Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hemma Has The Hee-bee-jeebies!

Yes, that is my little grandson...........scaring the dickens out of his grandma...  (Hemma)

I've said before how much he loves, loves, loves he was so excited to hold these creatures.  Grandma, however, was NOT!

And, as though that wasn't a BOA?

Yeah, I agree........he does look a little afraid in this shot, doesn't he?


What a brave little character he is......I wouldn't have gone anywhere near the things.

Ok Sweet's back to tax prep.

Oh, how I DETEST doing tax stuff.  I do my best to keep everything all together, but it always seems I'm missing something and have to try to find it.  But, by tomorrow night it'll all be done and I can work on other projects.   YIPPEEE!

How are you doing on yours?

Have a wonderful day dearhearts.  I promise to get out and visit sooooon!


  1. Oh Spencer...he is ADORABLE!!! I know you must be so proud!

    We are done with our taxes and owe this year so we will wait until the last minute before sending our money!


  2. My taxes are done & gone......
    What is he thinking???? yuck....I have a severe aversion to anything reptile!!
    Great Post!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  3. HI...greetings from Kansas. I just finished my taxes today and my accountant is going to email them off..whey, so I'm done! You'll feel better too, when they are done!.. Love your site,..I visit often.
    Val :-)

  4. yukkkkkkk!!!! yuk, i hate reptiles...oh, I just finished my taxes...yuk too.

  5. What an adorable grandson. The reptiles -- not so adorable...
    Happy tax preparation. My Father-in-law is a CPA and does our taxes in Feb. My daughter works at his firm and is going to graduate in December with a Masters degree in Accounting. I'll have free tax prep for life!

  6. He is brave and I agree YUCK! He did look cautious in pic #2.

    I did my part that I do on taxes now is my hubbys turn. April 15 we'll have it in. Good luck on yours!


  7. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! I'm outta here ... I can't do those 'things' at all. He sure looks like he's having a grand time tho. Yucky-yuck!

    Congrats to the newlyweds, they are 'in love', radiating all over.

    Have missed you, Spencer.
    Happy Easter!
    Have a great day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  8. Well - that picture certainly grabbed my attention, Spencer. He's a brave little guy...and he wasn't able to talk you into holding them?

  9. OMG! I'm afraid I am scared to death by reptiles!:((
    Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment today!

  10. Hello my precious Spencer. YIKES! Your little man is brave! What in THEE SAM HILL IS THAT FIRST BEAST HE IS HOLDING? Boys, I tell you, love those slimy things. I am so glad to have your visit dearest, my numbers have dwindled and I always wonder what I did wrong. I am a maroon and I forget that people have lives!!!!

    YOU GO OUT NOW AND HAVE FUN! You are a charm dear. Love you, Anita

  11. Oh goodness Spencer, your grandson is adorable! With or without a creepy creature hooked onto him.
    And did you have to say the T word. I haven't even started the taxes. Yikes!
    Thank you sweetie for such a wonderful comment at my place.

  12. oh my gosh he does look a little nervous....I would too....filing an extension this year...

  13. He is cute and courageous, isn't he? I'd say "yikes" is an understatement. I have a photo of my grandson holding an alligator in FL, but it was smaller and had a band to hold its jaws closed.

  14. You and me both, Spencer! I did, however, hold a small albino gator for a photo with my great niece who was determined to hold one. She was a teenager (now in her twenties), and she's a bold one,too. I only had to touch it for a second. LOL! ;-)




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