Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WooooHoooo! I Have Something To Share With You!

Hi Girlies!

I'm all fired up and ready to do some WoooooHooooing and LOTS of braggin'.....because..........this was a reallllllllllllly hard project and I conquered it! I am seriously pattin' myself on the back.

I am joining two parties this week.

Jan at www.bobbypinsboardwalk.blogspot.com

She hosts a Bragfest every week........and, like I said........I am unabashedly bragging.....it's ok....Jan SAYS I can GLOAT....and I'm allll about that today.


Some serious WooooHooooing is going on over at www.alwaysnesting.blogspot.com.

Marla hosts this lovely party each week........complete with YUMMY treats.

Several years ago I bought that homely little chair at a garage sale for 12 dollars. It belonged to the fellow's grandmother. Ahhhh......

I'm crazy about the little thing. It's the perfect grandma chair and it fits in my bathroom like it was made for the room.

I have had it slipcovered in an old rose fabric for a number of years, but as you know, I'm re-doing the master bedroom and bath in blue. WooooHooooo.....and I'm endeavoring to do it on a dime......well, one hundred dollars (not including the paint).

Ready to WooooHoooo?

I soooo hope you'll gasp............drool???...........Oooooh and Ahhhhhh?

Well, here she is!

All fresh and happy!

Gosh, isn't it amazing what a new slipcover will do for an old piece?

I actually bought the brand new decorator fabric at the Goodwill for 5.99. Three and a half yards........BARELY enough to do this little chair.

I could NOT make a mistake. I had NO fabric to spare.

I worried all the way along that I would have enough to make a generous ruffle for the bottom.

It is a SERIOUSLY tricky little piece.

There is no bottom cushion to hide extra fabric under and the "tuck in" places on the back are very shallow.

I thought I could finish it in one day.

It took four.

A peek at the detail in the back. I didn't want a seam where the back pieces met.........so buttons to the rescue.

It looks like that center piece is crooked in this photo, but really.....it is exactly the same on each side. My photography skills stink.

Three and a half yards is not much........but I carefully cut the bits out so I could center the big bouquets on each piece.

This spot gave me fits. I can't tell you how many times I picked out this part.

It was horrible.

I was determined.

I really wanted this little slipcover to be white....wouldn't that have been cute?.......But, it's going in the bathroom...........where I use LOTS of hair products.......even though I can take it right off for a wash......this blue will camouflage sooooooooo much better, don'tcha think?

I sooooo wish my sweet Mum could be here so I could share it with her.

She'd be soooo happy to WooooHoooo!

I am so happy to have it finished.

So now I can add it to my list of finished items.

And, the bathroom and bedroom are all painted in the most delicious blue.

Lots of cleaning and do-dadding to do before I show it to you.

Don't forget to go visit the other girlies so you can do lots of WooooHooooing.

You'll be inspired.

Really, you will!

Huggies and Lovies!


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  1. Oh, it's absolutely beautiful, you did a great job and I can hardly believe you only used 3 1/2 yards of fabric!!


  2. This is just spectacular! I love it...being able to do this is just so amazing to me. I tried it once, but not with great results like you. LOVE the fabric, too. Go Goodwill! Lezlee

  3. Oh, Spencer, truly that is gorgeous! I'd love to have that chair myself, sugar, just fantastic job.

  4. Spencer you deserve a big pat on the back. Girl that is one amazing job covering that chair. It is sooooo cute and really looks adorable. I already ordered my two free paint samples!! Congrats on a job well done!!

  5. OH my word!!!! You have done a beautiful job... BRAVO!!!

  6. You are hired!!!! You can have our guest room and full run of the house. All you have to do is show me how to do the magic that you do with your makeovers. You Mum is WooooHooooing!

