Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh Yes, I DID Stay Up Allllll Night!

Hi Chickies!

Oh my gosh... I DID stay up all night to watch the Royal nuptials.

Did you?

I figured these big British events only come along every 30 years or so, right? And, I didn't want to miss a minute.

I'm going to pay for this!

Kate and William looked so happy and it was so lovely to get the tour of London.

I've never been, but it's on my list of places to see before I go to see Jesus.

I pray that they'll be happy and that their marriage will last a lifetime.

Have a wonderful day.

I'm thinking a nap will be in my future.


A VERY sleepy Spencer

Photo Credit: Yinka Oyelese via Flickr
You can find him HERE


  1. Spencer I slept a couple of hours, got up at 4am and watched the lovely wedding. Went back to sleep and now it's afternoon. A lost day but worth it to me! Take that nap!

  2. I got up at 3 and went back to bed at 6 - I knew I'd be seeing that "kiss" a million times so I didn't stay up for that! I agree - I don't know how many more royal weddings I'll see, but I want to go to London sometime. Have a wonderful weekend. Sandi

  3. Boo-hoo, he's married! Chuckle! Yup! I was right there making sure he didn't make any mistakes or leave the alter, too. Beautiful elegant simplicity of a romantic fairy tale wedding.

    Have a beautiful PS weekend.
    TTFN ~

  4. Good for you!! I wouldn't have been able to make it past midnight. I did catch bits and pieces on the news today. It looked like a beautiful wedding. Now....go get some rest :)

  5. I'm not surprised that you stayed up to watch! I didn't...I figured I could see all of it later and get my much, much needed beauty rest!

  6. Spencer I so wish I could have been up all night watching the big wedding. We don't have tv service- can you believe I am even confessing that!!?
    I usually love not having tv except in very few occasions like this!

  7. Hello you precious love you! Sleep well my darling, and when you awaken, come to visit me. You are a faery...a true believer of beauty....Anita

  8. Hi Spencer! Saw the title of your post and ran right over! YES, YES, YES, I DID stay up all night too!!! Loved ALL the royal festivities, and have watched them over and over again too! A beautiful ceremony, and an absolutely magical event... I even made myself a tag, a simple little souvenir of sorts, to remember the occasion by! It's funny, I didn't know I still had it in me to last that long, without sleep, but I never did require a nap! I was surprised, but I stayed up till 11 the next night, then I have to admit I slept VERY SOUNDLY from there! (0; Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  9. Spencer! I must look into the reception! I missed all that news..I was at work all day! But yes, I woke up to find that I caught the wedding JUST IN TIME....may they live happily ever after and write about their faery tale! Anita

  10. I stayed up all evening - it started at 10pm, NZ time!

    Just discovered your blog through {tig}. Will be following you from now on - would be lovely if you popped by my blog and followed me too!

    Andrea x

  11. I'm sure you are all rested up by now and that it was worth staying up. I didn't make it, but watched everything I could about it the next day.

    I just love the chair you redid too. The white cushion is perfect for it along with he wool pillow. I love the way you stuffed it. Funny about the feathers and the wind. Wish we had an Ikea near. I read about the inexpensive pillows on another blog.


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