Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh My! New Wheels For Spencer!

Hi Chickies..... Happy Pink Saturday!

Holy moly.... Now, this is really big news! We just ordered this fancy little number for this chickie.....


I actually drive a little Honda Element. Perfect for hauling everything from my precious grandson and dog to thrifted finds.... I'm perfect happy with it and don't see a new car in my future for some time..... They don't call me Tightwad Tilly for NOTHIN'.

So, really............this is what I spent some money on..... Pretty snazzy, aren't they? I can get around in style in these!

Yeah.........that's a fib too.

These little numbers are Finn Comfort Ikebukuro's....... You can find them on at for $354.95. Now, you know for sure Tightwad Tilly's NEVER going to spring for these.........Oh how I'd love to have some of these to put to use though.....well..............actually.........any walking shoes!

What the heck does all of this frivolity have to do with Pink Saturday.... Hang with me....OK?

This is the true part of the story. Pink, right?

If you've been following me for awhile you know I have some trouble with walking and it's getting harder. It's interfering with my life. I do pretty well around the house, but as far as the rest of my life?? Very limiting. I was determined to stay self-sufficient. I didn't want to employ aids. However, my precious little grandson (you know the one..... the joy of my heart....) has asked me so many times to do things with him that I just can't do.

I never/rarely mall shop any more and more often than not, shop Target (they have carts) or do some online shopping. If I can hold onto a cart I am more stable. Not that Tightwad Tilly really needs to shop all that much!..... Except the GOODWILL!

It got to a place where the quality of my life was so effected that I made the decision to do something about it.

Oh my.....crossing this bridge was hard. I was embarrassed and frustrated.

My mind wants to run and my legs want to mosey.

If you're interested you can read My Story HERE.

Soooo.......I decided doing something about it was better than sitting at home for the rest of my days and missing things with my family.

My daughter told me she saw a PINK walker at a drug store not far away from me. I wanted something with a little bit of zip..... No BLACK, BURGUNDY, RED or NAVY BLUE.

The search began.

I spent HOURS on this quest.

I wanted eight inch wheels....they say they're safer for walking outside.

I wanted it to have a basket under the seat. I like traveling storage. :-)

I wanted a color.....preferably a pretty robin egg blue, pale green or even silver.

No luck.

Finally I found this one. It was a bit bright, but it had everything else I was looking for.

I actually found this at one of the CSN stores,

I know they have a gazillion things there..........but I had no idea they had walkers (AKA Rollators).

And, it was the BEST price on the net. Well below many of the other suppliers......and it came in TWO days!

I've ordered some black and white check oilcloth to cover the seat.... That'll make me happier and I have a little do-hickey for incidentals and a cup holder for my Starbucks' too. :-)

So, now I'm ready to ROLL!

Please don't think I'm ungrateful or complaining.... I do know that Bloggie Chickies are the most supportive and wonderful girls though......and I wanted/needed to share this new phase of life with you. It's all about being real, right?

I guess sometimes we (I) just have to give in and do what we (I) need to do..... DARN IT ALL.

Quality of Life vs: Pride.

So, now I'll be rollin' around.... Is that a song?

Happy Pink Saturday Chickies...........

There's a big 'ol Pink Saturday Party over @

How Sweet The Sound

Thank you Miss Beverly for hosting!

It's always a lot of fun to see all of the pretty pinks. :-)

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Have a wonderful weekend Dear Ones!

Many blessings....




  1. Oh how I love your writing....I sound like a broken record...sheesh, our young people today won't even know what that means....but it is true dearest...YOU ROCK IN THE WRITING DEPARTMENT! I am intrigued, stuck to the page, as I read your account of shopping for this walker! Never underestimate your ability to sit and WRITE! Your sweet voice and humor come out CLEARLY and you are a joy precious. I have missed you so! HAVE FUN ROLLING AROUND AND GETTING TO THOSE PLACES that make you happy, with your little man by your side!!! MUCH LOVE SPENCER, Anita

  2. Thats the bestest PINK ride ever.. You'll be adorable with it out and about.. Roll on Mama, roll on~!!!


  3. Spencer, (or should I say Tightwad Tilly,)

    I so enjoyed reading your post. Good luck with that racy pink rollator! You'll be lighting up every corner of the mall and elsewhere with that pretty thing!


  4. Spencer, I like your new "wheels". My mom had polio as a child, so she has difficulty walking also. Many falls, broken hips later, we finally convinced her to use a walker. She didn't like using it, at first, but is still mobile at 82, so that is the good thing. Hope you have many more years of easy rolling!

  5. You Go Girl! Hey; we have to do what we have to do and you aren't giving up---that's whats amazing. Keep up your strength and smile; God will do the rest! Bless you and have a great weekend. (I love that pink color).

