Monday, December 6, 2010

Come On In..... It's The Den REVEAL!

Hi Sweeties!

I'm so excited to show you the finished den.... I've been going to do a little tour for soooo long. I have a terrible time taking decent pictures.... As you know Bellamere Cottage is a teeenie, weensie, little home and it's tough to get far enough away from anything to take a great shot.

I've done my best here, so let's just get right to it.... OK?

I have three of these darling little doors in the cottage.... As you know, our home is in a planned community... If you're unfamiliar with the procedure, you pick your home style, elevation and lot. Then you go to the design showroom and pick out all of the options you'd like. The choices are somewhat limited, so I opted to get the standard choices on some of the items so I could change things later on my own.... I wish I had gotten a couple more of these doors though... They make me smile.

You can click on the pix to enlarge them, if you like!

Ok....first peek............see that great big 'ol empty spot above the TV??? YUKKKK! That's just plain scary, isn't it?

Much better, right? Remember a few months ago when I showed you this shelf in progress??

Yes, I DID make it alllll by myself and I'm pretty darn proud of myself too.

I am CRAZY about it. It's exactly what that spot needed and since I'm the kind of chickie who loves a LOT of stuff it gives me a great spot to display some of my cute little thrifty finds.

I forgot to add the photo, but I just saw that Pottery Barn has a similar shelf (although highly distressed) for THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY NINE DOLLARS!!! Bear in mind.... I AM TRULY Tightwad Tilly and there's no way I would EVER pay that for a little shelf... I think this one was probably about thirty dollars.....

See what I mean???? It's so hard to get a full shot of anything.

This shot is peeking around the corner....there's a little bookcase in the entry area, mostly filled with my grandson's books. That's the little white corner in the shot.

I've had the little maple desk/table for about thirty years... It's one of those pieces that I'll have forever. I just love it.

A couple of months ago the Hubbs and I went to Camas Antiques and I bought several of these darling little number plaques. I haven't decided where to use the others, but I LOVE this one here.

I have a very colorful albeit pastel-ish house for the most part. This is the creamiest room in the house....I had been collecting some of the white ironstone pieces for awhile and thought it would be a great place to use them all together. I am a Christian, however, not Catholic.... but I am crazy over that Madonna. Isn't she lovely? A thrift store find that started out in a horrible bright color, spray painted a lovely cream.......that's not all either...........she's PLASTIC!

I can't take credit for this little pillow, although I did make it.... I got the idea right here in Bloggyville and flat out copied it. I wish I could remember where I snatched the idea so I could give that creative chickie's on top of that chair that I did the slipcover tutorial for awhile back. You can find the link on my sidebar if you're interested.

You can just see my cute little file cabinets peeking out there.... That's the desk area. I'm going to share that another day. I spend a LOT of time there.

This little Ikea bed is where my little grandson "lives" when he's here. The TV is strategically placed so he can see it from his bed.

I bought the ivory silk queen size spread at Tuesday Morning. I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get there that particular Tuesday.... so hoping to be able to snag one of these. There was only ONE and there was a man standing there with it in his hands. I wanted to cry...... He asked me if that's what I was looking for.... I said yes...and he said I could take it....he really didn't need it. What a great fella! I made the cover for the bed and the bolster pillows out of it, and it came with the two shams on the back of the daybed.

I made all the other pillows

The curtain fabric was my first purchase for this room. I was searching for something totally different, but when I saw this I decided it would do the job.

It's dupioni silk and was a fabulous buy! That's all a tightwad needs to know, right??

You can't tell in this picture, but there's a tiny little ruffle down the side. I like ruffles!

Don't tell anybody, but that little side table is actually a tiny dresser turned sideways... It was exactly the right size so it'll do in a pinch! The drawers are packed full of things I never need, but don't want to get rid of and I took the knobs off so they wouldn't show. I did that little cutie a long time ago. It was spray painted black and had hideous knobs and legs.... I added the braided molding and ball feet.......

I wanted this room to be more manly.... God bless my Hubbs, he lives with lots of pink and ruffles and isn't it only fair that he could have a spot for himself? Not that he EVAH complains about the pink frills.... What a GUY!

This is HIS chair. Not really what I would normally pick out, that's for sure. We almost NEVER buy anything new (as in go to a REAL store, not a thrift store)..... but I couldn't find anything that would work for this room. Our little dog, Ruby, sits with him every single night. She won't sit on his lap, she wants to sit beside the chair needed to fit both of them. It had to be easy to clean......and I was looking specifically for a style that could be slipcovered eventually..... No wasting here. :-) I searched until I was sick of looking. The Hubbs loved this one so I was sold! It's the most comfortable seat in the house. I'm jealous.

I bought the picture above it at a garage sale years ago. It's scraped up pretty badly because the glass was missing, but I loved it......still love it........isn't it wonderful???

I used to have a whole wall of these pictures.... Do you know it's Jesus and is called "The Light of the World"?

I bought this cabinet a gazillion years's perfect for extra notepads, paper and greeting cards. Everything in this little cottage is FULL! VERY full.

It's such a wonderful old piece. It's been moved so many times and has been in bedrooms, living rooms and an entry.

