Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh My.... I Won't Be Serving This Anytime Soon!

Happy Thursday Girlies!

My daughter and I are having a garage sale this weekend...... Hmmmmm.....aren't they a big 'ol bother??? But I do love counting the $$$$$$$$$ after the sale! :-) So, we always manage to muddle through. We have one every year about this time. The plan is always for June but we've never made it yet. We're two slow chickies.

We were out in her garage this afternoon, going through piles of junk,....oh yes........WONDERFUL items....... :-) And, the girl found these great vintage recipe cards.... We couldn't believe this one... Seriously? They really ate this stuff? Now, I have to confess, the things I make must actually TASTE like this sounds.... My pot for the church social will be the ONLY one with stuff left in it when it's time to go home.......Well, all except for that cake the night I met the Hubbs at a church singles dinner. :-) I think it was the cake that captured his heart......

Whipped cream, lemon Jello and OLIVES???? Hard cooked eggs??? BLECH!!!

And, check out the dressing???

I don't think I'd have caught him with this, do you???

I loved the title of this one.... White Moon Cake with Moon glow frosting..... It just sounds happy, doesn't it??

The cake I made??? Better Than Sex Cake... Ahhhh..... come on....I thought it was kind of funny.... And, the PERFECT thing for a CHURCH social, right?? Maybe Moon Cake with Moon Glow frosting would have done it too. Actually I have NEVER made that cake again.... (or before).

Sunset Salad.... Must have been popular back in the day... It was in the paper..... And, Jello must have been big back then too, it seems like the staple in all salads.

Ruth Collin's Strawberry Mold had it too... Do you remember strawberries in the box? The one with the little metal ends??? I had totally forgotten about them until now. How long has it been since they made them that way? They were always the dickens to open.

Well, I'll be pricing and setting up for the next couple of days dear I'll be scarce around I haven't been?

I've had my little grandson for most of the summer so that has taken a LOT of my time. He usually stays from Sunday night until Friday night or Saturday. Gosh I LOVE being a grandma. There is just nothing better. Seeing his little face first thing every morning makes my heart sing. He is a treasure. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to him about my little dog and the heat... Little Ruby is 1/2 Frenchie, 1/4 Boston and 1/4 English Bulldog so she has that little short face.... I was telling him that she can't tolerate the heat very well.........He looked at me like I had TWO heads and told me "Oh, I know.....she's bracycephalic............All ten year old kids know that, right? Good grief.... He has Asperger's Syndrome, but the kid's a genius.

I MISS you!

And, I'll be back to the regular blogging soon!




  1. OH!!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING BACK THEN WITH THIS SORT OF RECIPE! The things you can find rummaging around!!! Oh sweet one, we have truly missed your posts! But I wish you great success on this yard sale; we had a huge one about 3 weeks ago and we sold everything we wanted to see except one large desk. We are making room for our remodeling project!!! Please have a wonderful weekend and see you soon! Anita

  2. Hi Spencer - that first recipe cracks me up! Oh my gosh, back to the days of jello, jello, jello. Never was a huge fan, even in my youth!


  3. That first recipe is too funny! I can't imagine serving that at any table :-)
    Good luck at your garage sale!

  4. Vintage recipes cards - interesting. Hope you do great at your sale. Make lots of money and get rid of stuff.

    Your grandson sounds wonderful - when does school start - mine starts tomorrow.


  5. Moon Glow Frosting ~ what a delightful name!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. This is just great. The one with the ketchup made me laugh out loud.

    Your grandson is a genius! You should read my blog today to see what a genius my little grandson is too. They are too cute, aren't they?

    Hope you sell all your loot at the garage sale!

  7. Garage sale? Those magical words...hope you sell a bunch! -amy

  8. Love that wagon full of florals, sweet friend!

    Oh, yuck! I'd loose it on that concoction ... I am pretty persnickety about food. Altho, I do love looking at the handwriting of the ladies on the cards.

    Smart young man you have there ... I'd be a face of question marks on that one ... cute!

    Not looking good for this business trip to unfold as had hoped ... will keep you posted if it changes.

    Have a beautiful summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. I must be vintage because I've actually had the better than sex cake, lol. My sister in law made one several years ago and it really was very good.

    ITA that grandkids are the best. I truly believe that when our kids have challenges, God gives them special gifts as well. My daughter that has Dyslexia is also brilliant - testing just below genius and she amazes me all the time.

  10. Dearest Spencer...a visit from you is always so sweet! Thank you for coming to peek into my linen closet; oh you too, your mum's linen closet was as sweet-smelling as my momma's? Cedar-lined and chock full of lovely embroidered doilies, her closet was always a treasure for me to discover, no matter what age I was, or how many times I saw all its contents. Oh sweet memories...THANK YOU GOD!

    God bless you sweet one, Anita

  11. Hope you sell out at your garage sale...I usually have one each year also...and I like to have mine in Sept...too hot in the summer around here.
    Deb :)

  12. Oh a garage sale!!!! Can I come???? it sounds like fun to me. My neighbor and I just had one two weeks ago. We had a blast.(except for the getting the junk out and taged part) I just love meeting the people who stop, don't you?
    I really laughed when I read that recipe. I can't even imagine it. I may have to try it just for the fun of it.hehe
    I was thrilled to hear that you were able to get a Pink Diamond hydrangea. It takes a couple of years to establish, but then it can really put on a show. The Limelights are much quicker to get settled, and man I love those things.
    You are such a dear grandma, you know that???
    hugs to you from here

  13. Oh my, what was the attraction to Jello back in the 50's? I like to read old cookbooks and get a kick out of the ingredient combinations. Happy to hear you have enjoyed time with your grandson all summer. Time goes by so quickly, and I'm sure it's endearing for you to know that your relationship is so close. Didn't you have a sale last fall? Or have I lost so much time this year that I don't know when anything happened? It has been one crazy ride since Mr. S went into the hospital in Jan. He is doing much better these days. Heck, he said he felt he could go out for a run the other day. We told him he was nuts, of course... Have a great sale! hugs, Sue

  14. Hehehe, you do make me laugh, Better than sex cake in a church hehe.

  15. Love those recipes! I wonder if they would make the bestseller's list! Good luck with your sale this weekend, wish I could shop it!


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