Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy, HAPPY Pink Saturday!

Hi Sweet Chickies!

And, Happy Pink Saturday...

Oh my goodness, they sure roll around quickly, don't they?

I hope you're having great weather and your posies are growing well.

Do you have a fabulous vacation in the planning?

We've had such crummy weather here. I'm hoping my posies start looking a smidge better soon.

Aren't these delish?


My dear friend brought me a huge bouquet from her garden a few days ago.

Don't you love girlies who share? :-)

And, am I tickled pink???

Oh my....

You can't imagine how much!

My precious little grandson just turned TEN.

I can hardly believe it.

It was an awesome week in this little guy's life...........and HEAVEN for his Mommy and Grandma.

I've talked about this in a previous post....he has Asperger's Syndrome. (It's on the Autism spectrum).

And, his dad was killed in a car accident when he was 2 1/2.

He was struggling at school, unable to make friends and having a tough time with a teacher who should have retired YEARS ago.

I have NOTHING constructive to say about this woman, so I'll just leave it there.

My daughter did a lot of research and found another school in his district that she thought would suit him better.

He went from hanging his head every day when he walked out of school to one of the happiest kids ever. He began to LOVE school and was soooo sad when the end of the year came.

His teacher was WONDERFUL beyond belief.

Mrs. G.....we're so grateful to you.


My daughter had a birthday party for him last year and only THREE kids came. They were her friend's children.

It was heartbreaking.

This is his party this YEAR!


It makes me tear up just to say that.

In two short months he DID make friends. So much for the atmosphere at the old school.

The party was at the bowling alley across the street from his new school.

Even the principal walked over to wish him Happy Birthday.


He just finished third grade.

He's been staying with me for the past week. I always lay on the bed with him at night so we can talk or read before we say his prayers.

We were talking about his past two teachers last night.

He told me that they did an art project in second grade where they were supposed to tear construction paper into shapes to signify parts of the earth... Sky, grass, clouds etc.

This kid is one of the MOST artistic kids EVER.

He added two trees to his picture.

The teacher TORE IT UP.

She was MAD at him because he added something he wasn't supposed to add.

My heart broke.


How could anyone be so cruel?

That is just unbelievable to me.

I love him so much. He has so much to give. He is truly my joy in life.

Thank you Jesus for giving my boy a fresh start in a place that really embraces kids.


I am so grateful.

Thank you for coming today.

Thank you for sharing my joy.

I love you tons!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Huggies and LOVIES.


More lovely pinks too!

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  1. Spencer,I love your pink flowers and the story about your grandson. My grandson was diagnosed with PANDAS last year and he too had a teacher that was not very receptive to the problem he was experiencing so he is now homeschooled along with his twin brother. He is doing great and may return to public school later. I am so happy for your little boy, I know your heart was breaking for him before but it is clear your heart is bursting with love and joy now.

  2. So happy for your grandson! I've been down that road with teachers before. Really makes a difference having a teacher that is an encourager. Love your pink flowers!

  3. Happy B'day to your sweet Grandson :)
    Thank God for Angels Among Us -- his new teacher! I am glad he had a crowded b'day party! Happy PS and thanks for visiting my blog today!

  4. Hi Spencer,
    Your peonies are absolutely gorgeous; beautiful shade of pink! What a touching story about your little grandson. I'm so glad he is getting along better and he is making lots of friends. Prayer changes things! Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Hi Spencer, I'm so glad your grandson is enjoying his new school and friends, that's so great! It's really too bad that some people (teacher's especially) have to be that way, my daughter has ADD and we had an issue with one of her teachers as well. She joined the high school dance team which helped her make friends and she LOVED it so much... and was REALLY good too!! LOL! She made it through and is almost 20 now! Gah!!

    Love your blog!


  6. There is a happy ending to the story, sugar. He is truly loved by you his friends and God. That teach should be terminated.

  7. Spencer, I love you, and I love how much you love that little boy. He's a living doll.

    I cannot BELIEVE that evil woman tore up that child's picture! Why would you try to crush a child's spirit??? That makes me madder than I can say. I wish there was some way to expose people like that before they do damage to other children. It sounds like she really doesn't want to be a teacher, but rather a prison warden. That would be a far more suitable job for her! Can you see Mrs. Magpie getting her dander up here??? Yep, be unkind to a child, an animal, or a helpless old person, and I start to peck!

    I'm so happy that your grandson is starting to flourish. That's wonderful news.

