Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hi Sweeties! It's Sunday Favorites......

Hi Sweet and Wonderful Chickie friends!

Oh my goodness............Time is flying by, isn't it?

My plan was to plant my posies today and it is POURING. That does not sound like fun. :-(

I've been working on the master bed/bath/walk in closet.

I'm nearly finished cleaning and almost ready to do the FUN part....putting it all together. Don't you LOVE that part? It makes the rest tolerable while you dream of the "happy ending", doesn't it?

I've been a crummy blogger, but soon I'll have lots to share......

In the meantime, I'm joining the sweetest little chickadee....Chari, over at

for the Sunday Favorites meme...

I hope you'll go meet all of the other tootsies there with great things to re-share.

This post is originally from the very beginning of my blogging days.

I didn't have a single comment back on those early posts.

Originally posted on 1.30.09

PS....thank you SOOOOOO.....Soooooo......SOOOOO much for all of your wonderful comments on my slipcover.

I am over the moon with gratitude.

That's why I love blogging and my sweet friends.

You're always there to encourage and uplift.

God is soooo good. Isn't HE?


Who would think you could actually find a perfectly perfect little secretary at the GOODWILL??


This is the little, bitty secretary we found at the Goodwill for TWENTY-ONE dollars! It is so adorable. It's only about four feet high and very shallow.

I'm serious! OAK.....Vintage......PERFECT!......Twenty ONE dollars!!

My daughter and I decided we needed a bit of a thrifty adventure so we headed into Seattle to check out the big stores there.

I spotted this little beauty from afar and thought of all the places I could use it here in the little cottage.

I called my girl over to peek and she instantly gave me the "OH wouldn't buy that when I NEED it, would you" look.........that will suck the energy out of any Momma's heart.

So, naturally we loaded it up and it went to her house.............I was going to buy a fabulous, vintage chair for my front porch, but it wouldn't fit in my truck with the secretary as well.........I can find a chair anytime, right???.............I STILL can't say "no" to my girl.

Hope you had a wonderful Friday and wishing you a terrific weekend.......

Warmly, Spencer


  1. Love your wonderful little secretary. Isn't it just so much fun when you find something wonderful and at such a great price. I can't say no to my children either. I can't wait to see the bedroom and bath. Hope you have a super day. Hugs, Marty

  2. Spencer that is the cutest little secretary and I am with you, I couldn't say no to my girls either! That's what Mama's do!! Love this story and your blog!

  3. Spencer, you always have so much on the go, how do you keep up? Ha ha, I love it!!! I can't wait to see that fabulous room all in blue...I love the chair you recovered, isn't that an accomplishment!!!! You did a wonderful job, it looks so professional!!!
    Have fun and enjoy the weekend!
    Margaret B

  4. We need some of that rain here, Spencer! I have been planting and I get one in and I have sweat pouring off me. They keep saying "thunderstorms", but I haven't seen rain in days! Nice to have an indoor project to do though. I have been in and out this weekend because it has been so humid, so I'm trying to accomplish both.

  5. What an awesome find!! Our Goodwill has pricing issues!! There just isn't as much good stuff here either! Maybe it's because our state is so full of transients...I don't know. No one stays one place very long down here...that is except us!! LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing, and for sharing your talents, do inspire me gal!!
    Big hugs for my Cupcake!!

  6. Cutest little secretary...WHAT A FIND AT THE GW.Trish

  7. Hi Spenser! Oh, what a darling little secretary! You did get a bargain too!
    I'm waiting patiently for your bedroom reveal.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I couldn't say no to my girls either! That's what Mama's do!! Love this story and your blog!
    PPC Advertising India

  9. What a great find!! It's so cute...Kathy

  10. Hi Spencer...

    Ohhh Girlfriend, you are just too cute! How very sweet of you to let your daughter have that fabulous little secretary! Ohhh my goodness, I can't believe that you got that little beauty for just $21! I have been looking for one...I have just a small area for it and the secretary that you found would be sooo perfect! I love that it's narrow! Hmmm...what are the chances that I could find one just like that? Hehe! Anyway, it sounds like that was such a fun trip!

    Girlfriend, I can hardly wait for your bedroom reveal! You are such a creative and talented lady and I can't wait to see all the pretties that you've been sewing!!! I need you to come to my place for awhile! Hehe! I sew...but I can't compare to you!!! I'm still thinking of trying a slip cover and haven't worked up the bravery yet! Hehe! I will certainly be going back and referring to that great tutorial that you gave on making slip was fabulous!!!

    Well Sweetie Girl...thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites this was a real pleasure! Also wanted to thank you for the sweet note that you left on my post...Girl, you make me blush! Hehe! But I love it!!!

    Have a wonderful day, dear lady!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  11. Oh it is the mother thing, isn't it? I cannot tell you how many things I have given my kids. But then their joy makes it all worth it, doesn't it? Sacrifice is a mother's middle name! Love you Spencer and cannot wait to see that new room. It is so much fun to reinvent, isn't it? And you with your talent for sewing...the sky is the limit!

    Huggies, Bon

  12. Hi Spencer,

    soo much going on there !! How wonderful to get your closet redone !! It will look fabulous !! It's always such a good feeling to actually get a project completed !! Good for you !!

    Gosh, that secretary is perfect, soo dainty too .. I would of done the same thing, and let darling daughter go home with it .. It's amazing what Mommas always do !! Very sweet !!

    Well sweet friend, thanks for always sharing, FuN, pretty things !! Have a happy, sunshiney kinda week ~
    HuGs ~tea~ xo

  13. Your the kind of mom we all strive to be like Spenc.
    Your a doll as always. A very hard working doll might I add : )
    Love U
    Love Me

  14. LOVE the secretary!! I missed out on one of these which was for sale at a garage sale, then the owner changed her mind & kept it :( ....not that I blame her!

  15. I love it! I hope you have a great week!
    Hugs, Lisa

  16. Such an adorable secretary! I can think of ten spots in my home where I'd put it!
    Can't wait to see the bedroom!

  17. you found that adorable little secretary at goodwill.. you lucky duckling~!! its perfect, I love it.. ok Miss,, hand over that horseshoe, i need it so i can find something like that at my goodwill:)lol

    Hugs and happy Thoughts

    ps. this is the 3rd time I signed on as a follower. if it doesnt work this time I'm gonna get a complex:)


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