Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've NEVER Seen An Estate Sale Like This One! WOW!

Hi Girlies!

Happy Wednesday!

It's a realllly big day for me.

I think I can actually finish putting my bedroom and bath together.


I've been saying that for days, but it seems to be taking so much longer than I expected.

I shouldn't be surprised.

EVERYTHING takes longer than I think it will take.

I keep hitting bumps.

Today's bump?

Oh, for Pete's sake. I bought a "new" nylon shower curtain liner at the Goodwill.

Brand new. Still had the folds in it.

Perfect, right?

Yeah, not so much.

I didn't realize that it's probably a hotel liner.

It needs 14 hooks rather than 12.


I used aforementioned liner as the "pattern" for my sweet, little ruffled outer curtain.

Oh NOOOOOOOOO..........

I bought darling little vintage-ish glass knob hooks for the outer curtain.


Fortunately, I was at TJ Maxx yesterday and saw another package.

But that means I have to go back there. It's not just around the corner.


Now, about today's post.

These are all pix from a HUGE estate sale in Hoquium, Washington.

I didn't go, but was soooo fascinated by the things that were for sale.

It looks at though they built this house in the early 1900's, furnished it, and never bought anything new after that.

Everything is still in wonderful condition too.

It's like a museum.

I think you'll enjoy peeking too.

****Warning......Picture heavy post***

Isn't this FAB.U.LOUS?????

Crazy about the woodwork!

So much history.....

Lots of historical photos.

Ok, maybe the pink carpet was a "newer" purchase???? :-)

Holy MOLY!

Maybe they were preservationists?

This house must have been huge.

Two pianos.

And, lots of dining tables.

See the note on the photos? MANY of them were marked like that.

I would have loved to have been able to go to this sale. It must have been like a walk through history.

Ok.....SWEET and wonderful chickies.

I'm off to finish this project.

Huggies and LOVIES.



*** I couldn't even begin to load all the pictures that were in the ad, there were a TON of them.... I forgot to get one of the sunroom, it was the yummiest green ever. ***


  1. Ohhh, my gosh!! Holy Tamoly! I mean that is to live & die for an estate sale like this ... awesome. I love to just view things, whether I'd want them or not ... thank you for sharing.

    Have a beau-TEA-ful day!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Spencer, checking in with you to say what a sale! I wish I had been there, too.

    Hope you get everything done you want to do today. Can't wait for your reveal. You've done such good work!!!



  3. Spencer, Blogger has been having issues, so I hope you got my last post to you.

    If not, love you much!!!



  4. sooooo many treasures...I would of loved to go to that one!!!

  5. I would have loved to go to that sale!! That great stuff is right up my alley...Kathy

  6. fun stuff!! I've never been to an Estate sale...need to hit 1 up.

  7. Wow, Spencer, what a delight to see all those things. I love every single pix of it, sugar.

  8. What an awesome sale. I spotted that whole table filled with bottles. I think I would have taken all of them!!

    I love how your music went so well with this post!! :-)


  9. That looked like one great estate sale! I can only imagine the hours I could have spent there.

  10. I'd have LOVED to see that estate sale.

    I did that once with the shower curtain...I just folded one end to the inside and hung on hook through two holes. Worked perfectly! :)

    Love to you~Rebecca

  11. Your not kidding....that was some estate sale! One's like that only come by rarely. Can't wait to see your finished bathroom.

  12. Could you fold the shower curtain on each end and sew down it so that you end up with 12 ring holes, the holes should match up easily?
    Looks like a fantabulous estate sale! What did you buy, Spencer?

  13. That estate sale would have been wonderful to go to! It was fun just spying things in the pics! Treasures around every corner !!

  14. Oh how fun it would have been to ramble through all those goodies! Best wishes with the shower curtain. Can't wait to see the re-do.

  15. WOW...that is one for the books...maybe you can go the next day when things are discounted. I LOVE the glass etched door!!!
    Looking forward to your reveal.
    Deb :)

  16. Hello Spencer :) Love your blog, and I've signed on as your newest follower. What an amazing estate sale! It would have taken the whole day at least to look and go thru everything...WOW!!

    Warmest, Brenda

  17. Hi sweet Spencer, looks like the mother lode!! Wow, I bet everyone in blogland would have loved to attend that sale. Lots and lots of goodies there, Char

  18. What a great sale...I love the antique sideboard!

  19. HOLY MOLY IS RIGHT!!! I so love that picture of the white bookcase against the French doors and all the LOOT! Spencer, you must have been shaking from excitement!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS INCREDIBLE TOUR. We just love good estate sales! Bisous my sweet Spencer! Anita

  20. Hi Spencer!!!!
    What a sale...Wow!!!
    I did the same thing you did with a shower curtain once...
    If you fold each end back and put one ring through two holes...It will work great.
    Actually finishes the edges off kind of cool looking!
    Loved catching up with you this afternoon...
    Hope your weekend is a winner!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...,

  21. Oh Spencer, I would have had a blast in that estate sale!How can you miss something like that? So many pretties to look at..>hristine

  22. Oh My Cupcake!!!! I went into vintage glass shock for a minute there!! Would love to have gotten my hands on some of those bottles!! They're a real passion of mine when the price is right!!

    Can't wait to see photos of your bed and bath!! I know it will be fab!!

    Love and big hugs,

  23. G'morning! We just went to an Estate sale yesterday and it certainly was not anything like this one.
    The prices are usually quite high at Estate sales but if it is a good is well worth. I have signed up to be notified of the ones that are close to me...and that does help.

    Far from Washington or not, I loved looking at the photo's and enlarging them for details! What fun!

    Be sure and take pictures as your project goes along, I always forget! I finish with something and think, "wow, what a great post this would make" and then realize that I have NO before photo's! :)

    Spencer...thank you for one of the dearest comments anyone has ever left for me! I completely agree with you about the women we meet on here. They are amazing! I have moments of being overwhelmed by their kindness, generousity and even how open they are, sharing their families, homes and sometimes their troubles. It is a wonderful experience, blogging!

    I hope your day is as beautiful as you are..
    Love and hugs,

  24. Oh my goodness!! What lovely treasures all these are! The glass etched door and all those bottles, wonderful! Thanks for sharing, such fun!



  25. You had me at the etched glass Spence! What a gorgeous piece that would be to score!
    I think I could live happily ever after in that house.
    Good luck with your projects. you are always on the move aren't you!?

  26. Great finds! Hope you have a lovely week! xx


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