Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy Pup And Random Thoughts....

Hi Sweeties!

My crazy Ruby.... She's is such a hoot... We call her Little Crooked Face...and the Hubbs says "she'll never win Best In Show"... :-)

She does appreciate being snuggly though... It looks like she's peeved, but really she's happy..... REALLY.

I'm working away on the sewing room... Hopefully I'll have it finished by the next "Where Bloggers Create" party?? I can't even remember who hosts this little shin-dig, but I'll sure find out if I ever complete this little space.....and I do mean LITTLE!

I'm trying to find jars and vintage tins to store some of those handy, dandy supplies in....so today I popped by the Goodwill. Well, two Goodwills.. Let me tell 'ya...it was RAINING here in the Northwest today... No REALLY raining..........the kind where you can't get your wipers to swipe quickly enough??? Yeah, well, I pulled into the Goodwill and there was not a single parking place to be had.... I did the loop around the lot and still no spot so I went on to do the rest of the errands.

Thankfully the second Goodwill... (on the way home) had plenty of parking.... I have a little Goodwill routine and by the time I got to the furniture.... There was a VERY MEAN lady who got there first and had in her hot little hands a really sweet little ottoman...........I silently tried to talk her out of it so I could snatch that baby up....but she tucked it under her arm and headed for the checkout. Now, seriously, this was probably a dear woman and is going to give that little lovely a great home.... I just realllly wanted it. And. needed. it.

I did find a couple of great things though... I shouldn't complain. But, next time I'm wearing my cleats... Just kidding. I think.

The Hubbs is taking me to dinner tomorrow night..... at Ikea... ;-)

I have a smidge of shopping to do.

They have a little drawer do-hickey that will fit perfectly under my sewing table. I NEED it.

Have a wonderful day sweet chickies...

Love you alllll Lots and LOTS...



  1. Good morning, precious one! Oh, Ruby is a diamond of a girl, she is! Darling as all get-out!!! Oh, I must keep my studio clean, and maybe go to this blogger party! I would really love to go this year!

    SEW AWAY DEAR ONE...I am thinking of you. Anita

  2. I think sweet pup is a cutie. He loves his little blankie.

    Our Goodwill here seems to be ransacked by everyone before I get there! We live in a tourist area and I think they are the ones that hit it first thing.

    Too bad you didn't get that ottoman. I'm glad you didn't wrestle her down to the floor and take it! LOL!


  3. Send some of that rain to Oklahoma!

  4. Oh, Ruby is just so sweet!! Hannah used to give us that "look" :)


  5. Ruby is adorable.. Good luck on getting the box for under your machine. I love shopping at goodwill. Its always a thrill when i find a new treasure...

  6. Love your doggie my friend... A real sweetie. Now...show your GW Finds! :)


  7. I love that little face! Rain, rain, rain. Us too in Oregon. Go figure?

  8. Your little Ruby is adorable! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to say hi. Did you happen to notice that we have the same tole painted tray in our header photos? How funny is that?
    ...and a much belated happy birthday, I hope you celebrated JOYfully!

  9. Ruby is a Doll Baby!! All snuggly! Please send some of your rain to us! We haven't had any in FOREVER it seems and it is going to be 97 degrees here today! NINETY SEVEN DEGREES!!!

    I grow so weary of HOTNESS!

    Can't wait to see your space all beautified!!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. Morning, Spencer! Good luck getting what you need today, sugar.

  11. How cute she is, Spencer! I'm sure there are many of us who "wouldn't win best in show"! : ) It's Karen at My Desert Cottage who does the Where Blogger's Create. I only know because I joined up my little table area in the garage to it this year!

  12. Ruby is a cutie! And the rain???? Our gravel road has craters where the water ran down! Guess I should put on my cleats and go to GW :>)

  13. Oh thank you for stopping by my little blog!! I am now a follower of yours! Your blog is lovely and I also think your little dog is adorable! come back and visit anytime!!!

  14. I know exactly what you mean about the Goodwill and loosing out on a good piece! I really hate when that happens and every person who takes what I want is awful!! ;) Glad you got some goodies! I cannot wait to see your sewing room!
    Hugs, Lisa

  15. How precious is little Ruby?? She's got such a great Mum!!

    Dinner at IKEA, huh? Sounds like something I'd have a lot of fun with!! Even though I have never been to one!! I know I'll love it when I finally go!!

    Can't wait to see your studio gal!! I know it will be awesome!!

    Love and hugs,

  16. G'eve Spencer ~ You are a hoot! You actually let her get out of the GW with it? You are so cute ... Pooch is darling, all snuggly.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  17. Hi Spencer,
    I had to come check out your 'covered Ruby'...pretty stinkin' cute! Officially summer isn't even over until the 23rd, so it certainly doesn't have my permission to be raining this much. Thankfully the sun is back out and it appears to be staying around for a bit! Lisa ;-)

  18. You are too funny! Too bad about that ottoman, better luck next time! I hope we get to see the results before next year, I don;t want to wait that long to see where you create because I know it will be fabulous!

  19. I've had the same thing happen @ Goodwill... GRRRR! Maybe something else will come up that's even better... my prayer for you! Can hardly wait to see your little corner of the world!! The size doesn't matter... it's the organization, thought & love you put in the space.

    have a happy day Spencer! hugs, SHerry

  20. Hi Spencer and a pat for sweet Ruby. :) Can't wait to see your work space. I have a feeling it's going to make us all jealous. xoxo

  21. Thank You for stopping by my Blog today with your sweet comments! I appreciate it very much and will now be following your blog!

    <3 Bree


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