Monday, February 21, 2011

Desktop Or Laptop??

Hi Chickies!

Oh how I LOVE a desk.... I swear, I'd have one in every room if I had the space.

I need space to file all of those important papers.... Speaking of which.... Where the heck does all that stuff come from? It's a full-time job staying on top of the paperwork here at the cottage. :-)

And, it's nearly time to take all our paperwork to the accountant for 2010. YUK.

I have a desktop and my Hubbs has a laptop.... Who knew that we'd both need our own computers? It's just too hard to share, I think....and I need lots of room to spread out and DEC.OR.ATE. :-)

I spend lots of time doing really important things, like blogging.....and the Hubbs spends lots of time doing all those unimportant things like paperwork for the business.... :-)

So............ if you're searching for a great desk for yourveryownself..... pop on over to the CSN office furniture store to see computer desks for home or office!

Don't you just love this one?

Not only can you keep all those papers sorted, but also have space to display some lovelies... That would make that nasty paperwork job so much happier, wouldn't it?

I actually have a built-in desk here at the Cottage........but I'd love this one! Look at all of those drawers... Oh how organized I could be.

It's that time of year, isn't it? Time to sort and clean........oh and do some organizing too.

It's nearly S.P.R.I.N.G......and I know Bloggyville is getting really excited about that.

Have a great day sweeties!

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Huggies and Lovies too!




  1. Good morning most precious friend! I SEE YOU ARE UP AND ABOUT MY DEAR! Oh, desks....I so love the old French secretary desks, just big enough to write a little sweet note, that's all! BLESSINGS TO YOU, Anita

  2. Ah yes, something else I have to do this week is get all the paperwork that I filed over 2010 ready for the accountant! These desks are pretty, Spencer. We have a computer armoire that was great when we had a PC but now we are on laptops, so while it still holds and organizes stuff for us, I have that computer area blank. I'm hoping we can use it to better advantage when we downsize, as a multi-functioning piece.

  3. Hubs and I have 5 computers in this house, sweetpea. One in each of our offices (desktops) and 2 laptops for when we travel. One extra for his work only. He also has an iPhone which is pretty much a small computer and I'm getting an iPod when I can. I say you can never have enough computers!

    I like the first desk because that's exactly like mine in this office except my drawer handles are metal. Love this huge desk.


  4. I love a desk but I'm a laptop computer girl for sure!! hugs, Linda

  5. I'd get so much more accomplished if I had a desk to help me out. I much prefer my laptop so I can sit where I want. We have a desktop in the office/guest room, but I don't use that much, too confining.
    Thanks for coming over to enter my giveaway. I'm going to check yours out too.

  6. Hi Spencer, Looks like we are both in the de-cluttering mood. Thanks for the sweet note you left me..I truly appreciate it! I hope you are feeling better.

  7. You are too funny with your computer dramas! I know what you mean about blogging being more important than paperwork!

    Isn't Monticello great! They have so many great vendors. I loved those ruffled chairs too!

    I thought Spring was just around the corner but it appears old man winter is not finished with us yet. I'm actually excited to get some snow before Spring moves in! Stay warm and be careful if you have to go on the roads!

  8. Hi Cupcake! Thanks so much for checking in on me! Things are good, just crazyyyyy if you know what I mean!!

    Love your fresh new look! And those desks are divine! I just have no room for something sooo large...or even smallish for that matter! HA!!

    Love and hugs to you! Hope joy is in full bloom at Bellamere!!

  9. Good morning Spencer,

    Thanks so much for coming by my cottage for a little visit. It was lovely!

    I must say we are a lap top family, but have a few desks in different rooms. One would think we are organized Ha! Now, I am off to start some spring cleaning. Have a blessed day!


  10. G'morn Spencer ~ Hubby has 5 in this house, 7 tv's ... ugh! Drives me crazy ... & then the Droid!

    Love these desks ...

    Hope today is a better day for you ...

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~

  11. Hi Spencer,
    I love desks. I have 2 of them as I just put one at the antique store.
    FYI...if I should win your giveaway, please note that I'll be on don't worry if I don't get back to you right away.. Thanks...
    deb :)

  12. Hi sweetie! I really would like something like the first desk for moi. I too, do very important work such as, heavy duty blogging, speed emailing and playing Wheel of Fortune! Sometimes I get tired of moving my laptop from the sofa to the kitchen table and to my bed. Such drudgery should not befall us in this day and!

    Deanna :D

  13. Spencer, I have a desk/hutch very similar the ones you have pictured- came from our furniture store. My printer is in the drawer on the rt. side and my files are on the bottom left and the 3 small drawers hold supplies. The upper hutch is purely decorative, believe me. A catch-all! LOL
    I removed it and it's in the garage. I like a desk simply for the room to spread out, even though my monitor is in the middle of all the mess on top. I use my laptop when I'm in another room watching tv or in the kitchen. I guess I have the best of both worlds. :-)

  14. I am looking to redo my office/spare bedroom into just an office. Starting is the hardest part.


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