Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goodbye 50's.......

Hi Girlies....

Well, here I am......just moments left in my 50's. Hmmmm.... It seems so odd to me that I could be 60 years old. Where has the time gone?

I had never given much thought to the idea that I would be the "older" generation....but, since both of my parents have passed away, I guess I am. I am actually just a few months older than my dad was when he passed away. I've thought about that so much in the past little while. He seemed so old then....and being a silly 27 year old I thought he had lived a long, happy life.... And, that I'm that age I realize how much more there is to do......and now I realize how knowing he was going to die must have felt to him.

My Mum used to tell me........all the time.......that you never change on the inside. That, no matter how old you are, you are still flattered the way you were when you were young, that you still want to look pretty, and that the same things will still hurt your feelings. Boy, was she ever right.

And, so I live these last few minutes in my 50's I'd like to thank you all for being such great friends to me. It has meant so've cheered me up on some of the yuckiest days.........made me laugh 'til I cried, offered reassurance and best of all, prayed for me. I am soooo blessed.

Blogging has been more than I could ever have imagined. I've met so many wonderful girlies........learned so much and just plain enjoyed myself.

Thank you so much for sharing's made it easier for me to do the same.

And, thank you Jesus for 59 great years... I hope I bring You honor and that I please You in the years to come. I am so grateful for my salvation.....and that, no matter how many mistakes I make, (and I make PLENTY) that You still love me. we go!

We have some fun things planned this weekend.........I'll share it all with you sooooonly.

Huggies..........Lovies..........and gratitude.



PS.... Thank you SO very much for all your kind words on my bedroom post. You are WONDERFUL... You said the things my Mum would have said to me....many brought tears to my eyes. :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

PSS.... My darling friend, Sheila, over at is celebrating a birthday tooo..... She is the sweetest thing........and I'm sure most of you already know her.....and you won't want to miss her birthday.... If you haven't met're really missing something......She's a peach. :-) Pop on over and meet her!


  1. Happy Birthday dear Spencer!I had my 61 st. Birthday in April this year and you are right! We are still the same on the inside! There are so many wonderful things to look forward too. Age doesn't change that. Have a wonderful Birthday,may all your dreams come true! Love Suzanne:)

  2. My Hubby will be 60 next Tuesday & I will follow a year from this October. I know exactly what you mean. I feel just like I did when I was 20.....well, maybe not as much energy. LOL!!
    Happy Birthday from one Senior to another!!
    Have A Great Weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday Spencer! I left my 50's a year ago and it does make you think about all the living that is still to be done! I suppose as long as we are young at heart then we will never grow old.

    Enjoy your special day.


  4. Happy Birthday Spence! You are right about feeling the same age inside. I think it is far more important to focus on life and living it to the fullest than on a number. (I have come up with this wonderful theory since turning 50 a few years ago!) I hope your birthday is extra special:>)

  5. I am in tears at this very moment as I read your lovely, lovely ADIEU to your 50s. How sweet life is, and I pray that when I see our Savior, that I will be granted the strength to look at Him and thank Him for all the treasures He has given me, you, and all the other souls of this earth. How short but so sweet is this life, and I am sure dear one, that you will attach each day and make each one count.....we shall march on like there is no tomorrow!!! You are the most precious soul, Spencer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 60 is young, my friend. I am only 8 years away from it and I pray that I can be like my daddy who at 82 was still running towards the prize...with lung cancer and an oxygen tank, he was still walking around the block with an agenda!!!!! HEEEE!

    MARCH ON, knowing that there IS more to do!!!!! Love, Anita

  6. Happy Birthday Spencer. Your post today really hit home...that no matter what our age, we are still the same person inside....your Mum was a smart cookie!!
    Enjoy your birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Spencer!!!! I wish you a lovely day and blessings for all who celebrate with you!
    Enjoy your birthday, any special plans?
    Have a blast and eat lots of cake!!!
    Margaret B

  8. Your little logo at the top says it all, sugar: We are always the same age inside! That is soooooooo true. I'm almost 70 but I feel like 25 inside and act like 20! I'm young and bubbly and don't let a number define me. Look up! It's great to age....

