Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hey Chickies...

Well, it was not a good day for this 60 year old girlie.

If you've been to my bloggie for awhile, or have read my story, you know I took a spill and broke my femur about 6 1/2 years ago. Part of my bone didn't heal properly and it's pretty darn fragile.... and the doctor told me many times.... DO NOT FALL....

Yep, you guessed it. I was at my little grandson's school for his open house and pizza night.


Face first.

Dang that hurt.

Thankfully, nothing broke, but when you're SIXTY it's a whole different thing than falling when you're a SPRING chicken.

This time I had the good sense to put my hands out, but man that does some terrible things to your shoulders........hips.........back..........and my hands.....ouch. I'm feeling like I've been beat up.

My sweet little fella went into a panic...he was on the ground next to me in a flash....He kept telling me it was like a nightmare.

On a happier note... I did get to meet my little grandson's teacher. He is VERY nice and my little fella really likes him, so that's just awesome.

And, I've shared before that this little fella has Asperger's Syndrome and that we moved him to this new school at the tail end of last year. He had no friends at the last school and the faculty really didn't encourage him in any way..... or any of the other kids for that matter.'s a whole different story here. Lots and lots and lots of kids talked to him, said hi and wanted to play with him. He is such a different child.

Ahhhh.... This grandma couldn't be happier. I adore this boy.

Have a wonderful Friday.

I'll be on ice. :-)

Huggies and Lovies...



  1. Dear Spencer - oh my goodness, thankfully you're okay! Taking a spill is scary stuff. Your grandson was right there ready to rescue you.

    Sounds like his school is just right for him.


  2. Bless your little heart, I'm so sorry for the fall - great news about your grandson.

  3. aww bless your heart.. I'm so sorry you took a spill but happy nothing is broken..
    Please just rest and take care of yourself. We'll all be right here when you feel better and are back to all your creative projects..


  4. Spencer,
    It sounds like you took a bad tumble. I’m sorry you’re hurting and wish you a quick return to health. I used to live in the Portland area and love the Pacific Northwest. Every December I looked forward to Dungeness crab season.
    My sister adopted a sweet girl from China as an infant. She did well until 4th grade. She had some issues but they flared up during her early teen years. She was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and has been getting treatment and everything turned around for her. My sister switched schools and she is taking prescription meds and is in therapy. It has been a remarkable turn around and she is thriving now. There is definitely hope for your grandson and he will be in my prayers.
    Thank you for leaving your kind words about my daughter Heather. I'm thankful beyond words to her donor.

  5. Oh dear did take a tumble!! so glad nothing broke but I know it can hurt just as much as if it did. And so happy your grandson is making friends now so he can feel more like he should. Take care of yourself,

  6. Dear Spencer

    Oh I could almost feel it when you said you hit the ground.. Yes, when we are over 60 it is most definitely not the same when we hit the ground at 20... I am so glad you did not break anything, but I am sure you hurt none the less.. I will say a prayer for you to heal soon.
    My love goes out to your dear little grandson. Happy to hear he is making some friends.
    Take care,

  7. Dear Spencer I am so sorry you fell! I am Sixty also and believe me I know what you mean about not bouncing back like years ago. I have weak ankles and will just 'fall' and it's scary. I try to hold onto something when going up or down stairs and also on rough ground. Stay on that ice and get better soon. So happy your Grand is in a good school and now has friends! Hugs, Linda

  8. Oh, I am sorry you took a spill. Take it easy and will pray for a speedy recovery from all the aches and bruises. Glad to hear your sweet little guy is doing so well at school.
    Take care,

  9. I am so glad you are ok from the spill you took! I am sure that was a scary moment knowing about your fragile bones.

    I am so very glad your grandson is finally in a place where he is loved and appreciated. There are still some great teachers out there!

  10. Spence I just love reading the devotion you have for this sweet grandson of yours. How I wish all children could have a grandma like you in their corner. The world would be a different place for sure. I am so sorry about your fall. I took two rather bad spills myself this Summer and they were both in a public place. I don't know which hurt pride or my body? It's no fun gettin' old. I don't have the balance I used to and at only 55, it makes me wonder what I'll be like at 70!LOL!
    hope you healed up fine.

  11. Oh dear one....I want to run to you right now to hold you! ARE YOU O.K,? Oh, that little man of yours...he is your hero dearest! He is gonna love you for the rest of HIS LIFE!! Do rest....I fell last year in the school hallway on a grape.....but surprisingly, I bounced back up and kept going! My husband said I am like a puppy that plays and gets hit and bit by other puppies...and then I just get up and keep playing. AH! Not for long though; as fit as I seem to be, these bones are getting older and we must be so careful. Was there something on the floor? Oh dear, do take care sweet Spencer! Anita

  12. Oh, you like my art work darlin'? THANK YOU! And let me tell you, I would love a dress with a tulle skirt and a plain and simple boat-neck bodice. I would wear it at any age, as long as my neck still looks good!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET A SEWING MACHINE!!! Anita

  13. OH NO! This is horrible! I hope you are feeling better fast!!!! Our newest Sorority Sister can't be down for long!!!
    Keep the ice - take the Motrin . . . and keep us posted.
    Have a good weekend otherwise!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  14. Oh no...stay still and use lots of ice...sending you extra hugs today.

    I love your little so cute.


  15. Oh Spencer, I am sooo sorry to hear about your fall. Over the past three years, I have experienced 3 BAD falls, and yes, they jar your whole body. I think the one 1 1/2 years ago is responsible for those thingies they found in my brain! Yep officially brain damaged!! HA!!

    I am praising God that you are ok but will be praying that you are back to 100% soon. I sure know what it feels like. Awful.

    It is delightful to hear how much better your little guy is! That made me cry. God is good.

    Love and hugs to you, sweetie!

  16. oh honey ...
    I hear ya ...
    I have a torn tendon in my ankle (from a fall)
    dr. says it can't be repaired ... boohoo
    it hurst most every day

  17. OMG, OMG, you had a broken femur? And how are you doing now? You didn't re-break it did you?
    I just mentioned in my blog today for the 1st time about breaking my femur 2 years ago. It's a horrible, horrible thing. Please get well soon!

  18. OK, I just went back to re-read and see that you didn't break it. Thank God! And, by the way, what's wrong with 60? Which I will be next month altho I'm gonna milk the "I'm in my 50's" for as long as I can!

  19. I'm glad it's just soreness and bruising and no breaks, you REALLY would have given your grandson nightmares! I am happy to hear he is still loving school, that makes such a big difference in a child's life. Take care of yourself and be CAREFUL girl!

  20. Ouch! I do hope you're feeling better today dear Spencer. Falls are never fun :-( Please take care and take it easy. Have a wonderful new week.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  21. Oh no, sorry just now doing some blog reading catching up. Hope you are healing up ok. I have done that and is not fun, luckily never broken anything but sore, oh my. Take care of you Spencer!

  22. Hope you are feeling better and I am so glad that your grnadson is happy in school. sandie

  23. Spencer, I'm very glad that your grandson is having a better experience at this new school with a teacher he really likes. It can make ALL the difference in the world. Please take care of yourself and be careful!
    hugs, Sue


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