  7. Oh my gosh, when I saw what you did to the chair I about fainted--it's breathtaking!!! You are so talented, girl...totally awesome!
    Cindy Adkins

  8. Wooo Hooo is right!!! This turned out spectacularly, Spencer. Love the pretty floral fabric and the piping material, too. It looks so fresh and clean. You are a whiz at this sort of thing, let me tell ya!
    big hugs,

  9. Wow!! Spencer, that is gorgeous!!!! You are one very clever girl!! Can't wait to see photos of your Bathroom and Bedroom redo. Love Suzanne.:)

  10. Hi Spencer~ I just hopped over from Boardwalk Bragfest! This project is seriously FABULOUS! I just love everything about it! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog~ I'm a new follower!

  11. FABULOUS sister! you should be very proud of yourself

  12. It is FABULOUS! I upholstered a chair for my daughter once and she made me promise I would never do it again. She said I was CRAZZZZZY acting until it was done!

    I'm proud of you girly. It's sensational!


  13. O.K., this is pure magic. I am WOOOOOHOOOOING and I will brag to my husband when he gets up about our smart Spencer!!!! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID ON A DIME DEAREST! I really wish I had your sewing skills 'cause I have TWO GORGEOUS wingback chairs that I, ehem........took from someone's trash! THEY ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION but I need to upholster them and I can't. BUT MY DADDY was a professional and I used to love to watch him for hours making those fancy tufts. He would allow me to watch, but then would shooooo me out if I wanted to try! BRAVO SPENCER, YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!! Anita

  14. You did a fantastic job on that chair! Its beautiful!

  15. WooHooooo! Stellar job of upholstery Spence! I love the print, the color, the delightful checked welting. You are an upholstery genius:>) It is a wonderful transformation!

  16. I think you have reason to brag, gloat, or just jump up and down!! Your chair is amazing! I can tell it was a lot of work....it certainly paid off!

  17. well I gasped, I sat in stunned amazement and then I lit a candle and made a wish that you were my next door neighbor so I could come over with muffins and beg and bribe you to come and do my chair...~! its perfect, its beautiful and you are an excellent sewist..
    woooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo supreme..


  18. Spencer - I bet your entire house is just beautiful. That was a great job and I need to do my living room set. Sandie

  19. Stunning! I love the fabric...great job, Spencer.

  20. She's beautiful, Spencer! I love it! I'm sure you were pulling your hair out to make that 3 1/2 yards work, but you did it. You certainly are entitled to "brag" and "woo hoo"! : )

  21. I truly gasped when I saw the finished chair. It's STUNNING. Girlfriend, you did good, no better than good. Gorgeous. Woo Hoo!! Thank you so much for linking this to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joining the fun. Oh, I wish I had half your talent and yes, your mum would be so proud.

  22. OH. MY. GOSH! It doesn't even look like the same chair! You did an INCREDIBLE job on it, Spencer! Once again, you have me wishing I had just 1% of your sewing talent. Hey...how would you like to move to Florida (and help me with the "house in Hooterville")??? lol.

  23. Spencer, this is gorgeous! Way to go sweet girl! You did a wonderful job on this ♥

    I am catching up on my Blog visiting since I am still stuck indoors recovering from this nasty pneumonia. I am on the mend though. I have missed you!


  24. Your little chair is precious. I could never tackled such a big project and your Mum would be extremely proud of you. Enjoy it!

    Hugs, Gretchen

  25. ta da!!!! it is gorgeous!!! what a fantastic job you did!

  26. Spencer! Oh, honey! It's beautiful! What a job you've done. Yes, by all means pat pat pat your tiny self on the back. Your slipcover is gorgeous. Actually is doesn't look like a slip, but a re upholstery job! You are so good.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. OH MY! You deserve to brag about that beautiful slipcover. It looks amazing. I was excited once cuz I made fitted arm covers for a chair once. LOL I got even more excited when they fit! I can imagine how you must feel! WTG! Thanks for sharing.


  28. Oh I'm going to pat your back, too! What a fab job! ♥

  29. Hi ya Spencer!!

    WOOO HOOO!! WOW you did a fantastic job on your lovely chair!! I don't blame you for tooting your horn..I know when your determined to do something nothing can stop you and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction can lead to more things that we never thought we could do before...Dare to be Bold and just DO IT!!

