Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pretty Pumpkins And More

Happy Wednesday dear ones!

I'm so happy you came for a little visit.

Have you been to visit Becky at Holiday in the Sun yet??

If you haven't....race right on over... She's opened her own little store on Etsy...I'm sure you'll find some delish things you just cannnnnnot live without.

Visit Becky's blog here.

And, the BEEEE-U-TEEEE-FUL Etsy shop here.

Becky had the yummiest giveaway and YOURS TRULY WON! I was so thrilled and even more so when this delightful package arrived at my door, beautifully packaged......with some EXTRA little tuck-ins. Don't you just love a little somethin' extra? I thought the giveaway was for three pumpkins, but I actually got FOUR...

And, delightful these little cuties are! Even the Mr. Hubbs loved 'em. You know fellas....they don't often go over the top over sweet little things. Do they?

Let me tell you....these things are beautifully made. PERFECTION!

Also in that glorious package were these darling little acorns. They're needled felted and as cute as can be. I love them. REALLY love them.

A handmade card with the sweetest little message. Even Becky's handwriting is beautiful. She sure knows her way around paper arts... I actually have TWO cards from this sweet girl now.

A pair of Christmas tags.... Oh yes... How CUTE are these? I'll have to do a lottery thing to decide who gets these pretty little things on their package. :-)

Could these be any HAPPIER???

I'll probably hoard these. Yeah, I don't think I can let them go.

Becky is as beautiful on the outside and she is on the inside.

You'll really want to meet her, so pop on over!

Thank you so much Becky!

I am CRAZY over my pressie.

You are such a sweet chickie.


Did you notice that Blogger's taking a photo upload break today for two hours at five pm?

Just a little head's up in case you were planning a post about that time. YIKES!


Have a wonderful Wednesday dear ones!

Huggies and Lovies toooooo!



  1. How beautiful!!! I just love all her creations.

  2. Some people are so talented and she's one of them!

  3. Hi Cupcake! I just saw you on your anniversary post! You are one beautiful gal, and a great looking couple! Our 31st anniversary was on the 8th! WOOHOO!! Did I tell you that already? :o)

    So glad you love your goodies! I had sooo much fun putting it all together for you!

    You can still enter the upcoming giveaway, gal!! It will be home decor and Christmas stuff!! :o)

    Love you and hope you're having a great week. Praying for you and yours,

  4. How fun all your goodies are Spencer...I know you'll have fun with these girl..Hope all is well in your world today my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. How sweet are those little pumpkins! I love the brown toile, it's delish.

    Glad you won.


  6. Oh those acorns are wonderful! I know you must love them...Have fun with all your goodies!

  7. O000mygoodness, Spencer!! I love those little acorns....I had not seen anything like that before....they are adorable!! I love the pumpkins too...I have seen the pumpkins before but I love the fabric she chose!! You're a lucky girl!! :)

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  8. Oh!! The pumpkins, the acorns, the cards, the EXTRAS!! I love it. I'm off to visit sweet Becky! Hurray for you, Spencer!


  9. What a scrumptious treat to win! I love the color of fabrics the pumpkins are made out of, so soft and serene. Congratulations and I hope you are having a beautiful week!

  10. Spencer, you made out like a bandit! You go, girl!

    And I adore Becky, too. You are both so talented. Too bad some of that talent doesn't rub off on your friend here. LOL! But alas, I fear not. But that's okay, I will sit in your cheering section!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Love those pumpkins.. I have both of those fabrics in my stash..
    Those acorns are adorable too...

  12. Good evening precious one! EXCELLENT LOOT HERE! I love those squishy soft pumpkins! Oh, you really scored, and so did I. I won a book from the AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR HERSELF and I receive not one but TWO packages in the mail yesterday of glittery magic. I will post on Saturday. Take care dearest friend! Anita

  13. Sweet Becky, isn't she a love? I won one of her give-aways once and it was so cool. She sent me the cutest little satin pumpkin, some tea things and some great acorns last year. It was wrapped with such distinction and care, every detail perfect. Didn't you win one another time too? You are one lucky lady.

    Cannot believe the amount of that ticket...highway robbery! Terrible indeed!

    We just returned after nearly a month of vacationing in Utah for a few days and then New
    England for three weeks. So I am just going around and catching up with my best blogging buddies. Hope you are well, Spencie! Hugs, B

  14. What gorgeous pumpkins!!!! Eeeeekkkkk I love the acorns!
    Margaret B

  15. Congratulations! You received some wonderful gifts. I love the pumpkins.

  16. toile pumpkins!! I love them and those little acorns are just too sweet!

  17. Could all those goodies be any cuter??? Great win. You are very lucky this week :)

  18. I have never seen pumpkins done from toile or ticking fabrics! These are so elegant; I just love them.

  19. Spencer, I love love your pretty! Very unusual using the toile for pumpkins, but wow!! i love the effect!!

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine


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