Thursday, September 9, 2010

My First White Wednesday

I'm so excited to finally be able to do a White Wednesday post....

I LOVE the look of different textures and shades of cream and white. However, I just can't seem to live without lots of color and always add some back. Why, I wonder? It's so soft and tranquil, I think... Maybe I'm not? :-)

At any rate, I DO have this shelf that I MADE MYSELF!!!!!!! And, I'm pretty darn proud.

The Darling Hubbs is from Hawaii.... He grew up on the beach, surfing every day and never learned to do any of those handy dandy things. He did hold the boards for me though.....bless his little heart.

I built shelves over my desk in the den too... (Pix coming soon).... As I've said a million times before, I am TIGHTWAD TILLY and usually re-use/re-make what I have. I had a beloved little desk that I wanted to use to put the new TV on which left a big spot over the top that just looked NEKKID....It would have worked better to actually buy some sort of cabinet for the darn TV..... Remember Tightwad Tilly? Ain't happenin'....

Solution... Build a nice little shelf for that spot.........Mmmmmmmmmm.......AND can add lots of STUFF to that, right? Spencer LOVES stuff. :-)

I still need to give the underside another coat of paint, then it's ready to hang.

I'll post pix then.

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Huggies to all!



  1. Very pretty---my hubby doesn't really like doing stuff around the house. BUT occasionally he will surprise me. He works too much and is too tired when he comes home.

    I have no abilities in the building area either!! AH WELL!!!

  2. Well darn Spenc, now I have to come back and see it over your desk with all your pretty things on it.
    Happy WW
    Love You
    Love Me

  3. I'd say you're pretty talented to be able to make something like that!

  4. You are so talented taking on different projects, Spencer! Good for you! I try to know my limits, as any shelf I would try to build would be crooked, have nails or screws splitting the wood/coming out and other too numerous to mention issues. This shelf looks great and I can't wait to see it in place.

  5. Spencer you clever and crafty girl you!!! This is wonderful. I have to ask...did you wear your safety goggles???? I cannot wait to see the shelves hanging.
    Your previous post of your darling grandson made me smile. I hope that he has a good year. And isn't it great that you were able to have a lot of the Summer with his company. Grandchildren are certainly a blast!
    hugs to you...

  6. Wow, your shelf is fantastic. I love the molding and detail you've done. Great job. Can't wait to see it on the wall. Hugs, Marty

  7. Wow Spencer I am impressed! And a woman who can use power tools...kindered spirits!

  8. Good for you! That is awesome! And there is nothing wrong with being a tight wad!! My mother was too and I admired her ability to live on so little and then be able to retire so early! :)

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  9. hello precious! LOOK AT YOU, Miss Carpenter now!!!! What can you NOT do dearest? It pays to be a TIGHTWAD TILLY, doesn't it? You learn to MAKE daddy was a tightwad, but wow, could he make anything from nothing. That is the truth!!!!!

    EXCELLENT...hey, how are you without the man of the house? :) Anita

  10. Oh I love it Spencer! All that yummy moulding! Can't wait to see it up on the wall!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  11. It'll be good to see you at 2nd Saturdayz! Yay!
    deb @ Garden Party

  12. Love your Tightwad Tilly! I am the same and love love others who are like minded!!

    Looking forward to seeing your shelf up!

    bee blessed

  13. What a great looking shelf. You did a fab job of making it yourself. I look forward to seeing where you hang it. :)
    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave such a sweet comment... I sure do appreciate it! To answer your question about my island... yes, I love the top. It's very functional and super easy to keep clean. Maybe we'll be seeing about how you put a metal top on your kitchen island soon, huh? :)
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo


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