)

    I haven't gotten my present from Mama, yet. Got to stop and really think hard about this one.

    I'm sending you much, much love, dear friend and all good wishes to be healed rapidly.

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  21. Ahhhh...I am so so sorry about your mum...she looked like such a warm wonder person by her image on your sidebar. Sending you much love and many wonderful memories...that little box is so so lovely.

  22. Get well quick!! you should see my foyer! It's stacked with Christmas boxes everywhere and they have to be shoved aside to find the bathroom but when the decorating is finished it will be worth it. Shipped Sheila's give-away today. Hope she likes it.

  23. Spencer amor, I know this year of firsts since we lost such special loved ones is a really hard one...but isn't it wonderful to have something that you love that belonged to that you can touch, what they touched and feel them near :)Every Christmas my dad and I had a tradition that we started when I was a teen...we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" together and I always loved when that lil bell rang...for me it just isn't Christmas till I have seen it...This year I think I will have to watch it alone...I don't think I can watch it with my was something WE did I will just feel him with me in my heart :) Ok enough saddness or I will join you for some coffee and cake mixed with some tears :) Now I absolutley love your nanas...mums and now your beautiful special to be able to look at it and think of happy know what??She is there with you when you need her the most...I truly believe that :)

    As for the "organized" decorating thing lol sorry that is all I have to say on that matter, because during that house looks like a bomb went off and purtty things got thrown when it is all said and done that is another story :) ugh but then it starts all over again when we start puting things away. I am sending you huge hugs, as we go thru all these first together...always remember are never alone :) Besos, Rose

  24. Hi spencer, Thanks for visiting me!! My posts have been a little sparse lately, I'm hoping to correct that and show my Christmas decorations, I'm almost done, WHAT A JOB and it just doesn't feel like it should be Christmas yet!! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about your beautiful box from your Mom, what a treasure, and I, too love that verse. Remember your Mom is always with you in spirit and that might help, but it is so very hard to lose a parent. Hope you will visit me again soon. Have a wonderful day!! Linda

  25. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on Always Nesting! I love your blog and we are practically neighbors(Oregon)so I just have to keep up! Yes, I am an exclamation point kinda girl:) When God passed out spirit, he doubled my dose along with a round of ADD.

    I'm so sorry to hear you miss your mom. I don't think that ever goes away. I lost my dad over 4 years ago and I still tear up when I think about him. Tears are just our way of saying we miss them, but isn't that a good thing? We only miss what we have truly loved in our lives.

    I hope you feel better soon! Hugs, Marla

  26. I hope you are feeling better! Hey, you need to learn to deligate! (That's all - lol)


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

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