    Love and Hugs to YOU...Enjoy your hard work and take a Bow have a Seat!! Whew!!! :D


  30. Once again, you have topped yourself! Great job, Spencer!!


  31. Woo hoo is right! Boy did that turn out fantastic. Great job!

  32. Simply charming! Bragging is in order. You did a great job centering those flowers, that can be tricky with an abundance of fabric.

  33. You did a great job on this chair - hopefully your box is there or ALMOST THERE!

  34. This is just charming, and such an exquisitely-sewn piece---WooHoo, indeed.

    Even with fabric to spare, I'm sure it's very difficult to cut-and-center a pattern, and from my can't-sew-a-button heart to your very talented hands---Brava. It's perfect.


  35. You did a fantastic job on the slipcover. The fabric and style are wonderful and I can't believe the bargain price on the materials. You certainly are allowed to brag!

  36. Visiting from Always Nesting...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this chair! Your hard work has paid off and now you have this beautiful chair.

  37. Alright. I am seriously jealous of your skills. Seriously. You have too much talent. Your chair is beautiful! Good for you. I am sure it will bring you much enjoyment!

  38. Oh Spencer, that chair is giving me fits!! Too perfect for my family room!! Love it!!! Lori

  39. Hello Spencer~I've been busy with family visitors for some time. My niece called when she arrived back home and told me she'd gain 7 pounds from her visit, lol.
    I did take time to sneak out of the kitchen to see what you'd been up to.
    It's nice to finally have time to chat....
    You deserve to, gloat, boast, cheer, brag and jump for pure joy over such a stunning transformation! I enlarged all the pictures to see every amazing detail, down to the trim and those most precious button finishes.
    I can't wait to see it all put together. Your pillows are going to match perfectly.

    My son and DIL live in Seattle. We've cruised by many of the gorgeous waterfront homes.
    The houses in Portland are so charming and quaint too.
    I may have mentioned we're across the Columbia River on the Vancouver WA side.

    It was such a pleasure to have you stroll by for a visit and especially for leaving me with such a sweet comment. Feel free to drop by anytime, the kettle is always on.

    Sweet wishes,

  40. What a pretty chair, Spencer. Love the upholstery...Christine

  41. Wow Spencer that is awesome! I love the fabric..what a deal! I've done a little upholstery and I know how hard it is...great job!

  42. Hi Spencer,
    Wow is right! I love the slip cover you created. It's just lovely and so perfect, you have the right touch and for-sight.
    I can't wait to see your room with this charming little number in it.
    Take care and enjoy your day,
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  43. Hi Spencer! Beautiful job on your chair. How fun to have room for a chair in you bathroom. I have been cursing the hair products lately and what they do to everything over time. I have taken to going out on my porch lately to save the bathrooms. It helps.

    So, the slip cover...amazing. I lvoe the fabric! My mom use to do this and I know how hard it is. She would cut a pattern out of an old sheet but it was always a struggle to get it just so. She did a lot of ripping too. I know your mom would be so proud of you!

  44. That is charming fabric and I love the slipcover! Your Mom would be so proud of you! Can't wait to see the makeover.

  45. Cute slipcover! The buttons are adorable. You would never know the whole chair didn't go all the way to the ground, instead of just legs.
    I know how you can power through some fabric when it has a large floral print. You can't just work your way up through it like a solid.
    Congrats for finishing one-more-thing!

  46. OH CUPCAKE!! You are amazing, gal!! You should be bragging! It looks sooooo fabulous!!
    My oldest daughter that just moved left me with a chair...that I love...that needs some lovin and a new cover, and then it will be MY comfy cozy spot!! I may need to have a consultation with you!! You are the QUEEN of upholstery as far as I am concerned!! I've been thinking about drop cloth...but not sure!
    Need to see if I can find some crazy good deal out there!

    Thanks so much for sharing! LOVE the piping!!!
    The perfect Cupcake touch!!

