Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas Here At The Cottage...

Hi sweet chickies!

How's the pre-Christmas hub-bub going? Are you all finished with the decorating?

I hope you're having a wonderful season.

I'm still working on Christmas presents. I have lots left to wrap.....and several left to make.

I can't show you until AFTER Christmas what I've been up to. I think my NOSY little daughter may peek.

I NEVER want to know. I never peek, shake or guess. I don't want hints and I hate it if somebody feels the need to spill the beans.

I avert my eyes and never even MOVE a package for fear I'll know what's inside.

Are you a peeker?

When I was about 11 or 12 my Mum let me open allllll of my birthday presents before the big day. Then re-wrapped them so my dad wouldn't know.

Yep, that was it. I HATED that birthday.

(But, I'll never forget what I got.)

My daughter bought me this fabulous nativity several years ago. As you know my little grandson is CrrrrAzzzzzzzy about animals and wanted the camel, so this grandma gave it to him.... How could I say no?

I know I shared this story with you last year, but I'm about to share it again....

Many years ago (when I was married to someone else) I asked my stepdaughter to set the nativity up for me.... I wasn't paying any attention to what she was doing..... When I went to see her progress it struck me in a way that I'll never forget.

It was a Precious Moments nativity.... the faces on those little things were just so..... precious.... I had always faced them all out so that they would show. She had set it all up so that all eyes were on Jesus.... It made me cry then and every Christmas since. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be??? I always set my nativity up that way now.....and it's a reminder all season.... where my eyes and heart should be.

Christmas Decorating..............

Do you ever have one of those years when you just can't "get it"...??

This is one of those years.

Just not real thrilled with the decor.

I think next year I'm going to do a more Swedish look. Have you seen some of those blogs?


Huggies and Lovies!


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  1. YOU ARE STILL TO ME THE CUTEST, THE SWEETEST and one of the most gifted writers around. Your words SPILL WITH LOVE AND JOY MY DEAR....and I have not even SHOPPED OR WRITTEN ANY CARDS!!! TOOOOOOOO BUSY WITH WORK!


  2. OH and I love that Swedish look toooooo! Anita

  3. I love your story of setting up the Nativity! Yes our eyes should be on Jesus! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. TEE HEEE! Your comment was just the most darling!!! I WANTED A TUTU ALL MY LIFE AND PUFFY POOFY DRESSES!!! And dearest, I will put your name in my sac for the draw! May you win the glittered wand, the purse and the ticket! Let us look upwards to see the twinkling of light we all search for !!


  5. Hi Spencer,
    I've got a lot to do before the holiday....presents to buy, presents to make and presents to wrap!! Time keeps slipping away. I think your decorations are beautiful, I love the combination of the ornaments and the teacups.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. your nativity scene is so precious and its set up just as it should be..

  7. What a lovely place you have here! I just knew I would enjoy my visit when I read in your profile 'Queen Homebody'. It made me smile :)

    Sweet grandmom, sharing your camel with your precious granson!

    So nice visiting with you this moning!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  8. Spencer, your nativity is beautiful! I love the big star and the great topper! Thanks for sharing the story of what children can teach us, and thank you for joining in:@)

  9. My daughter does the same thing with ours. In fact, she rearranged the pieces at our Nativity Room when she arrived last Saturday. Merry Christmas. ♥♫

  10. Beautiful Spencer!! I think it is all just beautiful.....

    Merry Merry Christmas to you...

    Lou Cinda

  11. I have had many years that I just didn't care if I decorated. Luckily this year isn't one of them! Everything looks nice to me and it seems sometimes that there is just too much hussle and bussle for the holidays! I was a peeker! I played with all my presents one year when home alone. Wasn't as much fun on Christmas morning but I sure had a great time that one day!!

  12. Oh my goodness, Spencer.. no, I can honestly say I never peeked! I may have been tempted, but I knew it would take all the fun out of the big day itself, so I didn't dare! Love your beautiful nativity set! Wishing you lots of holiday spirit and fun as the big day approaches!! ((hugs)) ~tina

  13. Hi Spencer,
    What a lovely story about the nativity scene. I'm with you this year, I just couldn't get into my Christmas decorating, nothing I've done really Wow'd me.
    My husband always ends up buying my presents with me there, he's always afraid I won't like what he gets me, but he knows what I would want. He just wants to make me happy. So most of the time, by Christmas, I've already received my gifts. That's okay, he always has a little extra surprises under the tree for me to unwrap on Christmas day, and I always love what he gets me.
    Wish you a very Happy Christmas, and your decor looks beautiful!

  14. What a beautiful nativity, Spencer. I have 4 that stay out ALL year long, I love them.

    I am always done with EVERYTHING by Tuesday before Tsgiving ... I don't find any Ho-Ho's in December with the public.

    Cannot EVEN imagine you not being satisfied with your decor, nope!

    Christmas hugs & wishes ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  15. I love your touching story of all eyes on Jesus. Sending Christmas blessings your way!


  16. Hello Sweet Cupcake!! I LOVE the den makeover...but then I knew I would! I am also falling for the luscious creaminess and whites I see everywhere. However my home is presently earthtones, so I integrate it in wherever I can!

    I'm right with you with on Christmas decor. Currently I am into the "less is more" thing! I want to use fewer things and make sure they all have special meaning or beauty to me.

    As far as stuff to do, my tree is still not decorated! It is however, absolutely gorgeous as is. We got a BIG FULL 9' spruce that fills our home with that wonderful evergreen aroma!

    Praying God's best for you this Christmas, Spence, and all through 2011! I count you among my blessings!

    Merry Christmas!

    Love and hugs to you,

  17. So true....ALL eyes on Jesus! A sweet post!

    Merry CHRISTmas!


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