    Happy Pink Saturday to you. Love you MUCH!


    Sheila :-)

  8. Hi Spencer, Oh I am rejoicing over your sweet story of your dear grandson and Happy Birthday to him as well. He is a handsome young man and I am so glad your daughter found a new direction for him. It is so sad that there are teachers out there, that should not be teaching children. But God lead him away and what a happy story that continues. I know he is loved very much. You can feel it in your writing. The best to him always, he is already a success!!

    Love your pretty flower pic and the pink is gorgeous.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Big hugs for you.
    Celestina Marie

  9. What a blessing to find the new teacher!! And so many new friends. I am thrilled for you and your grandson!! Happy 10th to him.

  10. Thought you might like this song - it is also on YouTube. I am so thrilled for your little guy and tell him happy birthday! Love, sandie

    Flowers are Red
    by Harry Chapin

    The little boy went first day of school
    He got some crayons and started to draw
    He put colors all over the paper
    For colors was what he saw
    And the teacher said.. What you doin' young man
    I'm paintin' flowers he said
    She said... It's not the time for art young man
    And anyway flowers are green and red
    There's a time for everything young man
    And a way it should be done
    You've got to show concern for everyone else
    For you're not the only one

    And she said...
    Flowers are red young man
    Green leaves are green
    There's no need to see flowers any other way
    Than they way they always have been seen

    But the little boy said...
    There are so many colors in the rainbow
    So many colors in the morning sun
    So many colors in the flower and I see every one

    Well the teacher said.. You're sassy
    There's ways that things should be
    And you'll paint flowers the way they are
    So repeat after me.....

    And she said...
    Flowers are red young man
    Green leaves are green
    There's no need to see flowers any other way
    Than they way they always have been seen

    But the little boy said...
    There are so many colors in the rainbow
    So many colors in the morning sun
    So many colors in the flower and I see every one

    The teacher put him in a corner
    She said.. It's for your own good..
    And you won't come out 'til you get it right
    And are responding like you should
    Well finally he got lonely
    Frightened thoughts filled his head
    And he went up to the teacher
    And this is what he said.. and he said

    Flowers are red, green leaves are green
    There's no need to see flowers any other way
    Than the way they always have been seen

    Time went by like it always does
    And they moved to another town
    And the little boy went to another school
    And this is what he found
    The teacher there was smilin'
    She said...Painting should be fun
    And there are so many colors in a flower
    So let's use every one

    But that little boy painted flowers
    In neat rows of green and red
    And when the teacher asked him why
    This is what he said.. and he said

    Flowers are red, green leaves are green
    There's no need to see flowers any other way
    Than the way they always have been seen.

  11. Ah, dear Spencer, your grandson is getting so big! Whenever I read his story, I tear up! I'm so happy that he has finally found a good school and friends who like him and support him.

    That art teacher should be fired. How can someone teach art and squelch someone's creativity??? That sort of thing makes me so angry. But he has you and his Mom looking out for him. I have a feeling that teacher will be sorry she messed with your precious grandson.

    Happy Pink Saturday, my friend.


  12. Hello, Spencer,
    I love your pink bouquet and how kind of your friend to give you these lovelies. I am so glad your darling grandson has found a terrific school, teacher and friends!! These grandchildren are so special, and it breaks these grandmother's hearts if they are unhappy or suffering. May you have a blessed and very happy weekend, dear friend~ Vicki

