Friday, May 13, 2011

Can You Help Find Maddy?

I'm so hoping that someone in Bloggyville will be able to help find Maddy.

Maddy's Mom, Julie, has been one of my daughter's best friends since seventh grade. They're forty now.

Hearts are breaking.

Her Mom is in pieces.

PLEASE, if you can re-post this, it would be so appreciated. I think, getting the world out, all over the country may be the answer.

There has been no word whatsoever.

You can find more pictures and information on her facebook page:

Help Find Madeline Price Harris

Thank you so much.



  1. Oh Spencer~ this is so sad! I've a teenager daughter myself and can't imagine the heartache! I put up a post...sending my prayers & love!

  2. How sad. We'll be praying.

    Too bad you can't just "see" the facebook page without having to become a FRIEND and wait for them to be-friend you can get information. If/when I hear from them and get accepted as a friend, I will post about it on my blog and on my FACEBOOK page, too!


  3. Posted on my blog and facebook. Praying she will be found safe and sound!

  4. Got your response...thanks for stopping by. ;)

    The needing to be "friends" on Facebook is a PRIVACY setting they set. Haven't heard from them yet.

    The bead in the photo...I didn't make...but I made the jewelry with those pretty beads!! I sure can pick 'em, huh?


  5. This is so terrible, Spence. I can't even begin to imagine the horror of not knowing...not hearing a thing. My prayers are definitely with this precious family, and Maddy. My daughter's name is Maddy, so I'll pray for her often.

    I am posting it in my sidebar so it always stays where people can see it.

    Love to you and all concerned,
    May God bring her home soon,

  6. I found your blog and what a sad post... Ive put up the message on my blog as well! I hope she will be found!


  7. Precious one, I am barely getting to your post because Blogger had technical problems for the last two weeks. This is heartbreaking and it is a wonderful idea to make this known in the blogging community. PRAY GOD she is found safe....Anita

  8. I can't even imagine how everyone must feel, especially her mum. I am sending lots of positive thoughts their way and hope I read some wonderful news here soon.
    x Sandi

  9. I am devastated for Maddy and her family. My prayers will be to find her safe an sound. I can't even imagine the heartbreak this is causing.

    Blessings and love for Maddy and her family.

  10. My prayers go to her family...
    I'm praying and hoping for a happy ending on this one ♥


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