Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yippeee! I'm Going To My First Cloche Party!

Oh my gooooodness..... I'm soooo excited to be included in this party.... And, thank YOU so much for coming...

I've wanted to do one of these yummy little shin-digs so many times, but I've been in the midst of the house re-do for was seems like forever now and didn't have anything to show you.

Ahhhhh...... BUT progress is being made here at the little cottage so I finally have something to share.

Have you been over to visit that sweet little Marty at a Stroll Through Life? You probably have... EVERYBODY knows Marty. She's a doll.

Click HERE to attend the party. Isn't show and tell so much fun???

Oh YES, I am a chickie who LOVES LOTS.... I mean lots of things and an abundance of those things. No one will EVER call me a minimalist. Nope, ain't gonna happen.

Oh how I love these jars...not only the contents, but look at all of that stuff that I NEVER have to dust!

They're on my kitchen counter right there in front of my faux tile. I've told ya'all (oh my gosh I so LOVE that expression) that our little cottage is one of those handy dandy you pick 'em and we'll put it all together type of homes. You know.... You go to the showroom and pick your options? Well, they DID NOT have anything I liked for countertops so we opted for the standard white formica... and plan to do some changin' here at some point.

Left jar.... Airletters from my great aunt and uncle in England. We LOVED getting many years ago.....eggs covered with sheet music and a couple of pieces of china.

Middle jar.......nest, posie and vintage postcard

Right jar......Oh yes....that would be my very favorite....a gazillion years worth of collecting little cups and butter pats. That jar makes me happy every time I look at it.

I changed out all of the handles on these little Target jars and painted the lids.

Vintage tole of MANY.... remember I said I like LOTS of STUFF.

One of my very dearest friends bought this adorable little display do-hickey.... I LOVE it....

I'm so sorry the glare is soooo bad, but it has tea cups and vintage ephemera inside. :-)

I bought this old birdcage at the Goodwill for FIVE dollars... Believe me you'd have cracked up seeing an old gal doing the Happy Dance in the aisle..... Guarding my find with my life....

Inside... Vintage bibles, a little motto from my daughter and a little bird.....

****All of these pictures can be clicked on for a bigger shot****

HOW CUTE IS THIS?? It deserves to be under a bell jar, don'tcha think? My precious little grandson made this cup for me.... It is SO me... Pink and on a little base. Just how I'd have made one for myself. I was soooo tickled. :-) I just love it. He's the most thoughtful little fella and I'm crazy about him.

And, the bell jar is, of course, one of those things from the '90's that used to go the other way and hold a candle. I glued a button and a glass egg to the top. Tightwad Tilly strikes again! EASY PEASY....

I can't wait to zip on over and see all of the other ideas for decorating with cloches.

Haven't you gotten some of the bestestest ideas from blogging? I can't tell you how many times I've said.... "why didn't I think of that"??

Have a great time at the party sweeties!

God bless you allll abundantly.

He is so good.

Lovin' you.



  1. Hi,
    It's my first Cloche Party too, how much fun is this??
    I think your bell jar idea is brilliant,and the sweet little cup is adorable.

  2. Good morning precious have worked so hard to make your cottage your special home...we are under the process ourselves and so love the results. These cloches or jars are such a wonder; I have several, but one in particular that is a sort of apothacary jar. I filled it with aqua blue eggs, then attached a vintage tag on the top knob with a aqua blue ribbon. It sits in my all white studio. There is so much you can do with these!

    Looking forward to more pictures my sweet! Blessings, Anita

  3. I am so happy you have joined in with Marty's cloche party! If it wasn't for sweet Marty I wouldn't even know what a cloche is!

    I love that bird cage-I would have done the same happy dance too, I'm sure!

    Best wishes,

  4. Your displays are very pretty, love the cup your grandson made for you-too cute!

  5. Hi Spencer!

    Love all your beauties! I have my mom's old birdcage and you've given me an idea of what I should do with it. THanks!! Have a grand weekend...


  6. I enjoy every visit I make to your blog and this post is so full of beauty and fall inspiration that I dont want to leave.. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful ideas and detailed tutorials you are willing to share..
    I have 9 bidcages and have had no clue what to do with them, now I have some idea- so thank you again for all this visual beauty and your sharing soul..


  7. So glad you joined us at Marty's party! My favorite is the cup your grandson made. Now that's a cloche display worthy of kings.

  8. Oh so many wonderful little treasures packed into your jars. My favorite is the one chock full of little tea cups (or perhaps espresso cups?) and butter pats. It would make me smile too! Actually, it just did.

    I'd love to have you come join in Seasonal Sundays. It's a weekly meme that I host and it's all about what the season means to YOU! Hope to see you then.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Your cloches are so adorable, Spenxe. I like that you uses unusual stuff to stuff them with and your jars and birdcage and terrarium are kinda unusual and so pretty too....Christine

  10. Hi Cupcake! Love all of your fantastic goodies! And love how you make things soooo lovely and watch the pennies, too! My kinda gal!!
    LOVE that little goody your friend gave you! Precious! And that $5 bird cage...ohhhh my! And the bestest...the little love offering from your grandy! Melt my heart! Love every bit of it!

    Thanks for sharing, sweetie! I get to work on your lovelies tonight!! They will be in the mail no later than Saturday morning. Oh Yeah, need your addy again!!

    Love and hugs,

  11. Hi Spencer!

    Oh my how pretty it looks to have all your teacups and butter pats in the jar on your kitchen counter! I love what you have done with each piece and the birdcage! Your home looks very warm, girly, and romantic!