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!
    Love and big hugs,

  47. Your old chair's fabulous new dress is to die for!! Such a great job - I'm drooling : P

    thanks so much for stopping by to see me today and for your kind words. Glad I found you here!

  48. It turned out beautifully! Thanks for entering my giveaway. I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning.

  49. Spencer.. .you're a star!!!! a slip cover star!!
    My goodness I've seen a lot of slip covers online and they often seem to look... well just not right... proportions and frills never seem to balance with the rest.. but this is gorgeous!!! you are so clever.. and yes I laughed at the back and then your comment as my eye was saying ..'is that straight',, hahah but I'll take your word for it as everything else is perfect... Gee wish I lived closer.. have a few things I'd like done. hahaha.. You should be very proud of yourself... It's funny.. the chair looks much more substantial now but still with the nice small dimensions you need for your bathroom... well done. xxx Julie

  50. Oh boy.. now I just noticed your box pleat in the sidebar!!! that is perfect too!!... sorry to gush but I rarely see these done so well.. xx Julie

  51. Oh the chair is so sweet! I wish I had the talent to slipcover pieces as I have two chairs SCREAMING for slipcovers! You did a wonderful job!!

  52. Hi Spencer
    Great job!!! It looks very professional and so lovely, you should be proud. I hate it when fabric is short...mistakes never fail but you did it...
    Have a great weekend

  53. Good HEAVENS! I would be bragging and wooo hoooing all over the place too if I had done something like that! GORGEOUS!

  54. Hi Spencer. Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I love having new friends. You are quite an amazing seamstress. I have a chair that was my grandmother's and the fabric on it is ugly. I'd love to do what you did with yours, but can't get up enough nerve to tackle it. My sister thinks that I can do it, but... I've been sewing my own clothes since I was 12 years old, but never done anything like that. Have a great weekend.

  55. Woo HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is B-E-A-UUUUUUUUUUUUU-TIFUL! Wish it was in my house!

  56. Oh my gosh, that turned out perfect!! I love the fabric and the piping. Adorable!

  57. oh my spencer you have alot of comments I had to scroll and scroll forever to get to a place to add a comment(:) LOL

    Love-LOVE the chair..
    and yup we are both
    I am in East Wenatchee, WA..

    thanks on the shed ..
    I lucked into several old door and windows given to me.. they were from an old torn down house(:)
    hope you get one soon..

  58. Good morning precious one! Oh, everytime I see one of these sewing wonders of yours, I just think "I WISH I STILL HAD MY SEWING MACHINE!" I want to make my harp an organza dust cover! But no machine....my husband just installed a gorgeous marble mantle that I found at......A CONSIGNMENT SHOP! IT IS GORGEOUS! He installed it into my studio where my harp is. O.K. When you walk into the room now, there is a regal air to it. My harp sits next the the mantel, but it is covered by a thick, black cover. I want to make a wispy organza cover for it to show off the beautiful gold crown, the strings and to be able to see the mantel!! So....I need to find some one with one of those little portable jobs!

    Oh SPencer, thank you for coming to see a little blue heaven. I so agree that the softer, more subtle shades are my preference. My kitchen used to be blue when we first moved in 14 years ago, but I could not live with it; it was a SWEDISH BLUE...to me, it was swimming pool blue. Too much of any color is too much for my nervous and energetic character. I need an environment that is soothing!!!!!! But those photos that I found do it for me! You know the photo with the little stone fireplace mantel and the two chairs with the faint blue pillows? That is the feel I have now in my studio. WHile my mantel is marble and is a little more ornate, it is perfect. Wow...I am rambling! Have a blessed SUnday dear one! Anita

  59. Wow, that looks amazing, you did a beautiful job on the slipcover!!

  60. Wow! It is gorgeous. I love the fabric.

    I bet you mother is smiling at her talented and sweet daughter.


    I know she's smiling at you. I just KNOW it.

    I love what you've done, and I'm smiling at you as is everyone else on this post! GREAT JOB!!!

    Love you....




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