  13. Lovely Pinks! And I love you shared his Birthday with us! How awesome he has great new friends!!
    As for his old school they were just not meant to be in the field. Breaks my heart you couldn't move ALL the children out!!! I saw Karate Kid yesterday and the man said "there are no bad students just bad teachers" Great part at the end where the "bad guys" all bow to the good teacher!!! I think your grandson would like it if you get a chance to take him!
    Have a happy weekend!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Happy pink sat. This post touched my heart. I am not sure if I have ever told you, but my youngest son who is now 23 has aspergers.(I can't spell it!) He has always had a hard time in school. But God has helped him every step of the way. My son is one of the most persistent individuals I know and I am so proud of him. I never thought he would go to college because of the great difficulty he had with math (some asp. kids are great in math--not him! He loves history and politics---that is his focus!). God enabled him to pass high school math with great trials!!I had to work with him all night every night. He managed to get into college by taking the ACT instead of the SAT. Once he was in college he enrolled in the ROTC which he has loved (he had switched in high school from his Christian school to a public one because he wanted to be in JROTC. He became the head of the JROTC in his high school in his senior year--it just was unbelievable). Anyways his first year in college he did very well since he avoided math.After the first year in college He was given a ROTC scholarship! Instead of taking math he took computer which he could take in place of the math courses (after having had to pull out of statistics and some other courses so as not to flunk them). The first computer course he passed with ease , but the second one he couldn't manage. He was all ready to graduate but he had to have this one course to graduate and he had tried it 3 times!! Finally in the summer we sent him to his brother who works for microsoft and is a computer wiz! He tutored him in the summer and my son went back and commuted to his class 6 hours round trip for 3 times a week. He got a high B and he graduated and got his second Lt. bars or stripes-- whatever! I am so so so proud of him. AND wouldn't you know he is in the National Guard and for his specialty he is doing some kind of engineer stuff? He is struggling in Mo. right now in some specialized far he has passed each test (there is lots of Math involved!). One test he flunked and then they let him take it again after more study and he got a B plus. This kid has amazed me. Inspite of his quirkyness he has made many friends---it is weird , but people just accept him in his weirdness! I am thankful for the small Christian school he attended early on. Socially he did not do well at first...but the class was small and eventually they all bonded and made great friendships. He gave him confidence. I did homeschool him for 3rd and 4th grade because of the great difficulties he was having in math. But what a kid! I only hope your grandson will excell in the areas that God has blessed him in!

  15. Hi Spence,
    Happy Birthday to your sweet and very cute grandson. He is so special and I can see that you love him so very much. I am so happy that he finally got to a school where the teacher sees his true self and encourages him to move forward.

    God Bless you and your family.


  16. What a beautiful post Spencer. He sounds like a very special young man. It's so hard when they get older and begin to face the harsh realities of life. My niece is just your average girl and I cannot believe all the drama that comes form school kids her age and she just finished the 3rd grade too. I hope your grandson continues to enjoy school next year like he did this year! Happy Pink!

  17. Dear Cupcake, You sure know how to tug on my heart strings! I am so glad that this young man has such a special grammy in you!! And how wonderful that his Mom advocated for him and it resulted in a big positive change!!! What a blessing!

    Thanks for sharing your heart, sweetie, and this special little man with us!

    Love you to pieces!

  18. Hi Spencer! Nice to meet you!
    I love your pink flowers and the story about your grandson.I love Toy story!

    nice pics!


  19. Happy Happy Birthday to your precious grandson Spenc.
    So happy for him, you and his mama. We had a few of those "yucky" school teachers in our time too. All 3 of my kids, now 21, 19 & 17 are graduating this month. Happy times : )
    You call them posies, I call them pure heaven!!!
    Love you for who you are and what you stand for Spencer.
    Love You
    Love Me

  20. Happy birthday to your sweet grandson. Looks like he had a lot of fun at his party. What an inspiring post - thank you. Wish all children could have teachers like he now has at his new school.

  21. I haven't visited in a while, but am so thankful I did today. With tears in my eyes, I am so thankful to your grandson's new teacher and school for changing that young man's life.
    As a grandparent, I know how the other situation must have broken your heart. Thanks goodness his Mom took control and found him a school to fit his needs. He is truly a blessed little guy to have you two in his corner.
    Looks like he had a fun 10th birthday party.
    Happy Birthday to your precious boy.
    Oh and loved those pink flowers. You are very lucky indeed to have such a sweet friend bring you floweres.

  22. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Spencer.

    And, happy birthday to your sweet boy. We grandmoms do love our sweet grandsons. I know his party will be a treasured memory for all of you.

    Every time I think about his teacher, I get so angry. Thank God for the wonderful teachers out there. They are an incredible blessing.

  23. Spencer this is the best news for your little grandson. He is a little darling and I know how deep that Gramma love goes! I could not be happier for him, your sweet daughter who has been through so much and you, of course!

    Love, Bonnie

  24. Hi Spencer! I am sorta catching up after being MIA for so goodness this post brought tears to my eyes! Bless your grandson's heart! When I hear about teachers like that, I just get so upset! Children have enough to deal with from their peers without a teacher adding to it...and that is their job to be sensitive to children and nurture them!! I would have had a difficult time holding back on a teacher like that mistreating my grandchildren! God is good though and has blessed you and your grandson with a wonderful new bunch of school children and teachers in the new school!



Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!