Friday, May 7, 2010

Tea And Cupcakes For Pink Saturday!

Hi Sweeties and Happy Pink Saturday!

And, Happy Mother's Day too....

I have searched for a tea cozy forever. I planned to do some wool applique and make one for myself UNTIL....I was poking around the net one day and ran across one of the cutest things I'd ever seen. I saved the picture so I could order it later, but totally forgot to make a note about the seller. Months went by...and, on yet another internet excursion I found a gal who was selling handmade crocheted items on etsy.....

I sent her a picture and asked if she could whip one up for me...

And, in a couple of short weeks this little beauty arrived!

Now, isn't that soooo stinking cute? I love pink and yellow together, but it's the black that makes my heart go pitty-pat.

You can find her under Tafferty Designs.

She's from the UK and did a super duper job on my little cutie.

Now I don't want to use it.....What if it got dirty? :-)

Every cute teapot needs a cute little cupcake too, right?

I had seen these little cuties lots of places so I started collecting sweaters to make some for myself.

This one is cashmere and lambs wool and the little cherry is needle felted.

I simply ADORE wool!

It's so forgiving and so much fun to work with.'s looking yummy now, right? Calorie free too.

Oh yes, Spencer........that's a VERY good thing!

See that DELISH tole tray peeking out from behind?

That's my Mother's Day present from my fabulous, wonderful, sweet and beautiful daughter.

Gosh she knows what Mama likes!

As I've said before, I started this blog because my sweet Mum passed away and I wanted to try to fill the gap and grieve in a way that would be a bit positive.....can it be?

I still miss her SOOOO much. She was my #1 Cheerleader. She was always so thrilled with everything I just isn't the same without her.

So, if you're a motherless daughter I totally understand and my heart goes out to you.

I'm sending you huge hugs.



Now, if you're dying to get your pink fix go see Beverly at:

You will LOVE her and all of the other pinkies!


  1. Dear Spencie...Love your Tea Cozy my friend. I finally joined you pink girls for PINK SATURDAY! EEEK! I'm in a group! Hooo Hahhhhh


  2. OMG! Those are the cutest things! Happy Pink Saturday!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  3. FIRST OF ALL, I am so sorry I missed the previous post, secondly, how are you today my sweet? I miss my mum....and thirdly, these items are so tender and wonderful, like you my lovely Spencer. My wishes to you for a magnificent weekend of joy, remembering the love you carry forever because of the woman your mother was and still is in HEAVEN with my mum. Who knows dearest, our mums might be chatting and rejoicing together with OUR JESUS!!!! YEAHHHHHHHH!!! Something good is comin'...


  4. Happy Mother's Day!
    Your blog is a treasure... these are adorable~
    So glad you stopped by to say hello! So nice to meet you :)
    Hope your day is wonderful,

  5. That tea cozy is just too cute. I'm going to have to add a splash of black to my pink crochet. It makes the pink pop! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. Spencer, your cupcake and your cozy are just darling! No wonder you're excited, and what a pretty tray from your sweet, sweet daughter! You deserve all good things!

    Now, your dear mother might be gone, precious, but you do have other cheerleaders who think the things you do, say, and make are all wonderful! Yes, this would be one of your cheerleaders right here marveling at all the goodies you make and the ones you find, too, as well as all the sweet things you say and do. :-) I just marvel at the fact that the Lord brought you into my life. You are a blessing, and I love you soooooo much.

    Yes, it is a little sad at this time of year (compounded by the fact that my mother passed away in May), but I am trying to stay focuessed on the fact that it is such a pretty time of year and that I have so much for which to be grateful, namely friends like YOU!

    Hugs across the miles to you, dear one...


    Sheila :-)

  7. Happy Mother's Day dear Spencer!


  8. Oh, they are so cute!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday and a very nice Mother's Day!!!


  9. Love the Tea Cozy!!

  10. Oh I love that cozy and cupcakes!!! My Gramma would have come up with something like that. I lost my bestest friend ever too, my mom Aug 31 of 2006 and I especially miss her on Mother's Day 'cause she was one of the best and only 68 when we lost her. Thanks for the sweet post and eye candy! I really like your blog and I will be back! Sue in Mich

  11. Spencer, I lost my Mom a few years ago and I always miss her the most on Mother's Day.......knowing how you feel and that you are going through the same makes me sad for you too. You are right though, we need to blog to fill the gap and having a friend like you is the perfect answer!!!!
    I love your tea cosy, just darling!!! Your cupcakes are so beautiful, I want to bite into it!!!! Great for counting calories!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and know that I am thinking of you!!!
    Margaret B

  12. Oh dearest, you are so funny and loveable! Yes, I could see you eeking on the brakes to get another gander of not only my home, but the many lovely mansions and cottages here in the Twin Cities. Fairytale is the buzzword that must have been in the minds of the architects and city planners when The Twin Cities were born. Come back next week dearest for more details. Love you, Anita

    And yes, our mummies are buzzing about, proud of their little girls, I know it.

  13. Happy Mother's day to you! I am sure you are thinking about your own precious mom a lot! Do something special to honor her tomorrow! Love your tea cozy!

    Happy PS,

  14. oooo, that is the cutest cozy ever!!!!
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day!!!!