Thank you so much for coming and for checking out this VERY long and WORDY post.

I so appreciate you.

Huggies and Lovies!


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  1. Wow Spencer...that room looks awesome! I love every bit of it! Especially that crown pillow, too perfect:)

  2. Dearest friend, I KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG AND THIS IS TOTALLY EXCITING! I am in the same boat as you. Yesterday, I came home to find that the builders finally put up the framing for our two new rooms and when everything is done, I WILL GIVE A TOUR AS WELL, but my photography skills STINK TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE!! I know what you mean about getting a good shot but with this new addition, I think I will have the ability to stand back further! EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS PERFECTLY CHARMING AND WONDERFUL AND IT HAS YOUR SWEET SIGNATURE ALL OVER IT!! BRAVO my dear, dear Spencer!

    I LOVE YOU !!! Anita

  3. Hi Spencer,
    I love everything about your beautiful den.
    It's warm, inviting and pretty....three elements that makes it perfect!

    Love the daybed and the Tuesday Morning's cover. How sweet of the guy to let you have it. Of course you were probably standing there crying! LOL!


  4. Spencer, I love everything about this room!!! It is cozy, friendly, and lovely. Love your sewing expertise- I could never make curtains or a slipcover. Basics are all that I know. Your shelf turned out fantastic, too- I love the clean white ironstone accessories. Your sweet hubs certainly deserves his manly chair to share with Ruby. Isn't it nice that our hubbies indulge us? Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. I have yet to finish decorating so I guess I'd better get the lead out! hugs, Sue

  5. Just lovely Spencer! You did a fantastic job on that shelf ~ I love it! Your slipcover tutorial was right next to the chair picture and your sentence saying "the tutorial is on my sidebar", so I didn't have far to look. We are hoping to down-size, soon, and I already know that I am going to need pieces to pull double duty for storage. It looks like you've got that covered!

  6. Hi Spencer,
    Your room is just lovely!! You really have a great eye for decorating. The shelf you made is amazing and makes such a great display area. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful pillows....beautiful room.

  7. Spencer, what a wonderful room. I love the shelf you made it is perfect. Love the daybed and all those pillows. It just begs you to come in and get cozy. Hope you will join my party too tonight if you like.

  8. Ohhhhh Spencer, how absolutely lovely! So inviting, calm, beautiful! I am absolutely gaga over that pillow!! I've never seen that design before and am telling you up front I'm a gonna copy copy copy! ha!

    Love the shelf, it's fabulous! Love the slipcover and the curtains...fabulous! I'm a sucker for a bit of ruffle myself!

    Great cabinet! Love it all. Truly a lovely, wonderful, and inviting den! Bravo!


  9. I enjoyed the tour! You have a very nice home.

  10. Spencer, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love everything you did, the shelf, with the number plaque!!! The pillows, the chair......everything looks so good!!! What a lot of work! The outcome is stunning!!!
    Margaret B

  11. I love this room, Spencer! You've done a beautiful job with it - no surprise there! The bed looks so lovely and the goodness, you did such a great job building that. I think there is no end to your talents!


  12. Hi Spencer!

    Your room reveal is gorgeous! So serene and I could just sit and relax a while there! I love what you did to camofloge your TV...they certainly are ugly but you've come up with a great way to blend it all in!

    Have a blessed day!

  13. Oh My! Your cottage is just wonderful! I love all the creaminess (is that a word) of it, you did such a fantastic job on it...making it all yourself, I am so impressed! The shelf turned out wonderful and I love all you have on it.
    It is just lovely
    Many Blessings

  14. This is a great room, Spencer and you did a beautiful job with it. I love the day bed and the beautiful linens and pillows. Your cabinet is to die for. I know what you mean about using every available space as we have a tiny little house, too. Very nicely done! :-)


  15. I love how you used every bit of space for some storage :)

    Happy Holidays!


  16. Oh, Spence, it is lovely and cozy. You really have a magic touch to pull so much together and have it look so great and not spend a bundle of $$. Your shelf is very classy. I wish I had a little bit of the talent that you have.

  17. Oh Spenc, I ADORE your rooms. You did a GREAT job taking the pics. Give yourself credit. We (as me and you) are so NOT wonderful photographers. I just click and shoot, if it doesn't come out the way I like it I delete it lol
    Your home is so cozy, so pretty, so you.
    Love You
    Love Me

  18. My very favorite rooms are small and cozy. Your rooms fits that to a T. Love it and love all your beautiful accessories. Adorable pillow and being a copy cat is a compliment to the original crafter.

  19. First of all...I love your new collage header!!! You really got fancy with it! It turned out lovely.

    I don't even know where to begin with regard to your den! The door, the shelf over the TV(GREAT idea and can't believe your MADE that!), the vignette on the shelf, all the beautiful things you sewed, the daybed! Everything is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. and oh-so-charming. It has such a homey feel. :)

    If you'll excuse me now, I must pop over to the IKEA site so I can check out the daybed. You've given me an idea I need to investigate for the "house in Hooterville."

