Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh NO! Not Again......

Hi Girlies!

My poor little daughter....

Remember this post?

Yep, that's how the passenger side of her car looked on the 4th of July last year.
The nincompoop who drove right through the stop sign slammed right into the car where my little grandson was sitting.  It scared the daylights out of him.  And, my daughter, of course.

They got the car fixed and were pretty much past that event when....

Danged in some nincompoop didn't plow into her again today.  On. the. same. side.

Where my little grandson was sitting.

Hit and run.

So, the first one went on my daughter's insurance and this one will as well.

Is that fair?

She's so upset.

Fortunately this time it wasn't nearly as bad as last time.

She did have a witness, but she didn't get the license plate.

It all just happened too fast.

As you know, if you've been following for awhile.........she's a single Mom, just trying to do things right and do the best she can.  My son-in-law was killed in a car accident so you can imagine how hard this is for both of them.

But, God is good.........isn't He?  

We are so blessed to know and love him.  He saved them from harm and that's the most important thing.

We're a grateful family.

I'm a grateful Mum and Hemma.

Lovies and Huggies,


  1. Awful! Thank goodness your daughter and grandson were not hurt.
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Oh no, thank God they were okay, that is too close for comfort!
    People are just plain rude these days, even if they were uncaring about the damage, they could have a least been worried about your grandson!!!
    Hope they catch him!
    Margaret B

  3. Oh Golly, your poor daughter and grand-baby, to go through this again. Mega big hugs to you all.

  4. WOW. This is too strange, but at the same time, one can only thank God for the fact that they were both spared serious injury or worse. Oh Spencer, God bless you all!

  5. That is hard to believe! What are the chances?
    Thank god they are ok...I've had a hit and run and know how scary that is.
    Hope all is well:)

  6. Cars can be repaired. Thankfully your daughter and grandchild are safe. I hope that they never have to experience another accident!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. How awful! I can't understand why hit and runs would affect your insurance! It's just not right!

    But you're correct. God IS good - all the time. And as a single mother who's weathered over a decade of storms, please pass on to her that I KNOW God's goodness will overwhelm her and wash away all the garbage that accumulate. I'll say an extra prayer for her today!

  8. That neither one was hurt is a testament to her hubby who is definitely watching over her and their little boy, sugar. Could have been much worse, but I sure hope the cops find the jerk!

  9. God's vengeance is best. Trust me...what goes around comes around. You may not know who the person is but God sure does...

    I'm glad your loved ones are OK! Whew...SCARY!


  10. goodness its like there is a target on that side of the car...I am sooo glad she and your grandson are ok, poor guy, two times is sooooo scary!!!

  11. How awfull! I am so happy your daugter and grandson are fine. Surely God must have had angles protecting them....especially your precious grandbaby. Yes, God is good.

  12. Oh my goodness! Thank God they are okay. I know what a scare these incidents had to be.

    And, I agree that insurance is so very frustrating.

  13. Oh, Spencer, how totally immoral of that person. I can't even think of a strong enough word for such a low act. But, I am glad everyone is well.

  14. What a terrible thing! Insurance companies are just NOT fair...not much is these days I guess. My mom basically raised me on her own and I remember setbacks like that. I'm so glad that they weren't hurt atleast. There's always a silver lining : )

  15. So sorry to hear about the accident, but thankful that your daughter and grandson are okay.

  16. oh thankgoodness no one was hurt....hit and run drivers...oh they make me so mad!!

  17. Spencer, PTL it was tolerable...could have been so much worse. Poor girlie!! She doesn't deserve it and it ain't fair but a light and temporary affliction compared to what is in her future. Hope the baby doll wasn't too shook up by the drama.

  18. Oh Spence I am so glad that they were not hurt. And no this is not fair! Not fair at all. My prayers are with you all. I know that you must have been so upset when you heard. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. The Lord is certainly watching over them.

  19. Oh I am so sorry! My first new car someone plowed into the back of it before I had it a year. The trunk always leaked, also a hit and run and the $500 to fix it out of my pocket, right out of school!
    Hope she gets it straightened out!
    Hugs, Lisa

  20. Someone hit her in borad daylight and left the scene of the accident. Horrible.

    Praise God she and your grandson are safe.

    I'm so feeling for your daugther - widowed - raising her son alone (with your help).

    No it's not fair.


  21. Don't you just hate this kind of stuff. The hassle, the nerves, the inevitable insured driver...! Since the government is meddling in everything else these days why don't they make people pay for insurance at the gas pump? I ma tired of the irresponsible ones getting away with dinging everyone else.

    So thankful that the kids are safe. There seems to be some silver linings in most of our trials, thank heavens, literally!

  22. I pray a hedge of protection remain around your sweet family!

  23. Praise God they weren't hurt! We need to pray extra protection around them and their car. I just prayed that for them.


    Sheila :-)


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