Thursday, December 16, 2010

If You're Looking For Somewhere To Put Your TV......

Have you visited CSN stores??

Do you know how many different kinds of things you can find there?

REALLLLY..... Just about anything your little heart desires can be found at these great stores and there are a TON of different stores.

If you're looking for a TV stand.....and I have looked recently.....these stores have an ENOR.MOUS selection.

Personally, I'll always pick something with storage for our little cottage.

Not an inch of space can be wasted here. :-)

ZOWIE! Now, this one has LOTS and LOTS of great storage.

I like the TV hanging on the wall too.

The Hubbs and I had a big discussion about tabletop vs: wall hanging for the den.

If it's on the wall it frees up all of that tabletop area, right?? :-)

Even corner units!

If you're in the market.... this is THE place!

Go to

You'll be glad you did.

I'm up to my eyeballs in Christmas makin'..... How do I let the time get away from me every single year????

I always promise myself it's not going to happen.

Uh Huhhhhhhhhh.

Huggies and tons of blessings to all!

Huggies and LOVIES!



  1. So love that white piece, Spencer! We are up to our heels in that glorious white snow!

    Have a lovely winter's day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. I really love the white stand. Love CSN, too!

    Happy Holidays, Spencer!


  3. Wow, that looks like a great site. Re: being on time for Christmas...Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho HO We still don't have our tree, or the house decorated (some done). Oh, well, it will be done in time....always is.
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. I have been resisting going to CSN...I fear!!

    Hope you are doing well sweet lady!

    Hugs and love,
    Deanna :D

  5. Hi Spencie,

    Please forgive me for being so bad about visiting for a while. It has been a strange time with little Hazie but she is off the antibiotics now for two days and doing well so far. My daughter, Jen, is still pretty guarded but each day we become more hopeful that that terrible systemic infection is gone for good.

    It was funny but the other day I stopped over and you had a version of Isn't She Lovely playing by someone that I didn't know...a rapper type name. Anyway I loved that so I ducked out immediately to buy it from iTunes and then the phone rang and that was that for that day. I think you and I have the exact same taste in music. I have never known anyone who likes all the same stuff I do. I still listen to your music all the time by signing onto another browser simultaneously so I can listen and still blog. Thank you for doing all the work on that!

    I want to wish you the merriest of Christmases. In lieu of a Christmas card I do an e-Card on a separate blog. You can find it at

    It has 11 posts on various things you can pick and choose from the archive on the sidebar if you are interested. Lots of pictures, music, videos. I really love doing this, this is my third one. It is already fun to go back and see how the kids have grown during that time.

    The best of the best to you, your honey, beautiful daughter and handsome HAPPY grandson!

    Love and Hugs, Bonnie

  6. Goodmorning beautiful one! Oh you should see the frame that my husband made to hide our HUGE flat screen TV. We found a cabinet much like these beauties here and you would never know there was a TV THERE!!!

    How are you?

    Have you been by yet to enter my give away?

    I have lost track who has come by! Yikes, I better check!


  7. I really like the first cabinet - so charming in white.


  8. I like your header, it came out really pretty. Just wanted to tell you that!

  9. SPENCER, SPENCER, came to my theatre! I always feel as if my accomplishments are complete when you come over! REALLY! Did you enjoy Tea Rat and his whims? Rattus and his STRENGTH OF LIMB and most of all, love for his chum? You have to know these rats to love 'em.....they live very vividly in Nowhere and in my home...THE IMAGES, not real rats! teeeheee....

    God bless you, you precious person, you.....Anita

  10. Where does the time go? I make the same promise every year and fail ...oh well, I can always blame old age! lol:)


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