Thursday, May 26, 2011

And...... The Winner Is.....

I LOVE American Idol.... It's so much fun to see these kids shoot for their dreams, isn't it?

I've watched this show for about five years now and I think this was the best season yet. It was nice that the criticism seemed more constructive and it was refreshing that the phrase "too Karaoke" was never used.

I can't imagine the courage it takes to stand out, on that stage, in front of gazillions of people and sing their hearts out.

My Hubbs and I chose Scotty from the moment he opened his mouth. What an amazing talent, especially for someone so very young. He is simply amazing and his talent is so effortless.

After hearing Lauren compete the choice became less clear. What a voice!

And, my favorite thing about both of them??? They were both humble and classy. It was awesome to see these young people with REAL values.

If you've been here a few times, and listened to my music collection, you know I'm an old fuddy duddy when it comes to music. I'm not a rocker fan. However, I loved James as well. He was so nice to the other contestants and certainly had talent. Made more impressive because he has Asperger's Syndrome. I was rooting for him too.

My little grandson and joy of my heart also has Asperger's. It was awesome to see this young man overcome the difficulties associated with the disorder.

It made my heart happy.

And so, we have Scotty moving on as the American Idol.

What grace shown by little Lauren, who came in second. She was such a lady.

I don't think it matters one whit who came in first or second. They are both sooooo talented, I'm sure they'll BOTH have great careers.

So, congratulations to #1 and #2.

You made it such a fun season to watch.

Are you a fan? Who were you hoping would be the winner?

Hope you have a wonderful day.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch today.

We met in Bloggyville.

I'm looking forward to it.

Huggies and lovies too.....




  1. This truly had been the best AI season ever! I chose Scotty too as the winner the first time I heard him sing!! He's from my home state so I sure am proud!


  2. I watch very little TV but I NEVER miss AI if I can help it. Overall, I loved the whole season but while the judges were handing out glowing comments right and left, I couldn't help but repeatedly wonder what Simon's opinion would have been of this batch of contestants. There were 5 or 6 contestants out of the top 11 (including Scotty and Lauren) I really liked and I was never able to pick a #1 favorite. Actually, it probably doesn't even matter who won because I suspect at least half of the top 11 are talented enough that they will be offered recording contracts and we'll be seeing and hearing more of them.

    Hope you have a fun lunch with your blogging friend! Two years ago, I had a friend I met through Blogland come stay with me for a week. We had such a great time, she came for another week-long visit last week. She and I are like two peas in a much alike it's scary. Unfortunately though, she lives in New Jersey and I'm in Florida so we can't get together as often as we'd like. :(

  3. Hello my sweet friend! I have NEVER watched this because we don't have TV. BUT it is wonderful however, to compete and to do one's best to be the best and to cheer each other on. Oh what one can do when they are young, n'est-ce pas? See you tomorrow in Paris????? LOVE YA! Anita

  4. I enjoyed this season so very much also. The joy of the contestants and judges was uplifting. I loved both Lauren and Scotty and so as you say both are winners. I was so proud of James and he will have a career I am sure. It was a good time enjoyed by all.


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