  6. Now that's pretty cool if you ask me and I'll bet the grand boy will love riding with you on it. He'll think you are the coolest Grand Mom around! And I love the fact that you are putting oil cloth on it! HPS xoxo

  7. Oh I love it and I love the pink. It is fabulous. Good for you. I am determined to not miss any of life no matter what I have to do, and I so admire you for the same thing. This will be such a blessing. Way too cute and stylish too. Good for you. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh, French immersion is a great place to teach. I am also teaching English this year to my homeroom class and that of another teacher, making a total of 50 students! YOWSA, lots of energy there!!! BISES, Anita

  9. Cute new ride you have there!! I can only imagine how difficult it was to finally decide which way to go. It seems you made the right choice....whatever can keep you out and about!!

  10. I'm glad you decided to use the Rollator. It will make it so much easier for you to get around and your family will worry less. Plus you'll look cool.

  11. Happy Pink Saturday Spencer Sweetie...
    Oh my goodness you got wheels. Oh girl you are up town now. I love it. The color is just splendid and wait until you get that seat recovered. It will be just what you have been dreaming. I love it because you will be able to take a few trips now. Do a little shopping. Sit when you need to, and put your purchases or necessities in your storage.

    Oh Spencer sweetie, I just know you have pleased the family so much. They will worry a little less my precious friend.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Get out with those wheels, but no speeding now, we don't want to read that you have gotten a ticket for exceeding the speeding limit.

    Many hugs mu precious friend and SO much love, Sherry

  12. Spencer, my mom is 91 and refuses to use a walker because of her "stubbornness". I'm proud of you, really really proud of you.
    I can see you moving faster than all of us with your "new wheels". When I need one, will you hand it down to me? You know PINK is my fav. colour in the world right?
    You rock Spencer. And that's why I love you so much.
    Love You
    Love Me.
    P.S. I have a new bloggy up when you get a chance, not sure about though. I need lessons for sure.

  13. Hi Spencer,
    It's so important to keep moving and that is great news! You go Girl :)

    i'm going on vacation for a few days, just in case my name is picked for you givaway ~ I won't be by a computer or email...just wanted you to know...thanks!

  14. Well good for you for giving in and doing what is best for you to get around. I was going to suggest paint it a bright color but your seat covering will brighten it up.

    I always said I will use a cane when I am an old lady, I say that because my grandmother and a dear neighbor Ruth who was 97 when she died , however she would not use a cane. I gave her one of my vintage ivory handled canes to use to make her feel fancy i guess.

    Good Luck


  15. Hi Spencer, I have so much respect for you. With everything you have been through you show such courage and strength. My late husband was diagnosed with polio at age 5. He also went through many surgeries and struggles to walk again. Enjoy your new ride and I hope it takes you to many exciting places.

  16. Dear sweet Spencer. I am so glad you will have some stylish new wheels to help you on life's adventures! I am also thrilled that OWOH drew me to your lovely blog and my angel will bring a little more pink into your life. Talk about serendipity...this post brought it home for me. I am experiencing a tiny pebble in my smooth road while you have climbed mountains! My son's friends mom had polio as a child and she is one of the strongest women I have met. You are an inspiration in overcoming obstacles graciously. Leave it to you to find a fab pink ride, because that's how you roll! Hugs from Ohio, Pam

  17. Spencer I admire you so much. So many people refuse to take this step, but the freedom it gives you to continue to walk around is well worth it. I hope when my legs give out (and honestly some days its not that far off) I will get a walker with so much style and sass as yours! hugs, Linda

  18. Spencer, I LOVE your pink walker. I'm a Physical Therapy Assistant in my real world, and I think's is classy! I work with a lot of people who use those gems, and you will get along fine! Thanks for stopping by and leaving acomment about my pink candle. Loved seeing you out and about again! Sandi

  19. Now you've gone and done've made us all jealous with your new pink "wheels"! Congrats and best wishes!

    PS> No poppin' wheelies on that thing, ya hear??

  20. Spencer, your new wheels are beautiful! Seriously, anything that allows us to be able to go shop and do things with our family and friends is beautiful. I know this was difficult for you to do, and I'm so proud of you for making a decision to get those wheels and go instead of staying home to mope! And when you snazz it up with the black and white seat, you'll be the hottest thing on wheels! laurie

  21. Hello Spencer, thank you for your comment on PS. I love your PINK walker and your great attitude. I am glad pride did not win this one. You go girl! One thing I can really agree on. You must get to the Goodwill store. It is imperative that we get our thrifting fix. BIG Smile.

    Happy belated PS.

    PS: My sister's party was wonderful and she loved every minute of the fun, food and most of all, her family and friends who attended. She ended up with lots of lovely gifts, lovingly given from a crowd of 34 people to help her celebrate being 70.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  22. I am so proud of you Spencer!! And you are ready to roll now.....the opportunities are endless! And with your sweet grandson right by your side.....perfection :)

    Lou Cinda

  23. Spencer, I would do anything to stay mobile and active, so I applaud that you found such a fun way to get around! Pink- I love it! Shopping- here you come...
    xo Sue


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