Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hey Chickies! I NEED HELP!

Hi little darlin's .... I hope you're having a wonderful weekend....enjoying family and friends...

It's such an awesome time of year, isn't it? So much to be grateful for.

Right now I'm feeling so thankful for my Hubbs and Daughter....that they went through tough surgeries and are doing great.... THANK YOU JESUS!

And, our friend, The Bobster, is home from five way bypass and also doing very well. If you've been following my post for a long time you know I've always called him my 1/2 husband....(no, NOT that way....)....simply that he's a Jack-of-all-trades and can pretty much do anything.....and I really need a handy fella sweet little Hubbs is just a perfect fit for me....but let me tell 'ya....he can't fix too much. :-) Bobster has been the Hubbs' best friend since elementary school, so it was sort of a package deal. Gotta love that!

God is so good. I can't believe how blessed I am. I am always amazed....I so don't deserve it....but I am saved through HIS grace. It just doesn't get any better than that.

All pix on this post are from a little trip to Snohomish with my daughter.... Oh my gosh...we are two peas in a pod and we LOVE this place...... Joyworks. If you live close to Snohomish be sure to check out Main Street.... tooo much fun. :-) I wish I had taken more pix that day...but I'm always too busy drooling.

I don't use any red in my little cottage........but if I did I'd want one of each of these. It's really the happiest color, isn't it?

Well, actually there IS a little pinch of red in my little Cath Kidston-ish sewing room/studio I've been working on. Still too much to do to share, but it is coming along and for that I am thrilled. I'll be sharing one of these days. I'm even enjoying working on it. It's really cheery. Who couldn't be happy in a Cath Kidston-ish space?

Now, onto the "I NEED Help" section....

I want to do a new Christmas header for my blog. I'd like it to be a three or four photo wide style. I don't know how to do that. And, I want it to be much bigger than my current one. I've tried to make it bigger in the past, but it won't center over the blog. Crooked will make me crazier than I already am....I know there's a way to do it because I see it out there in Bloggyville all the time. Would someone be willing to explain the method to me? I've wanted to change it for a long time.... Like I have time now??? :-) But, I am a little bit (ok a LOT) OCD....and I'm on a mission. :-)

Sending each of you a huge hug.... You're the BEST!....and I am sooooo grateful for you too!




  1. I can't help you with the header, Spencer but I want to thank you for sharing your great pictures! Good luck!


  2. I can't help but, I know that one of your brilliant followers WILL know how! Love your blog



    and it is fun, free and offers templates like what you are looking for! YOU can add text, change the mood of the is fun and FREE!!! COME AND SEE MINE and then GO TO PICNIK!

    LOVE YA, and you are too funny....1/2 husband...teeehee


  4. Hi Spence,
    I edit my photos in Picasa. Picasa allows you to create a collage. Once you have chosen the photos you like you can arrange them in a pattern. I used widescreen for my layout.

    Next you go to your blog design tab and click on gadget. There is a tab in the top where your header is positioned. A screen will popup which will allow you to change your photo. Then just upload your new collage.

    Hope that helps.


  5. Gosh- explaining how to do something is not my forte'.. I would have been such a bad teacher:)
    However , I am willing to make it for you , if you'd send me 4 photos you'd like added to it- I can put it together and email it back to you..
    go take a peek at mine and let me know if this is something you;d like..
    my email is right under my header- just click on it..

  6. I want to change my header some too with more pics and don't know how so I look forward to learning how, too.

  7. Hi sweet Spencer...sounds like your having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I wish my husband had an alter ego to pick up where he leaves off!...{hee hee}.
    About your header, I do alot with photoshop and playing with photos- I don't know which photo software you use but if you'd like to email me I'd be more than happy to help! I can probably put them together for you and send it back for you to install...I'm around the studio today and tomorrow:)

  8. Great shots, Spencer! Glad to hear your loved ones are doing well - that includes the Bobster! : ) Unfortunately, like Jane, I can't help you with the header either, but I know that there are bloggers out there that are a whiz at this stuff.

