Thursday, January 21, 2010

Don'tcha Just LOVE Cath Kidston?

Oh YUMMMM!  I LOVE Cath Kidston!

Isn't it just sooo happy?

I searched for the "SEW" book for my daughter for Christmas....yep, she's a big fan too!

I actually ended up ordering it from England.  Whew, that shipping'll kill 'ya!  So, as long as I'm paying that dasterly shipping, I might as well order two, right?

So I ordered one for me too!    :-)

It actually came with a little smidge of fabric to make that little tote on the front cover.

Gotta love that!

My sweet daughter couldn't leave it at that, of she ordered MAKE! too.....

Did she order one for me?  Nah.........none for her Mama!     :-(

That's perfectly OK with me.....I want her to SAVE her money....(hear me honey??)

So many cute ideas AND patterns in both of them.

I have an old upholstered tapestry.  I couldn't bear to part with it because it was my Mum''s in my sewing room.  It looks soooooo horrible in doesn't match anything!
But, I've been moving things from the den to start the re-do there and that's the ONLY place it would fit.  Remember, the Cottage is eensie beensie!

I bought fabric in a black and ivory ticking to re-do the curtains and some other things in there, trying to tie the whole thing together........I haven't even cut anything out yet and already I HATE it all.  How can I be tired of something I haven't even made yet?  Crazy.  It's just not happy enough for my taste!

So, I've decided I'm going to slipcover that little chair.  (It's a wing chair and I've never tackled one before).  And's going to be cheery and Cath Kidston Style!

I can hardly wait.  I think I'd love to be in there if it's all bright and cutsie, right?

Just one more thing on my agenda of things I need to accomplish.  YIKES!

As always, more projects than time.


Now, my sweet and wonderful girlies.......I'm gearing up for my one year anniversary of blogging.

January 23!

I actually signed up for my account months before I blogged.  I had to think about it for a bit, you know.   :-)

A whole year?

Yep, that deserves a little celebration.

So be watching Saturday......I'm thinking a giveaway is in order.

Big hugs to you dear ones!

Huggies and Lovies,


  1. congrats on the one year...I started a year ago this month also...

  2. I do love Cath Kidston. Just looking at her fabrics makes you smile. Of course, I love color so I say bring it on. Happy One Year Anniversary!!!


  3. Hi there,

    Well yes, Cath Kidston is idd great! Her fab flowers ....

    Have a happy thursday,


  4. Oh boy, Spencer!.. What goodie(s) do you have up your sleeve?!! Can't wait to see what you're making AND what you're giving away for your blogaversary! I'm not sure WHICH I should be excited about more! (0; More projects than time, you say?? I know THAT feeling! ~tina

  5. OMGoodness yes...I adore Cath Kidston's fabric!! I have several of her books. I just wish it was a bit easier to get her things here in the states!!
    Can't wait to see your giveaway & congratulations on the 1 year Blog-a-versary!!

  6. i live in a cave or something, but never heard of now i have someone new to discover and appreciate (gathering from all the rave reviews!)

    thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. I am still getting up my nerve to tackle a slip cover! I can't wait to see how yours comes out. Happy almost one year of blogging. I'm coming up on 2 years in mid-February.


  8. yes..yes...I love Cath Kidston---I wish there was a good stateside source for her things..maybe a shop in Seattle would be wonderful....I just have one of her books..not the ones you have...Enjoy..
    Congratulations on your blogaversary !!

  9. Congratulations on a year Spencer! You know, I have tried decorating around something I didn't love and it has never turned out. I would take that black ticking back to the store and get something that makes your heart sing!

  10. Hi Spencer,
    I can't wait to see what you do with the chair.
    If you are doing in Cathy Kidston style, then I'd say it's going to look delish!

  11. has it already been a year! congrats! and yes... I do love Cath Kidson... divine!

  12. Hi Spencer, I love, love, love Cath anything. My neighbor is obsessed with her stuff too. She has ordered me some cute things. I know you will enjoy the book.
    I have no doubt that your mum's chair will be awesome when you get it done and I for one can't wait till you get it done.
    You will share it with us...right.

  13. Good evening my precious! Oh I do love this artist. SO HAPPY and lively are her colors and designs...just what I need at the moment. I went for my thesis defense and I WAS ONE WEEK TOO EARLY! I am TOO efficient sometimes. YOUR PRAYERS WERE NOT WASTED however, no, no! Thank you for the support; I will take with me in my heart all the well wishes today and get ready for next week!! Anita

  14. I can't wait to see what you make with your fabric and patterns;}

    *I have been blog stalking and finally decided to comment, I hope you don't mind;}*

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary...those die for! Each page is like a present waiting to be opened up!

  16. I never even heard of Cath until a few months ago but yes, I love her stuff! ♥

  17. I've enjoyed looking through my Cath Kidson catalogs, but have never ordered anything. I'll have to check out those books.

    Congrats on one year of blogging.

  18. Hey Spencer,

    How are you doing? I just got back from LA yeseterday from visiting my sister (younger) who just had twins in December. Got to hold them and love on them. They are so cute.

    Good luck on your chair.


  19. I'm on board with not knowing who Cath Kidston is until I heard not long ago about her from my daughter...she's a big fan now that she's a master at crafting....I just don't know what she's going to do with all those bags she's making....And we need to have a talk with your darling daughter.....Mom should always get a spare when daughter is ordering something that Mom would love to have.....

  20. I love Cathy I do your blog! Beautiful!!


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