Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love Notes And Nicknames

Hi Chickies and Happy Thursday!

I'm going to zip on out of here this morning to get myself some pretty posies for my yard. It's been BEEEE.U.TI.FUL, for the past couple of days, in the Pacific Northwest. :-)

Oh how I love it!

I am CRAZY about love notes.... REALLY CrAZy. I've kept every single note anyone has written to me since I was in high school. I guess that would mean I have some vintage notes. *wink*

My Hubbs is a GREAT guy. Really great. But just not a fella that's big on romance. So, when he wrote this sweet little note I had to take a picture of it so I'd be able to save it forever.

He left it on the counter one morning for me. It still makes me smile.

It's amazing the happiness a few cookies bring to this chickie. :-)

Yep, Burger....... what a nickname. Where did that come from? Really.... I have no idea.....He has some dandies for me.... He also calls me Mango and Cry Baby...... Why? Don't know... And, Honey Girl.

I guess food is a theme.... I call him Muffin. And Bud.

My dad called me Corky..... sometimes shorted to Cork.

And, my boy? Hemma. I LOVE it. He's never called me anything else. When he started to talk..... Hemma. When I started blogging I began to see Hemma in some of the Swedish blogs so I looked it up.

It means............AT HOME. How could it be any better??


As you know.............I ADORE this little guy.

Pure. Joy.

Do you have special nicknames? Ah, come on.........spill! I'd love to hear them.

Have a glorious Wednesday.

Off to Posie.

I can hardly wait.

Huggies and Lovies,


PS. Still not a word about Maddie. She's been gone for over a week now. Her Mom is barely functioning. So, so sad.


  1. This is so sweet, if only they knew the power of cookies. Thank you for stopping by and I am your newest follower


  2. Still rainy & soggy here.... I got my garden plants anyway. Hope to get them in this weekend!! Have fun.....
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  3. What a sweet post!'s the nickname from my Mr. AGPMan to Moi...

    It's SUGARBUTT! :) I know...I know...

    My nickname from my Grandpa was BUCKET SUE. Instead of Becky Sue (for Rebecca Suzanne) he mixed up the words to tease me about my bucked front teeth. I know...I know...

    Have a great day sweetie. You made me smile this morning!


  4. Oh isnt that adorable? How absolutely sweet of him! I write little notes on teh bathroom mirror in lipstick for my girls! LOL Thanks for sharing!


  5. L.O.V.E. is the greatest force in the universe and when I think of how blessed we are to have been breathed into EXISTENCE so we could partake of this is mind-boggling!!!! We all are wrapped up in this wonderful land of LOVE!!! You are the best precious....Anita

  6. very sweet....I love love letters to!

  7. Been browsing around your blog. I love the way you dialogue on your blog. So homey. I also read your story. Oh, my! It's nice to know something about the people you visit on the blogs. Sometimes everything seems so rosy on the blogs that you don't realize people have a regular life, too, with problems and such.

    Thanks for the tutorial on making a slipcover. i put the shortcut on my desktop so I won't lose it. It's wonderful and so are you!


  8. GOOD MORNING PRECIOUSNESS!!!!! Thank you for visiting my post and for your kind compliments on my little scribbles; I missed the boat on art training and polishing my natural abilities too early in life. The drawings you see me do are after a 42 year hiatus from drawing!!! But I have fun giving people a smile or chuckle with my finger painting! teeehee


  9. Preciousness!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO POST SOMETHING NEXT SATURDAY, MAY 28, just let me know and I can add your name to the list!!! ANYTHING....just something YOU WANT!!!! Let me know...oh how stunning you would look in a ruffled number. What fun it is to PRETEND and even actually DO SOME OF THE THINGS WE DREAM OF!!!!! LOVE TO YOU, Anita

  10. YIPEEEEEEE! YOU ARE JOINING! You will be a smash! LOVELY! I am snatching your link RIGHT NOW!!!! LOVE TO YOU, Anita


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