Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Muffin!

My Darling Hubbs.............Muffin to me...   :-)  Is celebrating his Birthday today....

And, we met 15 years ago this month.

Whew, what a lucky coincidence!

We actually met at a church single's progressive dinner.

He came and sat at our table and he's been MINE ever since.

When my girlfriend and I got in the car, to go home, I actually told her....

"Keep your mitts off the bald guy, he's mine!"  Wasn't that bossy?

He had triple bypass about seven years ago so I have to take realllly good care of him now........but he's doing really well.  He actually puts about 1,000 miles on his bike every year.  Oh how I wish I could do that!

So, have a wonderful Birthday Muffin!

I love you!  And, I think I'm pretty darn lucky.  Brett couldn't have asked for a better Papa than you have been......and Dodi....thinks you're the best thing EVER......and with good reason.  It's as though you've always been here for us.


Honey Girl.
*AKA: Burger, Mango and Cry Baby.   :-)*

Sweet Girlies!

I've been a bit out of touch for the past week....but I'm back now!

And, I have a LOT to say. 

What's new, you ask?

Nuthin'...I've just missed all of you!

Huge huggies, lovies and missies...




  1. Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!
    Have a great day!!

  2. Congrats to your hubby.
    I hope you'll have a great day.
    Love, Joni

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby, Spencer! it is nice to have you back. I have been praying for you! XOXO B

  4. SPENCER!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU! How is your chest? Your husband is darling, but of course, you are the queen of cute! COngratulations to you both for being together and happy! Come by when you get a chance; I celebrated my 28th wedding anniversary this weekend!

    I hope you are on the mend from that chest thing you had....

    BISOUS! Anita

  5. Huge huggies to you too sweet Spencer :) and please wish your Hubby a Happy Birthday! I hope you have a super sweet day with your man :)
    Love & hugs

  6. Aw, how sweet! Happy birthday to your sweetie Spencer, & many many more!!

  7. Happy Birthday Mr. Bellamere Cottage,

    You sound like you are one perfect man and I am so glad she has you and you have her - she's pretty wonderful too.


  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet husband, Spencer!


  9. Happy Birthday wishes from Florida for Muffin!!

    So glad you're back, gal! Hope you have a wonderful celebration!! I know you'll make it special!!

    Love ya!

  10. Well, Happy Birthday Muffin! What a sweet story.

  11. Happy Birthday to your dear husband.. sounds like you love him very much! Isn't it great to be in love?

  12. now that is a great tribute...Happy Birthday to your Muffin...sounds like he is a lucky fellow..

  13. Your hubby looks like a real sweetheart. I am glad to hear that you are taking such good care of him. We are so lucky to have happy marriages. My husband is bald now too, but I could not possibly love him more! Happy Birthday to the love of your life. And, I am glad you are back, I have missed you!

    Susan and Bentley

  14. Happy birthday to your handsome 'Muffin'! What are you doing special to celebrate?

  15. Happy Birthday to your Muffin! Isn't it wonderful when we find the perfect one for us?

  16. Happy Birthday to your sweet muffin. He was the lucky one when he found you. Make him a big old chocolate cake with low fat icing, do they have such a thing? lol
    Sending hugs to you.
    I'm off in 5 sleeps to meet the girls : )
    Love Claudie

  17. Dearest Spencer!!!
    THANK YOU for coming to my anniversary post! How lovely of you to come and see me as a little girl, and young woman. How time flies! You are such a dear; your husband looks like such nice and cute man and I bet he just loves the heck out of you! YOU ARE SIMPLY ADORABLE!

    BISOUS, Anita

  18. Dear Spencie...

    My first comment went POOF off my screen...

    Anyway, I was son's online is THE MUFFIN MAN. Just had to share that with you.

    Now...happy birthday to your honey bunny. How blessed you are.

    Thank you for stopping by and for the encouraging words about reopening my website. It is scary...but fear has never held me back.

    Love to you beautiful one. You blessed me today.

    Love, Rebecca

  19. Happy Birthday to Muffin Man....loved the line about keeping your mitts off of the bald guy...very cute...

  20. Hello Spencer-

    I've been gone too...thanks for the well wished on my next to last post.

    Happy Birthday "Muffin"!

    Thanks for sharing the story of how you met...I love hearing stories of how people meet.

    Many blessings to you - Denise

  21. Happy Birthday to Muffin! I hope it's the best yet! And I think the best birthday that man every got, Spence, is YOU! :-)

    Glad you're back.

    Love you much...


    Sheila :-)

  22. Happy Birthday from Oregon, Muffin!

  23. Dear Spencer (love that name for a woman). Love your blog. You live in a beautiful place. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind, kind words on Anita and my anniversary.

    Happiest birthday wishes to your husband.


  24. Hi Spencer,
    A very happy birthday to your "Muffin". It was my birthday on Sunday March 7th. You two have been very blessed with your love for each other.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  25. Happy Birthday to our sweetheart! I do hope you are feeling better too, it sounds like you are in quite a bit of pain, I will certainly add you to my prayers tonight!


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