Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now, THAT'S Some HAIR!

Hi Girlies! And, Happy Wednesday. my last post I introduced you to my new BFF..........shown above.

Well, as a bit of comparison I wanted to show you what things looked like way back in 1971.

Ok.........get ready.

You'll laugh out loud, I'm just sure of it. Ok, I you can too!

Yep, there I am..........Just me and my HAIR... Hey, that's how things were done in 1971.

I was about six months pregnant with my daughter in these photos.... She turned FORTY on April 10th.

I worked at Weyerhaeuser back then........and we got the VERY first computer for the entire company. I wanted you to see how big it was. We shared it with about four other FLOORS!

Now, compare that to that little iTouch that can do about 99 gazillion more things. Isn't it amazing how much things can change in forty years? Now nearly everyone has at least ONE computer and often more.

My Hubbs has a laptop, and an Android.... I have a desktop and my little iTouch.

It makes me different will things be in ANOTHER forty years.

I'll be in heaven with Jesus by then. :-)

Ahhhh.... A GREAT side shot of the hair. I don't think I could have gotten it any higher, do you?

A photographer came in to take these pictures for the Weyerhaeuser Company Newsletter.... I was on the front page showing off our new IBM.

Wow......time does FLY!

By the way.......all of that darn computer doesn't even show in the photo. It took up an entire room! It was ENORMOUS. I HATED it. It was so complicated and I had the hardest time understanding the whole sha-bang. I didn't know a thing back then about pregnancy brain. What a great excuse that would have been.

Have a great day!

Huggies, Lovies and Blessings......



  1. Well I think you look "smashing" SPencer.
    LOVE your hair. Your rocking in this one.

  2. Oh now aren't you the prettiest AND STILL ARE...girl around! FORTY YEARS DEAREST????? I will be 53 on Saturday and it just CAN'T BE! TIME DOES FLY! Oh precious tilly, how are you? HAVE A GREAT DAY DEAR ONE! Anitaa

  3. I love that hair! Trying to figure out how you did it and how it stayed that way is like one of life's miracles and mysteries all in one. You rocked, girl!

  4. I had big hair like that back then too. At least you're not wearing polyester!

  5. I for one love your hair in that photo!!! The computer looks like a beast, I'm not sure how anyone could figure out how to use it :)
    We have come a long, long way in technology haven't we!

  6. Ya know what, Spencer??? I just LOVE big hair. I have fluffy hair and won't ever change because of how much I love it. So your photo looks GREAT to me, chick!!!!

  7. Wow, that is one big computer! Love your dress in the picture. The hair was so styling for the time!! Fun pictures.

  8. Great pictures Spencer! Was fun looking at the big machines you were working at too!

  9. Hey Spencer,

    Big hair, bit computer what a great combo, made me smile...while you were sporting the big hair, I was sporting that really long stringy "hippy hair" as my mom called it. What fun. Have a sweet day.


  10. Love, love your hair, Spencer! By the way, I remember computers like that. I was working for a company in the mid-seventies and they had one like that. We'd have to go 'down to the computer room' to get print-outs, etc.


  11. Hello again...thanks for the very kind comment!

    One other thing about big hair...go big or go home. Just say'n ;) Take care


  12. Well, Spence, I have always been a big hair girl! I should be from Texas...but I'm not! I still love me some big hair!

    And you were and still are GORGEOUS!

    Hope you are having a great week!

    Lou Cinda

  13. AWW you were adorable! How funny how far technology has come! Great pics! Traci

  14. How cute you look in these pics, Spencer! I could never do big hair- I have baby fine hair that falls flat as a pancake, even with a can of hairspray. I always envied girls who had thick, short hair. I remember our high school's first computer- it DID fill the entire room and we were just awed by it. Of course back then, we thought all it did was grade our test cards! Technology really has come a long, long way!

  15. Girl! This brings back many a memory ... Weyerhauser, oh, lawdy! The best company in the world to work for then ...

    You were GORGEOUS then & are GLAMOROUSLY BEAUTIFUL now, my friend.

    Have an eggs-tra blessed Easter ~
    TTFN ~

  16. You look soo sweet - and big hair is making a come back (or so I hear).

    Happy Easter!

    Thanks so much for stopping by The Old Parsonage!


  17. Oh you silly Spencer!! You look divine!! Love that big hair!! You made it look so good!!
    Have a joyful Easter, sweetie.

    Love and hugs...and SMILES!!


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