Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Is SO Powerful.... I Had To Share It With You...

Hi Darlin' Chickies!

I couldn't wait to share this with you... I received it in an email today.

You will LOVE it.


Some years ago, on a hot summer day in South Florida, a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind him house. In a hurry to dive into the cool water, the boy ran out the back door, leaving behind his shoes, socks and shirt as he went.

He flew to the water, not realizing that, as he swam toward the middle of the lake, an alligator was swimming toward the shore.

His father, working in the yard, saw the two as they got closer and closer together.

In utter fear, he ran toward the water, yelling to his son as loudly as he could.

Hearing his voice, the little boy became alarmed and made a u-turn to swim to his father. It was too late. Just as he reached his father, the alligator reached him.

From the dock, the father grabbed his little boy by his arms just as the alligator snatched his legs. That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two. The alligator was much stronger than the father, but the father was much too passionate to let go.

A farmer happened to drive by, heard his screams and raced for his truck... took aim and shot the alligator.

Remarkably, after weeks and weeks in the hospital the little boy survived. His legs were extremely scarred by the viscous attach of the animal.

And, on his arms, were deep scratches where his father's fingernails dug into his flesh in his effort to hang on to the son he loved.

The newspaper reporter who interviewed the boy after the trauma asked if he would show him his scars. The boy lifted his pant legs, and then, with obvious pride he said to the reporter, "But look at my arms. I have great scars on my arms too. I have them because my Dad wouldn't let go".

You and I can identify with that little boy. We have scars too. No, not from an alligator, but the scars of a painful past. Some of those scars are unsightly and have caused us deep regret. But some wounds, my friend, are because God has refused to let go. In the midst of your struggle, God's been there holding on to you.

I knew you'd love it too.

How blessed we are to know a loving God who wants to hold onto us...

Have a great day little sweeties.

I'm going to my little grandson's open house.... It's pizza night.

Huggies and Lovies.


*** Photo by John Wright, Flickr ***


  1. Thank you so much for this, it bought a tear to my eyes.
    Hugs Sandi x

  2. THIS WAS SO PERFECT and you presented it with the love of a woman who just adores her grandson...Spencer, you are more talented than you even think my dear....the ending,with going to your grandson's pizza night, really topped off this incredible account; you BROUGHT IT HOME.....

    MUCH LOVE TO YOU, and what a story about a Father who loves us so.....Anita

  3. how sweet Spencer! lucky are we, the ones who have such beautiful scars:)

  4. Oh Spencer, this must be my morning to read posts that make me cry! That is so true and I look back on my childhood, my life and know that it's only by God's grace that I am the woman I am.

  5. Thank you Spencer. That was powerful.


  6. Oh my goodness, Spencer, I have goosebumps on top of my goosebumps!! I have not heard that story before, but that was a beautiful word picture of our Father's love!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  7. Yep, you're right, a beautiful story, sugar.

  8. Your touching story will linger with me for a long, long time!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Oh Spencer...this made me cry it was so beautiful!

    And pizza night with your grandson....Perfection!

    thank you for sharing and enjoy Open House :) I know you will...

    Lou Cinda

  10. love it!!...tears.
    Spencer, it gets me most today because God has me loving on a friend from High school and his family. My friend has strayed far into the alligator territory and God is NOT letting go and using me to help him in the process.

    we matter...he loves us and you never know what you can do to influence the Kingdom of Heaven's future inhabitants.


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