Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's A Happy Little Chair.......

Hi Girlies..... and Happy Tuesday to you.

We had a wonderful Easter here at the Cottage.... I hope yours was as well.

Spring is supposed to be on the way, right? Well, in the Pacific Northwest we're still waiting. Saturday was soooo beautiful....then......yesterday.......YIKES! The rains came. and came. and came. It was just nasty.

I hope we're going to be getting some sunshine soon!

Now, about this little chair. I've wanted one of these for a long time. When I ran across this one at a little antique mall I snatched it right up. I didn't care for the fabric on the seat so I planned a little make-over. ;-)

After removing allllll of these staples (believe me......that was one BIG job! I figured it would take a few minutes.... it actually took HOURS. It had FOUR layers of fabrics... from seersucker to tapestry. Honestly, tapestry??)

it was time to make the cushion. I love down cushions and decided that one would be just perfect for this little chair.

I purchased several feather/down pillows at Ikea... (if you need some they are soooo inexpensive there)...and made my cushion cover and prepared to stuff it.

Now, since I've done this before I know for a fact that it's better to do it outside. It is one messy proposition.... yeah, but I think it's much better not to do it on a REALLY windy day.

I was laughing so hard I really thought the neighbors would call the men with the little white jackets in...


For every handful that made into the cover another made it into space.....it looked like it was snowing! So I lost most of the benefit of my very inexpensive pillows to the wind. Hmmmmm.....

But, in the end.........there were enough actually INSIDE the cushion cover to do the trick.

With a wool appliqued pillow for the frosting on top.

Yep, I made that too.

(The cushion is not crooked, but I've learned I really should actually LOOK at the pictures on my camera before I decide that I'm finished taking the pix. Believe me, the sunshine has been hiding around here so when there was a sunny afternoon I hurried and took a few shots. That fringe has a mind of it's own. The box part of the cushion really is even.)

I LOVE to do applique, but especially with wool. No turning the edges under here. So much easier.

I have lots of pieces that I believe I'll have forever... I'm sure this will be one of them. It's quite small so I could fit it in just about anywhere.

I'm joining several memes this week....

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Wishing you a glorious week!

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Aren't you clever! And talented too. I have a little white wicker chair that I bought many years ago for my grandchildren to sit in when they come to visit. My cushion isn't as elaborate as yours but sorta sewn and pinned together. I can see why you laughed out loud at the blowing feathers.

  2. I love the chair, it turned out great. Not sure how you removed the staples but I use a little green staple remover meant for paper that I got at wal-mart, works like a charm. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the pic of your lawn! Great turnout on your project! Terri :O)

  3. Now that was a great find Spencer. It's just perfect for your little cottage.
    I know it's been raining in your neck of the woods. Julie who lives in Van., where we lived for 13 yrs. told me it was raining cats and dogs yesterday. We are getting it this week : (
    Come on spring, I'm waiting patiently, and running out soon.
    Happy week Spencer. So glad you had a nice Easter.
    Love Claudie

  4. Hi Spencer,
    Ooh, I love this cushion!!! Love, love, love it!!!


  5. You did a wonderful job on the chair, Spencer! All of your hard work was well worth it! It's beautiful and so is the pillow. Well done!

    Hope you get some sunshine soon. We are having rain all week here in Chicago. Grrr...


  6. The cushion looks great, Spencer! You would never know that you lost some of the down on your back lawn! : ) It reminds me of when my hubby brushes our Husky outside and all her old coat goes floating around. I'm usually the one running around after it to clean it up because it looks so bad {especially if it's after I've mowed the back and cleaned up the beds}!

  7. That is just beautiful!! You are so talented! If you can find the time, I'd love for you to stop by and share this at the Tuesday To Do Party.



  8. Hi Spencer,
    I love, love,love it! the cushion is perfect. I adore a box cushion and the little pillow is adorable. How sweet it is!!!
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  9. I used to have a chair like that but yours has been turned into a real beauty. I love the cushion and the pillow!! I think you may need to use the shop vac to mow your lawn next time.

  10. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so so gorgeous,,, you did an amazing job,, love all the feathers in your yard,,lol


  11. You did a marvelous job! Such a pretty little chair now. Love your pillow too ♥

  12. OH SWEET SPENCER!!!!! Teeeeheeee......those feathers remind me of a stunt I pulled just when I was in my 30s...you would have thought I did it as a child..I had a down pillow that I wanted to make smaller....ehem........SO IN THE HOUSE, I JUST CUT THAT BABY DOWN THE MIDDLE WITH SCISSORS!!!! Need I say more?

    THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY/RESURRECTION POST!!!!! LOVE TO YOU, you incredibly talented WOMAN! That chair is stunning!!!! LOVE Anita

  13. One word for this chair 'Stunning' well done, it is.....stunning.
    x Sandi

  14. Simply divine, Spencer! I love how the fringe has a mind of it's own! Gives this lovely gal some movement!! You do such fabulous work!! I am always in awe!!!

    Love you Cupcake! Hope you're having a great week!!

  15. Oawesome what a cute little corner piece! Very feminine and romantic, the perfect place to sink down and catch up on mags...Loves me a good DIY :D Great job!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  16. I'm so glad you linked your gorgeous chair to the Tuesday To Do party! Can't wait to see what lovely you post next!

  17. I love your chair makeover! Thank you for sharing it :0)

  18. Spence, in a word... ADORABLE! You, missy, are oh so talented!


    Sheila :-)

  19. I have two chairs just like yours and plan to revive them. Thanks for the inspiration!


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