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  12. How pretty...learning something, never heard of a cloche before...or didn't know what it was!
    Oh, love your slipocovers...been trying to get to mine, will be peeking in on how you did it!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Hi Spenser! Oh, honey! Look at those jars! I love to see what you've put into them and my favorite is the last one with the little cups and butter pats! That was so clever. Everything you've done looks so nice!
    Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. I'm so glad that you stopped by my post for a visit. I LOVE your cloche party post! My Haviland group created a centerpiece for a table display event that was basically a tower of different clear glass containers stuffed with a multitude of different pieces of Haviland. It was outstanding. I also love the little details that make your vignettes so very special...the eggs covered with sheet music (I'll be co-opting that idea)...the change in knobs on the jars...and the glass egg and button on your repurposed cloche. Our sweet Lord and you are all in the details. So well done! Come back and visit any time, please. Cherry Kay

  15. Oh how pretty! I love all of your jars and cloches! I adore the jar filled with the little cups and dishes...just beautiful!


  16. Hi sweet lady...

    Ohhh...I'm sooo glad that you came to the party, Darlin'! I wouldn't have wanted to miss all of your pretties! Girl, I love your jars and ohhh...all those sweet things that you put in them! What an awesome way to display your little cups and butter pats...that's just the prettiest thing I've ever seen!!! Okay...I'm going to commit that idea to memory! wink! Love all of your pretties, Spencer! But I must tell ya...that little pink cup is the sweetest treasure of all!!! Grandchildren are so precious!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my place, sweet lady! I always enjoy your visits and swee notes!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  17. Spencer, yours are my very favorite of all that I have seen so far. Just the very things I love. Holding such precious things. The jars with the letters and the one with the butter pats...what a unique idea! Of course I love the one with the cups, and you using that birdcage is something I would love to do. I did have a stack of cups in it, but after seeing this, I can think of a million things I would love to see in there. Not all at once however....LOL! I AN NOT a minimalist either. Nope, I just can't do it!
    Love to you, sweet friend...

  18. Hey Spencer,
    thanks for visiting me!!!!
    Cloches are so much FUN!! Love your displays. Birdcages are a MUST!
    Have a great weekend.
    deb :)

  19. Spencer, when I saw that jar filled with tiny teacups, my heart started racing! I love that! Your cloche ideas and displays are great, and what a wonderful little creation from your grandson. You may have a budding artist on your hands! laurie

  20. Well this is all so darling! Very cheery and sweet!

  21. How wonderful to have all your treasures out for all to see!


  22. I am always getting ideas in blogville. I didn't even know what a cloche was until I saw these on several blogs. Now I've got to have one!

  23. What wonderful displays in your cloches., Those little cups and saucers in the cannister is my favorite. So many sweet little pieces of china!!

    bee blessed

  24. hi spencer!

    thank you so much for all of your lovely comments. i'm playing a little blog-catch-up tonight.

    how fun to join in on the cloche party. i loove the top image of the one with the tea cups.

    happy weekend


  25. Oh I had fun at your party today, Spencer! I still need to find me a cloche Don't you just love when you find the "perfect" item at the thrift store. I have an old birdcage too. I love it. I have a candle inside of mine! Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. You have such beautiful things! I am totally in love with the jar full of the little cups. Sooo pretty! I love little mini cups like that. Sooo cute!

  27. Your first cloche party and you did wonderful!!
    You can be proud....and I love the little cup your grandson made. how cute is that. And terrific birdcage from GW

  28. Spencer, You got very creative with the jar filled with butter pats and little cups. And your grandson's gift to you is extremely special and heartwarming to see, so lovingly displayed. You did such a wonderful job with your designs. :-)
    hugs, Sue

  29. Hi!
    I love all your pretties. The birdcage was such a deal! I would have been doing the happy dance, too. Thanks for sharing your treasures. It's always fun seeing what others have in their homes that are special.


  30. Oh soooooo pretty, Spencer! My heart would stop if I ever ran into a birdcage that beautiful!

    Enjoy the party!!!


  31. Hi Spencer, I am so happy you joined the party. I never tire of seeing all the beauty you have to share with us. Thank you so much for inviting us into your world, Char

  32. SPENCER! Oh, thank you for visiting my faith post; it was a miracle moment, and especially in THAT MOMENT OF PANIC. My whole week has been one moment of panic and stress after another with this new model. You know that two teachers were dismissed because of the budget cuts. So Molly and I are teaching ENGLISH to our kids and the kids of our two other colleagues. There are so many changes because of that, and have been feeling like a dunce all week or rather both weeks of school because I can't keep certain things straight....I am however, delivering the best lessons I can. The kids are loving school, and let's hope that in the long run, they learn, fulfilling the standards and most of all, their needs.

    HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY DEAREST and yesterday we looked at Husquevarna sewing machines! WOOO HOOO!!!! Anita

  33. Oh Spencer, the cup your grandson made is the best item on display here! I think he knows his grandma pretty well! :) I love your large jar with the cups and butter pats ~ it makes me think of the little china teasets I found at Goodwill over the past several months {tea parties with the granddaughter when she's old enough}. Love the birdcage ~ as you could probably have guessed!

    As far as the book, Quentins, as wonderful as all her other books! Some characters from previous books appear in this one. I think I may just add those last three to my Fall/Winter reading list, especially since I don't have anything in the line-up.

  34. They are all so cute...but the bird cage is my fave! This makes me want to get busy:)
    Happy Sunday!

  35. They all look so nice...and no dusting to boot. Perfect. I have to say that I like the bird cage the best. I can appreciate the happy dance in the aisles. Been know to do a few myself.

  36. I love that putting anything under a cloche makes it look important!

  37. Hi Spencer,
    So happy you stopped by PPT which led me to you. What a fun and happy blog you have. I'll be back!


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