Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another New Year Begins

Hi Little Sweeties and Happy Wednesday!

Ahhhhh..... What a precious little face that is. He's why I've been AWOL for the better part of the summer. I spend all of the time with him that I can. I don't want to miss a minute. He's the MOST interesting child and I just love him to bits.

He started FOURTH grade last week. How can that be? Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it? It seems as though he just started kindergarten.

I always go for his first day..........then back again to see him after school. I want to hear all about his day.....and he ALWAYS has a LOT to say.

As I've said before this little darlin' has Asperger's Syndrome. Right now his favorite topic is CHICKENS and believe me......there isn't much he doesn't know. He STUDIES everything he can get his hands on. I think my daughter will give in and buy them for him in the spring.

He already has two birds, fish, two guinea pigs and a dog.

He would be perfectly happy living in a zoo. :-)

My darling daughter ran into his teacher at the Farmer's Market this past weekend. Mr. Teacher couldn't believe how smart this boy is. Yep, we know that.


I hope your little darlin's are enjoying the new year too.

Sending big huggies to each of you.


AKA Hemma.... (Grandma)

PS..... Have I told you lately that I LOVE you guys?


  1. They do grow so fast, don't they, sugar? He's a charmer for sure though.

  2. Real handsome boy! Have a great school year Spencer.

  3. What a sweet, handsome little boy! Children are so precious! They just grow up way too fast!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  4. Yes you have told me that you loved me ahhhhhh I'm so happy for your boy Hemma. I like that name, it suits you.
    He sounds like my kind of boy with lovin' all those fur babies. He would fit right in here. Knowledge is what this house is all about. Randy would LOVE to have a conversation with "a smart little fellow".
    Happy fall dear Spencer.
    I just heard from Mrs. Magpie. Fred is out of surgery and doing well.
    I would have loved you as my Hemma too : )
    Love You
    Love Me

  5. He's a sweetie, Spencer! I bet you never get bored because he is interested in so many things!


  6. Hello Spencer! (I love your name, by the way!)
    Thanks for stopping in to view my $5 chandelier was so fun to work on! I love taking the old and making it new (and beautiful) again!
    Your grandson is oh so sweet...I have a little boy in the 4th grade as well. My middle son's best friend has aspbergers syndrome...he's the sweetest child!
    I hope you have a wonderful week...
    Big HUGS!

  7. He IS a handsome boy!! I can see why you would want to be there for the first day of school. Children are so filled with excitement that they want to share. We need to be there for them!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week, Spencer! :-)


  8. That is just so sweet! What a cutie.

    My grand, sweet Hannah, started pre-school and she's only almost 3. She was needing the socialization. After her first day she told me she "got a sticker and it matched her dress." I can't believe tha, not even three yet, she is such a fashionista :)

  9. We love you too Spencer! Your little guy is a sweetiepie. I bet he could teach us all a thing or two. Glad he learning about chickens and loves animals.


  10. I'm glad you get to spend so much time with your grandson! I'm sure enjoys the extra attention each year on the first day. That's a nice tradition. I bet you've learned more than you thought you would ever know about chickens too!

  11. Hi Spencer, What a handsome young man. Wonderful that he enjoys animals and I know you love every minute you spend with him. I hope 4th grade goes very well. You'll have to keep us posted on the arrival of chickens!

  12. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Life at Lydia's House. I've been looking around and you have a delightful blog! I will definitely be stopping by again. I love that you are a hands-on grandmother. Enjoy every moment with your boy because he'll be grown in no time at all.

  13. Oh, this is an exciting time for us all in education....he looks wonderful!!! LOVE YOU SPENCER! I AM OFF TO MY CLASSROOM! Anita

  14. Spencer, this is just great. How wonderful you got to spend so much time with your grandboy this summer. I think one of my biggest surprises in this time of life is just how very much we grandams can and do love them.

    Our grandsons whose Dad is a Naval officer have moved a lot in their lives. At one time they lived in Mississippi and they had some chickens. Those little boys were in 7th heaven. Now they just moved to Rhode Island and we are going to get to see them on the 27th of this month for 3 weeks when we go to their house and explore New England with them. They are home schooled and really bright so they have been doing a lot of work ahead so they can travel with us and our daughter Laura. Robert our SIL has to be in classes. Oh and the oldest one is our little Spencie and he's 11. Rossie is 8. Pure joy!

    Love you! Bonnie
    Still listen to "our music" all the time!

  15. What a doll he is! They grow up so fast you are so wise to enjoy every single second you can with him!! He is lucky to have such a wonderful Hemma!

    Lou Cinda :)

  16. Spencer, I'm so glad you had the time to spend with your sweet grandson this summer. Memories were made, I'm sure for both of you! Hope you're doing well. I'm looking forward to fall- the crisp weather.... aaahh... what a relief after such a hot, humid, summer.
    hugs, Sue

  17. Good luck and best wishes to your GS. Mine started 4th too - and it is a BIG year. He's a cutie - and I know he is loved by his grandma.

    Sandie w/♥


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