Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Polka Dot Pink Saturday! :-)

Spencer, where have you been, you ask?? :-)

Well, this little baby has taken a LOT of my time.

I did have a tiny iPod shuffle, but have never had a REAL iPod.

Even my cell phone is just a standard model . I used to work for a Dr. who was linked to the hospital. We got a killer plan on phone service so I signed right up. It was $6.60 per month. Yeah, Tightwad Tilly was in heaven then and STILL is! How could I possibly give that great plan up??? I've had it for THIRTEEN years. :-)

If I want to have all the great stuff that comes with the smart phones I have to upgrade my plan. That's not going to happen. I'm hanging on to my SIX DOLLAR and SIXTY cent plan.... unheard of these days..... Probably because there isn't another living soul out there as tight as I am. :-)

This is my compromise.

It does have a BIG learning curve for those of us who are over SIXTY though.

We have over 400 CD's I've been adding to itunes. that's REALLY time consuming....I think I'm about half done. Now, if I could just figure out how to put the tunes on the little pink bit of technology. :-)

It's a 64 gb model.......they say it will hold something like 40,000 songs.......or some such thing. I just can't wrap my mind around that. AMAZING! Especially when I can remember albums.........and 8-track tapes.... that's just sad.

I can peek at my blog....and see who's been by to say hi........I LOVE it when you leave me a message. It makes me soooooo happy.

And, I can keep my notes and lists here too. That is just awesome. I can barely believe how much it can do. I spent hours shopping for apps. I even have a LEVEL on it. You never know when that'll come in handy. I have a measuring tape too, but I don't think it's very accurate.

I can see what I'm missing in Honolulu.......London.........Paris.........

Or see if we're going to see some sunshine here anytime in the near future. Yeah, probably not.

I confess..........THIS is my FAVORITE app. I can't even begin to imagine how many games of cribbage I've played. I wish the game had a scorecard though. I keep wondering if I'm ahead of my opponent. :-)

The Hubbs and I play cribbage from time to time.... I'm thinking I'm going to wow him with my new skills. :-)'s the bestestest thing ever. I take it to bed with my cribbage.........and if needed, it makes an excellent flashlight too. Talk about multi-purpose, right?

Now, if any of you sweet little chickies would like to direct an "older" gal.... :-) on how to get those darn songs onto this thing that would be just AWESOME. ***Note*** You can't keep this old girl down.... I figured it out.... How exciting is that? We have a stereo system with sound surround....that's the next step..... hooking this handy, dandy little device up to that..... Ummmhmmmm..... tunes all over this little cottage.

I'm joining the Wonderful Miss Beverly over at

How Sweet the Sound


You'll want to pop over for a visit there too. It's a great shin-dig.

Have a wonderful weekend dear ones.

God bless you.




  1. Hi Spencer,
    What a deal on your phone service! I also love the polka dot cover on the phone. I wish I had an Ipod, but right now my old phone will have to do.

    Happy Pink Saturday.


  2. SPENCER!!!! YOU ARE DOING IT! YOU DABBLING INTO THE WORLD OF TECH! SO have I.....going on 53 next Saturday, I am determined to keep my brain FUNCTIONING AT A HIGH LEVEL and learning new things is a GREAT WAY TO DO IT! EVEN if we mess up doing it! teeeeheeee! YOU ARE SO DARN CUTE...I love your music...BIG SPENDER SPENCER! WOOOO HOOOO! Anita

  3. I love new toys too!

    I don't even have a regular cell phone and people always look at me like I have TWO heads! I don't want to pay all that money every month for one. That is more money for art supplies!


