Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camas Antique Mall..... Yummy Fun!

Hey Girlies!

Happy Tuesday. :-)

Oh my... I'm so behind in posting. So many things to show and tell and so little time.

So, I'll try to get caught up here....at least a little bit.

I apologize for the quality of the snaps. This post would have been so much better with a decent camera, but alas it was sitting in the drawer and all I had with me was my itouch. At least you can kind of get an idea how much fun this was. Oh yes, it sure was.

My daughter and I LOVE to head on down south to Portland, and since I've been blogging, I actually discovered Camas in southwest Washington.....right on the way down to Portland. Whooooppeeee, Right?

**Click on the pictures to enlarge.**

Oh yes......we tried!

Lots and lots of yumminess.......

Would never have thought of using clothespins on a birdcage..... loved this idea.

A framed brooch? How clever is that??? I'm thinking I'll whip one of those up for the cottage.... linen background??? Deee.lish.

Yep, we took the boy with us. We stayed for two nights.....and THREE full days of shopping. Need I say how excited he was? The look says it all, doesn't it? Thank goodness for a DSi.... It kept him entertained for a LONG time. He was such a good sport I gave him some $$$$$$$$$$ to spend. I LOVE this boy....and it was so much fun to spend the weekend with them.

We also visited Monticello......Stars and Splendid........Stars.........and LOTS of other little spots. :-)

More $$$$$$ for the boy. :-)

I actually did fire up the sewing machine..... nothing too exciting......but photos to come as soon as I'm finished.




  1. Oh...it sounds like you had a blast! That's a lot of shopping...3 days!! Love the pictures! I've always wanted to visit Monticello!


  2. Looks like you had a great time! I like to visit the shops in Centralia too.

  3. Oh dearest, everything is so YUMMY AND GORGEOUS! So much fun to go antiquing with those you love!!! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a great blog pal in California last summer and we went to one of the best and most concentrated antique shopping areas in Orange County. What bliss to walk with my beloved Penny from Angelsdoor and my husband. We had a blast!!!! LOVE YA! See you Saturday for PARIS, O.K.? Are you ready with a post? ANYTHING DEAREST, ANYTHING!!!! Anita

  4. Well, looks like you had a great time! LOL Sweet finds too, and the ideas are great! Hope your boy wasnt too bummed out, but I dont think he was! :)



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