Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Pink Saturday Dear Chickies!

Oh my this not the MOST delish pink??? It made me laugh...somebody has some seriously great sewing talent and a thing for pink! Well, and pom-poms! I wish I could have gotten a better scan, but the 'ol HP was being temperamental. I swear, I'd giggle every morning, when I walked into the kitchen, if this was mine. :-)

This was my Mother's Day card from my girl.

Inside it said:

When it comes to being a Mom,
you've got it covered!
Thanks for making it so cozy.

Happy Mother's Day.

Do you think she knows I love pink?

A birthday card from a friend.....she KNOWS what I love. :-)

Why can't I find one of these for my very own self???

Could they be any prettier?? I so wish they were mine. I bought a pink rose bush on a really hot day, when I really wasn't in the mood. It's just not my favorite. I'm going to have to spend some serious time looking for a better variety. We had four HUGE ones at our old house.... Must have been there forever.....and they were DELISH! I miss them so much.

How I wish this was my main ride! A nice basket on the front and I'd be good to go! It would make me happy just to see it in the garage.......which is exactly where it would stay if it were mine. I broke my leg walking.... I think a bike is out of the question. And, to think I used to be able to stand up on the seat when I was a kid. (That and rolling a burn barrel all over the yard for hours). Gosh that was fun.....and sooooooooooo long ago I'm surprised I can still remember it. YIKES!

You'll want to see loads of other happy pinks so go to:

and visit that sweet little Beverly over there......she features some special girlies every won't want to miss them.

Have a wonderful weekend little sweeties.

I'll be up to my eyeballs in the garage sale.....well, I'm sure hoping to be. I'll let you know how it went. The weather is supposed to cool down a little bit tomorrow. It was soooo hot and miserable for the past few days.



PS..... I am one crazy girlie... Oh my gosh I think I was up way too late last night. I thought it was Friday night and I'd better hurry and get my Saturday post up... When I got to bed the Hubbs told me it was THURSDAY. So everything is all out of whack!!!

But, hey! I'm EARLY and that almost NEVER happens. :-)



  1. Hi Spencer,
    That kitchen is really something, it would make me smile too. Love all your pinks.
    Isn't it amazing the things we used to be able to do when we were kids.


  2. Good morning pink one! I am a day early, but here I am relishing every moment of your delightful post!!! I LOVE THAT PIC WITH THE PICKET FENCE AND PINK BIKE!!! Now there are things in life that DO show an innocence and beauty that holds so much meaning....thank you for always brightening up our days! I hope you are feeling well dear Spencer. Have a calm and lovely weekend, Anita

  3. Pink... Pink & more Pink!! A bit Pinked-out!!

  4. Hi Spencer :) Oh I would love to have that pink kitchen!! Don't think hubby would though, lol :) Lovely & sweet pinks for us; I really like the bike!! I use to ride a bike A LOT when I was younger. We lived on a dead-end gravel road, so no traffic....we'd ride up and down to the stop sign and back over and way could I do that now! Ah, to be young like that again :)

    Best of luck with your Garage sale! I'm having one next week :)

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Warmest, Brenda

  5. I loooooove that pink kitchen, honey!!!!! Ooooh, how heavenly that would be to live in that room. Darling.

  6. Those are the best pinks!!! Love it!!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. Oh my! Those pom poms would get so dirty in my kitchen! Sure is a cute kitchen, though! ♥

  8. That kitchen was awesome, bright with the sunshine, but awesome. I like the dog with pink glasses too. Rose colored glasses.

    Good luck with your garage sale.

    Hope you can stay cool.


  9. Hi Spencer-I just was scanning along through Blogland and found you. I love your PINK post and then I scrolled down a bit and say your turning 60 post. I turned 60 not so long ago, too. I can't believe I am 60!!! I can't believe I still feel like a girl inside, can you?

    I think you are a warm and wonderful person and I love your blog. I am your newest follower. Diana (yeah-you're stuck with me now) ;>)

  10. It is ok you are early! I lvoe your pinks! I too would love that kitchen!
    And I drool every time I see a pink bike sigh...
    HUgs, Lisa

  11. Hi Spencer
    That pink kitchen is really something.. like stepping back into the 50's!!! Love those roses too.. such fabulous variations in colour.. and the pink bike! too sweet..