  9. Happy Birthday Spencer! Thank you for sharing that wonderful post. Have a wonderful and blessed birthday and enjoy your trip into the 60's!


  10. My dear Spencer,

    Happy Birthday, my friend. I love the sentiment because I believe that we are always the same age inside. I know it. I think it was Satchel Paige who said "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was?" There is such truth in that. It is just a number.

    I am 57, about to be 58 and I know where you're coming from. Celebrate! The reality is in this day and age, 60 is still young! You are fabulous.


  11. Happy Happy 60th Birthday to you Spencer! This was so well written it made me cry. Boy we have a few things in common. I have 38 yr. old son and am a gramma to twin 10 yr. old girls and I am in the last few months of my fifties. I have thought often about how we are the older generation with the passing of my parents too. I too thought how 60 sounded so old but now that it's just around the corner it probably won't feel any different. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday!

  12. Your mom was a VERY wise woman!

    It will only be a few (very short) more years before I leave my 50s behind too and I just shake my head in disbelief over how darn FAST the years have flown by. It almost seems surreal in a way.

    Anyway, wishing you a wonderful birthday, Spencer...and of course, many, many more. :)

  13. Spencer, Happy Birthday! Don't worry too much about the 60 thing. I about died when I turned 60 three years ago but alas, I survived it. It is not so bad when you realize old age in 80 something! It does make each day just a little more precious as we grow in the wisdom of life being shorter than we ever realized and how we should appreciate it all each day.

    That year in which one of our parents passed away is a hard one. My Dad died at 61 and that year was hard for me. Now my brother is going through it. But you just forget about your own mortality and you are happy to see the next birthday arrive.

    You have a wonderful new year. I haven't had a chance to see your bedroom yet but as soon as we get home from Utah I plan to catch up with all my favorite girlies.

    Lots of hugs,


  14. HAPPY
    Happy 60th Birthday Spencer !!!
    ENJOY!!! Have lots of cake and a great day!
    Deb :)

  15. Happy Birthday Spencer. You put into words what I felt as I passed from my 50's into 60 in June. It's a strange passage I must admit but it feels good to still be here, be a child of God and healthy. Enjoy your Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday Spencer! How wonderful to celebrate another year of blessings and love! Enjoy those 60's....blogging all the way!

  17. Hi Spencer,

    I wanted to pop in and wish you a very Happy Birthday!! As they say "It's just a number"
    and I suppose that is right. Who we are and how we look at things is what keeps us young.
    Doing something we love doing as in creativity gives our soul a reason to sing and always thank the Lord everyday for the gift of this life that he has given us.

    Love, Laughter and may you enjoy every minute
    of your Birthday!!


  18. Well happy birthday to you Miz. Spence!

    I know just how you feel when you mention how it feels to be the age your father was when he passed. I too know that experience... my dad passed at just 31 years of age. He was waiting for a heart & lung transplant, and those weren't so common in 1986. He seemed older to me when I was only 12, but when I turned 31 (almost 5 years ago) it crushed me all over again to realize just how young he really was...

    Anyway no more bummer news on this, your happy day! Blessings to you my friend, for many more decades of a happy, healthy, thriving life! You were one of the first bloggers I reached out to when I refound my inner crafty self, and it's been so nice following along with you this last year. Thank you for being you, gracious and kind as always!

    Happy, happy, happy birthday to you!

  19. Happy Birthday Spencer. Beautiful post.

  20. Well a great big Happy Birthday to your my dear Spencer! Sending you tons of well wishes, blessings and hugs and kisses. ~♥Ana

  21. Spencer... I hope you had the most wonderful birthday EVER! I love you so much, and I thank God daily for you, my sweet friend. When I count my blessings, I definitely count you among them, and I hope and pray that all of the love and kindness you show to others comes back to you mulitiplied.

