Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh DEER.... And, The Saga Of The Weird Hydrangea

Hi Sweeties!

Oh my gosh..... I can hardly believe this!

My sweet and adorable Hubbs bought me TWO Limelight Hydrangeas for my birthday.

I was soooo ExCiTEd...

I love that yummy springy green, don't you?

We live in a little town.

We DO NOT live in the country.

We do NOT live in a forest.

We do NOT live with wildlife.


It seems we've been having some visitors in the AFTERNOON.


And, they decided to EAT all the tops off of my new hydrangeas.... A new PeeGee too...

And, went over to my porch.....rambled on through the shrubs and ATE

the tops off all of my geraniums too.


So, now my question is....

I know enough to fill a thimble about hydrangeas..... I can grow 'em, but don't know about the "old wood" VS: "new wood" business.

I just know all of you smarty green thumb chickies will have the answer for me.

Are they going to be OK?'s question number 2.

How the heck did this happen????

Yep, they ARE two different hydrangeas.... I have them all across the front of the house.


I have NEVER planted a lace leaf hydrangea.

Not that I don't think they're pretty, but I had one at my old house and always wanted those big 'ol mop head ones.

Honestly, I'm going to go through some pictures, but I KNOW it wasn't there last year.

Another mystery at the Cottage.

Have a wonderful day DeAR OnEs...



Silly Deer.


  1. Well I do live in the country but have never had a problem with deer eating my flowers or garden as far as that is concerned..of course I got a great big black lab that stays in the yard. I do believe they will be fine, I have cut mine back to the old growth before and the next year they were prettier and thicker than there were before.

  2. I love hydrangeas.. There were 5 at my grandmothers home in Mt Airy NC.. In all these years I have never been able to keep them alive , though I have tried. Please post pics of yours often so I can all the beauty your new plants will produce..
    Thank you so much for visiting me and for your sweet comment.. I do appreciate it very much..


  3. That can happen sometimes, if the plant you bought was "grafted". That is a method of propagation where a piece of stem from one plant is cut and then attached to a piece of root from another. The first type of blossom would have to be from a branch low on the plant and come from the root system, while the second type of flower would be growing from a branch higher up and be from the stem that was grafted.

  4. must grow really tasty flowers :)

    I have deer issues upon occasion and figure they were here before me, so I don't plant bedding flowers that they enjoy as a midnight snack - seems to be their favorite here - but I'm at a loss about your bushes.

  5. If the deer become a big problem you will have to put fencing around your flowers that they like to eat.

  6. Chuckle! Spencer, they are such beautiful creatures but they do push us too far, sometimes. Sorry about your plants.

    Liquid Fence, Lowes or HD, will take care of their desire to visit.

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  7. Hi Spencer! I agree with Maria! Your hydrangeas just taste pretty yummy!! :) I'm sorry that silly deer is eating your flowers.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. I know nothing about hydrangeas - but did you say it was your birthday? If so - have a great birthday Spencer!


  9. So sorry about your flowers! The deer ate my sedum flowers off one night. I had an Autumn Joy (i think that is the name) and they left that one along but the pretty lavender one....all the pretty blossoms ...gone...gone!

  10. OH DEAR!!!! Animals come out for miles when they sense and smell something good! I have rabbits, racoon, hawks, cats, foxes, and I live in the city of Minneapolis!!!! LOVELY FLOWERS...they are amongst my favorites, my sweet friend! GOOD LUCK! Anita

  11. Oh how I wish that would happen at my house! What a great surprise!

  12. Oh Spencer! So sorry about the deer getting the munchies on your hydrangeas!! I sadly, have no solution!

    Lou Cinda:)

  13. How fantastic to have deer come into your yard. That is so wonderful. Your plants will grow back I'm sure. I wish that could happen to me.

  14. Love Hydrageas, I have a bush in front of my kitchen window.. Just beautiful- dont last long, AND i love your play list.. Karryann

  15. Limelight hydrangea bloom on new wood so they will be okay. I think the others will if this doesn't keep happening. I have a pine tree in my back yard that has no growth for the first five feet or so at the bottom because deer started eating the backside of it when it was young and it never recovered, fortunately it looks nice from the front. When it was small it was literally a one sided tree.
    Good luck with your deer.

  16. Hi sweetie,
    Your Limelight will be fine. Mine blooms on both old and new wood. And the blooms are bigger on the new growth. However, you know they won't bloom this year, as the blooms sets during the growing season, and once it is munched off, it will not bloom. but I'm guessing you already knew that!
    Those naughty deer!
    hugs to you...


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