  9. Blessings on continued healing for everyone.
    The pictures are much fun to go shopping there and yes, red is so cheerful.

    Can't help on the other...I can't seem to figure out most of this...oh, my, I am showing my age and ignorance.
    So glad everyone is starting to feel better.

  10. Spencer I am so glad things are looking up for all of your family and friends. I wish I knew how to do the muti photo header also. Hope someone gives your the info and maybe you could share it! hugs, Linda

  11. Love the red...makes me swoon!!! I am not sure about the header, but I know other girls will help...there are some smart cookies out there! I would like to know how to make bigger photos you I keep trying, but that crooked thing drives me crazy too!!!
    Right now I have Karen Valentine do all my changes, she is awesome, and not too expensive. You can find her through my blog on the sidebar.
    Glad to hear everyone is doing better, how about you? How are you holding up?
    Big Hugs,
    Margaret B

  12. Oh husby does my header and I don't know how to do it! If I did I'd pass it along. I will ask him and see if he can tell me in SIMPLE TERMS what to do. I changed mine but I need to redo it.

    Thank you for sharing about your sweet friends. Praying for full recovery dear one!

    Love to you~


  13. Oh, I love Joyworks too... except for the slanted floors, they give me a bad case of vertigo! LOL! My mom, dad, and I go there twice a year... well actually we go for the Auto Swap meet in Monroe, but that's mostly my dad's thing... my mom and I head to Snohomish to all the antique stores AND Joyworks!!


  14. Sorry, I can't help you with the header either. In fact, I was having header issues last night myself and finally just threw in the towel (at least for now). I find the Blogger "help" section is just no help at all. :( I truly wish I was far more computer savvy. I'm curious about your question too so I'll be checking back to read the comments here, for sure!

  15. Hi! I may be able to help!! I have done a multi pic header for a while now. I figured out how to do it this way: go to and hit the collage button. Then you can upload the pics you want into the collage. You create a grid that you would like, either 2 pics by 4 pics or or 4 in a row or whatever. I have 4 over 4. Then I hit save and have it stored on my picture file in my computer. Picnik if free for some things by the way, but I paid 25 for the year to do more things. After it is in your computer pic file then you go to your blogger gadgets part and click on the part where your current header photo is and click replace photo and then add your new collage pic and hit save and it should be there on your header!! Good luck!

  16. Oh I do hope Amy's right, cause I have wanted to do this too Spence and I a dense one when it comes to these things.
    Good luck!
    It sure looks like you and your daughter had a great time!

  17. I am IN LOVE with all that red! I have red polka dots in my kitchen & they are a little addicting!!! What a fun trip to take with your daughter.

    Glad your friend Bob made it through his surgery & I hope he is recovering well!

    You have a really nice blog! Love it! I will be back!! :)

  18. OH DEAR! I left a comment yesterday and I see that IT DIDN'T COME UP???? I left you some information about the COLLAGE YOU CAN MAKE FOR FREE on PICNIK...just go to Google and see! I made mine that way and it is so fun and FREEEEEEEEE! THANK YOU DEAREST FOR COMING TO VISIT and leaving ALWAYS the kindest, I am concerned as to why my comment did not go through!

    HAVE A GREAT DAY and do try Picnik, you will be able to collage your way silly!


  19. Hi Spencer, Best wishes with the blog header. I have tried many times in the past; maybe I'll give it another shot. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics. I would love to shop with you and your daughter! Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas season.

  20. Wow, it looks like you have been busy lately. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Amy @ MaisonDecor summed up everything I was going to say! I made my current header using picnik and it was a breeze! I have a free account and making it was really fun!

    Blogger was very co-operative too for a change and it was easy to add.

    Good luck making it and have fun!

    Best wishes,

  21. Oh Spencer,
    So glad to hear that all of the surgeries have gone well and everyone is recovering nicely...{sigh}! Thinking of you always xOxO Nerina

  22. LOVE all those tables and decor on them!!!


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