  15. Love that sweet tea cozy!! It is so wonderfully pretty!

  16. those are yummy tea pots! i will be checking out your tutorials too... thanks for dropping by, have a happy mother's day! verbena cottage

  17. Spencer, the tea cozy is absolutely darling. I sold tons of tea cozies but had never seen one like this ... too perfect. And, that adorable cupcake ... I need more of these!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  18. Hi sweet Spencer! I love these darling goodies that you have found for yourself. This would brighten up anybodies world! That cupcake you made is just so cute.
    Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

  19. That tea cozy is absolutely adorable. I can see why you had to have it!!

  20. Oh well done you!! I have some of those but I bought them!!! I am too lazy to make them! Wool rocks!! LOVE the tea cozy!!! Very ME!! Happy Pink Saturday! Have a wonderful and Sunny Mother's Day!

  21. I'm a cheerleader for you dear Spencer. You know how much you inspire me all the time? You know that I think your the bravest of them all. You know that if I had to pick a mom she would be just like you. You know that in all of blog land you are my inspiration.
    I have a tea cozy just about like yours. Mine is white with hot pink. Your sweet sweater/felt cupcake TO DIE FOR. I would love a tutorial on that one dear Spenc. Not that I know how to sew, but I could probably manage that one. I bought a little bunny felting kit in Savannah from "the french knot" cute place. I'll hopefully have it done by next Easter lol
    Happy PS and Happy Mother's Day
    Love Claudie

  22. I know what you mean about missing your mom and her being your biggest cheerleader. I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father that will let us all be together again someday. I have two close friends that are about to lose their moms..I hope they will be comforted. We will all just have to celebrate our wonderful memories today.

    Have a wonderful day with your adorable daughter and grandboy and hubby of course!!

    The tea cozy and cupcakes are cute and I love that tray! Aren't daughters the best shoppers for moms?

    Love you,


  23. The tea cozy and cupcake is wat to cute!!
    I know what you mean about not wanting to use it. I will make something and it was intended to be for sale, after it is done I don't want to sell it...but I end up selling it :(

    So I am with you girl on that not wanting to use it.

    keep on inspiring us with your pretties.
    xx Dore

  24. They were so cute - I loved the cupcake!

    Hey Happy Mother's Day.


  25. Hi, Spencer,
    Love that tea cozy. I have not seen one like it. The cute cupcake is perfect with it. Your mother is such a beautiful lady. I know how you must miss her. I miss my mom, too. I hope your Mother's Day was very special, sweet friend! Love and blessings to you~ Vicki

  26. The crocheted tea pot sweater is so cute, Spencer! I hopw you had a great Mother's Day!...Christine

  27. Spencer, thank you for your sweet words about Chloe and little Hazzie. I ran across this old post I wrote about my mom and it remined me of your comments about your mom and thought you might identify.

    Love you,

  28. Hello Spencer
    Hope you had a lovely weekend... That tea cozy is the sweetest thing and I love you cupcake! It is sooo cute
    Have a great week

  29. Your tea cozy is really pretty and I love the wool cupcake. I have all the instructions and have been wanting to make one for a while. Yours turned out terrific.

    The tole tray that your daughter gave you is just beautiful. I really like the cream background color and the cutwork.

  30. Yes, they are so cute! And the tray too...that is one great know her mama like that!

  31. Your tea cozy is so cute!! I love pink...Kathy

  32. Now that is a cute tea pot cozie!! And, I love those felt cupcakes too.

  33. Too too cute! It's so cheerful and yummy, so is the cupcake. I am so glad you decided to start your blog, you share so many beautiful things with us. Happy "late" Mother's Day and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  34. Spencer~Mother's day can be difficult for me too. My heart is a little fragile on that day. I find myself reflecting about my mom and mother in-law. I miss them something fierce. My hubs tries his best to provide me comfort and make it a special day. I always appreciate his efforts. My sons called with best wishes, which always touches my heart.
    The gorgeous Pacific Northwest sunshine made for a cheerful day. Hubby and I sat outside sipping on a Mosacato. We had a loaf of hot french bread from the bakery with a variety of cheeses.
    It was a wonderful afternoon. We relished every minute.

    What a lovely tray from your darling daughter. I've always admire those who have a gift for painting. My hubby is a painter and I'm always (begging)asking him to paint roses for me. Your beautiful vignette with your pretty tea cozy is so charming.
    My hubby had a couple lambs wool sweaters but...before we figured out the trick to washing them a few ended up shrinking into sweaters for a Chiwawa. Being that we don't have a lil' pooch, I'm looking for a project to use the wool on. As I may have mentioned before...I never graduated past the glue gun. I'm looking for just the perfect non-sewing project to use my wool on.

    It was wonderful to read your grandson is happy. I agree if a teacher isn't content with teaching, they need to retire. Our children deserve an environment they can thrive in.
    Sweet wishes,

  35. Hi Spence!!

    What a lovely cozy, adorable cupcake and delightful tray from your daughter!! Hmmm...sounds like the fruit didn't fall too far from the tree!!

    I've been really missing my cheerleader too! How blessed are we to have had such wonderful Moms??? I can't wait for the day I am reunited with her in the presence of God! Oh what a day that will be!! I bet they're having a great time up there and are buddies already!! How cool would that be??

    Finally getting past all this medical stuff and moving on with life!! Please Lord, no more major interruptions for awhile, ok??

    Hope you have had a great weekend, gal, and that your week is a joyful one!!

    Love your talent! I want to give felting a try!!

    Thank you for the blessing of your friendship and for praying for me!! What a gift!
    Love you sweet Spence!


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