  4. Congrats on your new Ipod - I know you'll love it!

  5. Spencer, I have an iphone too!! I do love it, but I must admit that bringing it to bed kept me up wayyyyyyy too long. I would text my BFF Julie that lives in Van. and is 3 hrs. behind, like you, back and forth for hrs. I finally closed down my fb account too. I have a tough time sleeping at the best of times, so I've now resolved to leaving it out on my desk with the "air plane" mode on, so I can't even hear the "bong" when someone emails me.
    You've been working hard putting all those 8 tracks... I mean C.D.'s, lol on your new toy.
    Happy PS dear Spencer.
    It's cold and yucky here today. Where oh where is Mr. Spring???
    Love You
    Love Me

  6. Spencer enjoy your new toy. I just upgraded to an Android phone and Love it!!

  7. We have been Apple Mac people from our very first computer, sugar! I keep telling everyone they are the best and everyone I know who has one loves it and says the same thing. Apple products are second to none. I just bought hubby an iPhone and he's in heaven with it. I don't need one so I'm sticking with my old flip phone since I only talk on it for emergencies. I'm still one who enjoys talking on my land line!

    Anyway, I plan on getting an iPod soon so I don't have to carry scriptures around with me. I can't help ya now, but when I get one I'll be figuring out how to download all my oldies on there. I have only about 200 on my iTunes now.

    Happy pink saturday and have FUN with it, chick..


  8. Wow, Spencer, I am impressed. Being in the over 60 club myself I know exactly what you mean. My husband and I have the very basic cell phone and that's it. Your new device is oh so cute!!!

  9. Girl, you've got me beat! I don't know anything about the i-tunes or how to work it. I may need to come to you for help one day when I ever decide to upgrade from regular old CD's! Happy Pink Saturday and have a terrific weekend!

  10. Spencer, That sucker is just amazing- pink color and all! I use a plain ol' cell phone- don't know how anyone can see things on the dinky smart phone screens any way. Give me my mini laptop computer and some remote service and I'm a happy camper. Those new I pads and their cousins are amazing. The BIL has one and he loves it. He is techy impaired so if HE can operate it, anyone can! LOL I've entered you in my drawing. Good luck! hugs, Sue

  11. I got a little pink iPod Shuffle for Christmas. I really like it. We old people enjoy these nice little gadgets. I'm 74. I've enjoyed my visit here. Thank you for your nice comment on my pink post. Hope you've had a happy Pink Saturday.

  12. SPENCER! YOU CAME TO THE BEACH WITH ME! Girl, put on that pink dress and have a glass of champagne with me...come on....just a little. WE SHALL MAKE MERRY ON THE GREEK ISLAND!!!!!

    Thank you dearest for your sweet, sweet visit! Anita

  13. Isn't it wonderful that they make toys for adults?! I am now following! Thanks for entering my Atlanta Bartlett giveaway.... good luck! xo

  14. Yay Spencer great that you moved forward. I still have so much to learn...slowly getting there!

    Come and enter my fashionable giveaway from The French Basketeer!

    Art by Karena

  15. I had an mp3 player for nearly a year before I had the courage to try and use it. Once I learned, I wondered how I ever lived without it. It seems the older I get, the more determined I am to just jump in and learn!

    Also, I am blown away by a 6.60 cell plan. Green with envy!

  16. Love your pink ipod! It would look just marvelous with my pink rain coat and pink rain hat. Hmmm.....maybe we could work out a deal??? I'll borrow your ipod and I'll loan you my ipad! LOL

    Glad to hear you got it all figured out!

  17. OK girly...I soooo want this. I'm shameless...

    Love to you my talented friend. Happy spring!


  18. I have two phones, and the other one is from my ten yr old son because he does not want it anymore because its not yet touch screen...yes, I still use primitive gadgets.

    Love the pink in there.

    I'm your newest follower ♥

  19. Hi Spencer,
    I sure wish I could figure out how to use the cell phone I do have...LOL I am so bad with anything electronic. My family always teases me, since I can't even work the remote control right for the TV..LOL
    Its true I'm just terrible. I love your new phone and its sassy pink cover!
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  20. Hi Spencer! You're way ahead of me in the tech department on this one. Glad you got it figured out. It's so cute! Happy Easter.

  21. Don't you LOVE that iphone!!! They are the best!!!


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