  20. Hi Spenser! I've been waiting and waiting and now I get to see your beautiful room! It's gorgeous! I'm in love with your checkered fabric!! The shelf is lovely too. Heck, I love everything I see.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. YIPPIE!! You are done and it looks fabulous!


  22. It looks spectacular Spencer! Isn't it amazing how much we can squeeze into a tiny room! Love how the shelf turned out, especially the added # plate. I hope you and Hubs really enjoy your new den!

  23. This is a beautiful room and your house is so cute!!!

  24. LOVE your den makeover! You did a wonderful job and your shelf is perfect! Great idea to turn the little dresser sideways!!
    deb :)

  25. Oh my goodness -- so much prettiness going on in one room. I wish that I were there so that I could look in every little nook and cranny and really appreciate your hand-touch on all the lovelies. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful new den on the Boardwalk Bragfest. Quite a bragable!

  26. Oh I love your den, it is just wonderful. Your shelf is fabulous and good for you for building it all by yourself. Wow, I am totally impressed. You room is gorgeous and I love all of your accessories. Very pretty. I have a teeny, tiny little house also, so I do understand when it comes to trying to take a pic or decorate. I almost need to buy doll furniture to make it all fit. lol Thanks for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  27. I love it!!!! How happy you must be with it. Enjoy your lovely new space!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  28. Spencer your room is just wonderful!! I know you must be enjoying it immensely!

    The crown pillow is such a neat idea and I am in love with the gorgeous frame over the chair area!! The vignette on the pretty shelf is just perfect!!

    bee blessed

  29. G'eve Spencer ~ How wonderful ... you've created a very elegant & comfortable creamy cottage ... I love the 'man' room decor ... but that SHELF is fabulous, actually, EVERYTHING is fabulous. You have outdone yourself as a decorator, my friend.

    Have a beautiful winter's eve ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  30. So when do I move in??? I could always sleep on the floor when your little buddy comes to visit! you know this room is just what I love! You did such a beautiful job on your shelf and every thing on it.
    This room spells comfort and warmth to me Spence. I love every inch of it.

  31. Looks like your den turned out fabulous and your mantle was just the right touch!

  32. What a lovely home! and love your creative idea for the area above your television!

  33. Love the new addition of the mantel over the TV! Looks fabulous!

  34. Oh such a cozy charming room filled with warm delights...

  35. beautiful room Spencer. I absolutely love the creamy whites! Those darn TV's are always a problem. I moved ours from center stage to the corner and am much happier with it's placement. Ricky says he's getting use to it being further away... (the darn thing is 45-inches! how close does he have to be!!!)

    thanks for dropping by to see me this week. I miss you all more than I can say... hugs and Blessings at Christmas and all year long. Dixie

  36. Hi Spencer,
    Wow! your room is lovely..really pretty with so many personal touches. I love all your pillows.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  37. Oh Spencer,
    It all looks so lovely, and your shelf is so fabulous!! You did such a fantastic job. I love the little number plaque that you added.
    It looks so warm and cozy, beautiful!
    Have a great day.

  38. Your room looks fantastic!! I love the shelf, and how you have it decorated!The pillows,and curtains are gorgeous.


  39. Gorgeous. I love love love the crown button pillow.

  40. Spencer, this is gorgeous!! I love every single thing! The shelf over the tv is just pure genuius!! I adore white dishes and ironstone! You did awesome!

    Lou Cinda :)

  41. Beautiful Miss S! Just absolutely LOVELY! MORE THAN LOVELY! Over the top LOVELY! Fabuloso LOVELY! I'd scratch my eyes out for this LOVELY!

    You rock. Magazine worthy!

    Love too you~


  42. Everything looks so beautiful and neat and orderly and I am so jealous! LOVE that pillow with the buttons into a crown! Lovely and unusual!!
    Spencer...have a wonderful holiday month..
    Merry Christmas! It's been so much fun getting to know you this past year..and I am looking forward to another.

  43. Well done Spencer, it all looks so lovely, and the money you have saved by doing it yourself.
    xx Sandi

  44. Gorgeous room and so inviting. I am going to have to copy that wonderful pillow too. It is just fabulous. Loved your music. I didn't want to leave but I have been so busy it has been hard to visit as many blogs as I love to do!

  45. very fab!!!!!!!!!! i too have been smitten over using a madonna in decor (how clever painting a plastic one - we'd never know otherwise!)

  46. Spencer, this room is wonderful! Love your shelf and all of your pretty goodies on it. You are so smart! I would never have thought to paint a plastic Madonna, but it looks beautiful. LOVE your pillow with button crown. Your talents never cease to amaze me! laurie

  47. Everything is so pretty! I too love those doors! Thank you for your visit, this is my first time here and I'm loving it! You have a talent my friend!

  48. Oh Spencer, WOW, it all looks soooooooooo wonderful!!! So many pretty, pretty details!!! You did a great job!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  49. Hi Spencer, thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

    I love your den! The mantle looks fantastic above the tv with all the lovey whites. I also love the slipper chair, with the crown pillow, and the old cabinet. It all came together beautifully!

  50. Your den is pretty - you must be beside yourself. The white dishes and plates, the button pillow are all favorites of mine. Lovely!!



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