    This was the best post, but yours always are. I just wish we could have been together today to celebrate.

    Happy Happy 60th Birthday, precious one, who will remain forever young!

    Love you SO much...


    Sheila :-)

  22. Happy Birthday you sweet girl!! You are only as old as you feel! And a year behind my mom!! Her birthday is today (23)!
    Hope you have the best one yet!
    Hugs, Lisa

  23. Happy Birthday Spencer!! What a beautiful post! And so true....I just found your blog, from a comment you left on mine and I am so glad! You are a gift...

    Thank you...

    I hope you have a wonderful wonderful birthday! And MANY MANY more :)

    Lou Cinda

  24. Have a very Happy and blessed 60th Birthday!!

    bee blessed


  25. Oh my goodness you have the same birthday as Sheila? How cool is that and I am not surprised - you two are wonderful women!

    So happy birthday to you!


  26. Happy Birthday Spencer, I wish you a wonderful, wonderful day. 60 years young, you know the years are only an indication of how long you have been on this lovely planet, your true age is how you feel on the inside.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  27. The happiest birthday to you Spencer! Not 60 years old, 60 years young!

  28. Oh Spencie....Happy Birthday my friend. You are 8 1/2 years ahead of me but I know my time is coming! Blessings to you as you celebrate the life God has given you. May your light continue to shine as you make your way and place your mark on this sometimes dark world.

    You are a JOY to visit and I pray that especially today that you will feel His peace and love at it surrounds you. How blessed you are.


    Happy Pink Saturday to you my friend. I hope you know how much you are loved in Blogland and beyond.


  29. ♫♪♫ Happy Birthday dear Spencer ♫♪♫
    Hope your day was filled with love and happiness.
    Many hugs to you!

    Deanna :D

  30. Oh, sweet Spencer. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May your day be filled with joys, blessings & lots of goodies.

    You are just beginning to live the best days of your life ...

    No one ever thinks I am my age usually 15 to 20 years younger Thank You Heaven) because I don't act 'OLD', I am 'young' & enjoying every moment.

    Precious sweet wishes for you, my friend.
    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  31. Happy Happy Birthday Spencer! I hope it is fabulous! Your bedroom makeover was beautiful too, I very much enjoyed the photos!

  32. Happy Belated Birthday, Spencer. Hope it was everything you wanted and more!!

  33. I am so behind reading posts, so I have missed your Birhday. So here is wishing you some belated best wishes. We are only as young as we feel, I am convinced. So guess what- we're all still spring chickens!! Happy, happy birthday, my friend. hugs, Sue

  34. OH to be 60...I would so LOVE to be turning 60 again. Spencer...hang on tight, Love, it's a downhill slide from here on in. :)
    Did I scare you? I'm teasing!! It only gets better..of course there's the "hair going gray" thingy...and things starting to grow on your lovely body...and your waistline getting even thicker..and having the scales tell you that you weigh more than you did when you were 9 months pregnant...but...hey..other than've got the world by the tail!
    Love and hugs... :) NO...really..LOVE AND HUGS!!
    You are going to need all you can get. LOL OH..LOL!! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
    Your silly bloggy friend,

  35. Good morning my precious friend! Thank you Spencer, your visits mean so much to many pals from 19 months ago no longer come, and I guess that is to be understood, but it sure is nice to see a friend from when I first starting blogging still come with sweet words of love. You are the best.....GOD BLESS YOU TODAY AND FOREVER! Anita

  36. Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful celebration. Now that we've reached this milestone, it does seem that sixty is still pretty young.

    I turned 60 in April and also find it hard to believe. I've already lived eleven years longer than my Dad and will be the age my Mom passed away in eight years.

  37. Hello! I have enjoyed browsing your beautiful blog!! Your mother was so right, we don't feel as old as we are, always the same inside!

    I hope you are enjoying your new decade! I turned 70 in May and I don't "feel 70!"

    Thanks for your sweet comment!



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