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  12. Happy Pink Saturday Spencer Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share you have today. I love this little pink kitchen. It is just gorgeous. Aren't those little pom poms just the sweetest bit of happiness? I love them. I just wouldn't have the patience to put them all on everything.

    Love that little cutie on the gifts of love. Aren't those glasses just stinkin darn cute?

    Love the roses ofcourse. I could smell them as soon as I popped in for my visit today. I knew Spencer had wonderful flowers to share today.

    That bike, oh my you know I remember too standing on our bike seats, pedaling really fast and riding with our legs out to the side, and if memory serves me we even tried riding backwards a few times. I go pumped in a basket or two. What a big mistake that was. I always ended up being dumped out.

    I too remember rolling in the lawn in those big old barrels. Did you get on top of yours and see how far you could balance and walk? Was that ever fun or what?

    Thanks for the memories Spencer sweetie. I have so enjoyed my visist today.

    Many hugs and much love sweetie...Sherry

  13. Love the dog with the sunglasses how fun. I've got the pink toaster and the pink bike-pink is so fun-Happy PS!

  14. Beautiful pink treasures Thank you for sharing..Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Love that pink bike! Wish it were my ride too!


  16. Love all your pinks. The kitchen cracked me up with giggles. Can I have that toaster?

    Sorry for the late PS visit; yesterday just got away from me! Happy belated Pink Saturday!
    Maggie @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  17. Hi Cupcake! Love you and all of your pinkness!! I want that pink bike, too!! Too cute! I am so glad I'm not the only one who messes up days!! At least you got it straightened out before the yard sale!! HA!!

    Hope your week is full of loveliness, Spence!!
    Big Hugs,

  18. What a perfect card! If it was mine, I would frame it and hang it in my kitchen. :)

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  19. Beautiful pink stuff, Lady! I am a burnt orange kind of a gal but I love pink too. I especially love pink flowers and sunsets. And Kitchenaid mixers! Love you, Spencie!

    Blessings, Bonnie

  20. Hello Spencer~I'm so in love with *PINK!*
    I just had to enlarge that photo of the kitchen. I wanted to see all those charming pinky details.
    I found a pink cruiser bicycle while shopping that I want desperately! Our weather doesn't permit much bike riding here in the PNW, but it was so adorable. I pictured myself riding away, foraging for wild flowers or berries to set in my wicker basket.
    I hope you can stroll by for a visit and take a peek at my roses.

    Sweet wishes,

  21. How did I miss your EARLY PINK SATURDAY POST? Tee Hee! I did miss it...booo hooo! It is so sweet!

    Thank you for making me smile with those Pom Poms. You are right. Someone out there LOVES PINK even more than me!


  22. Lovely pinks!! Love that bicycle!!



  23. Spencer,
    You have a sweet blog! I will continue to visit and will become a follower. Let me introduce myself at

  24. So much lovely pink!! I want it all too!! so fun!

  25. Hi Spencer...I am back from jersey if you are still in need of learning links...oh you know you are!!.....LOL
    Loved the post brought back memories...I had a pink bike when I was was called the "Pink Lady"....and the first picture of the kitchen with everything made with pink fabric and ball fringe...My high school senior project in Home Ec class I made pink and white checked curtains with none other then ball fringe trim....Oh now that I think back they were horrible...not the sewing part the idea of big checks in pink and pink balls! I will be gone this weekend with blog brunches and house hunting but call me monday if you still need help....Sue

  26. Oh Spencer, what wonderful pinks. Did I miss your birthday ... oh, beans. Well, then ...

    Happy Birthday To You! Happy BIRTHday TO YOU!
    & may God bless you.

    I want that bike & love that picket fence ... BUT ... I would give anything for that pink kitchen.

    Have a wonderful PS summer weekend!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  27. Such lovely pinkness!

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Good morning precious! Thank you for coming to enjoy a Creamsicle with me! Take care of yourself love-bug....too much moving around in this good! So good to see you always......Bisous, Anita


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