Sunday, June 12, 2011

How Can My Baby Boy Be ELEVEN?

Hi Chickies...

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

I'm feeling a bit melancholy today.

My little grandson turns eleven today. I'm having so much fun watching him grow into such a wonderful person, but I'm so sad that it's going by so quickly. I enjoy every minute I get to spend with him.

I've said it a gazillion times before...... He is the joy of my heart.

Funny, charming, caring and sooooo interesting.

I've asked him many times..... "will you still want to have Special Day with me when you're in high school???"

(Referring to our weekly Tuesday date).

He insists he will. I guess we'll have to see about that.

I would miss them so much.

Changing the subject here............................... Yes, I'm like that. :-)

I don't know what happened to Playlist, but I've had to change to another music provider. It seems they were adding commercials to the songs? YIKES. Oh, for Pete's sake, we get pelted with commercial advertisements all day long, do we really need to have them when we're enjoying stalking around on Blogger? I've spent hours over the past couple of days trying to re-create a list of songs that I'm hoping you'll enjoy. I had it set so that the music would start when you would come to visit and would automatically shuffle the songs. Seems they've stopped doing that too.

I hope you enjoy the new list.... I'm still working on it and will update it as I have time. And, if you don't like them..... you can click pause on the little bar at the bottom of your screen. :-) Oh, how I love Fuddy Duddy music....and it's really what you'd hear here at Bellamere Cottage.

And, there have been some problems with Blogger too. I've had a hard time posting and following....


I don't know quite how I managed to get here, but I'm on the list....Number 49 out of 50... :-) as Fifty Top Apartment Decorating Web Sites..... Well, the Cottage isn't an apartment, but it's soooo tiny, so they must have added it due to it's challenging square any rate, I was quite can see it HERE. It doesn't take much to excite me. Sad, huh?

My little guy asked for Pumpkin Pie for his birthday cake.. :-) Must be because I STILL call him Pumpkin alllll the time? Anyway, it's all baked and ready to go.

We're meeting them at a lovely Sushi restaurant for dinner... He LOVES sushi.... YUMMY! Me too.

And, then back to their house for the traditional Asian desert.... Pumpkin Pie.

Huggies to you!


Oh, and an important PS.... I posted several times about my daughter's friend's missing daughter, Maddy..... She's been found and is home with her parents. I still don't know many of the details, but she's home and doing well.


  1. Oh my, so much to comment about. Happy Birthday to "Pumpkin"!! So very happy the friends daughter is home. And congratulations on being in the top 50!! All of these are really good things!!!

  2. They sure do grow up fast.. love the cute... I am so happy that she has been found and is safe..... Praise the Lord.


  3. I am sooo thrilled Maddy is home with her family. I had posted it to all our WA ST relatives/friends & on facebook. Whew! What a relief. Thank you God.

    Happy birthday to your little man! Oh, they grow so quickly, Spencer. I know you adore him, the light of your life. Have a wonderful pumpkin birthday dinner.

    Mid-August, know dates here shortly. I am soooo looking forward to seeing you. We will probably only have a very brief time but it is better than one at all. Looking forward to this, more than you can know.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  4. What a darling little guy, time does go by so fast. My little GS will be three soon, and I don't think he was a baby very long. Congratulations on making the top fifty decorating web sites, that is awesome! I think you have a great blog and I look forward to taking the full tour. Blogger has problems, my new post feeds are not going out. My music did the same thing, I finally got a reply and they said it was because so many complain about the music coming on. And yes commercials too. I'll be your newest follower. Thanks for popping in and leaving a sweet comment.

    The French Hutch

  5. My oldest grandchild is eight and my youngest is not quite two. They do grow up fast don't they. If you blink your eleven year old will be driving soon!

  6. Oh Spencer, I'm sooooo glad they found Maddy. I hope she's ok and all is well. Keep us posted please.
    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet pumpkin.
    Sushi and pumpkin pie??? well why not?

  7. I have four grandsons so I truly know how fast they are growing up....they are 16, 14, 14, 12....and they are the love of my life just as your Spencer is to you. Maybe this will be reassuring to you....both of the 14 year olds (cousins) will start high school this fall, and they still hug me in front of their friends and want to be with me. It thrills me that these big young men still hold their "Granna" in such high esteem!

  8. DEAREST ONE! OH HE IS SO CUTE! And how special that you have this relationship with him now...he will NEVER FORGET YOU PRECIOUS! You will be his favorite as he grows into a.......MAN....oh the joy. My favorite students (shhhhhhhhhh) are the little boys. I love the girls...that goes without saying. But the boys are so special to me..they are such LITTLE CLOWNS and need so much love..Oh how do I explain it...AND YES! I TOO HAD TO CHANGE MY MUSIC PROVIDER to Mixpod..I could not tolerate those awful commercials! HAVE A GREAT WEEK!! Anita

  9. Happy belated birthday to your sweet grand!
    What a special day it must have been.
    I hope that this week is a great one for you.
    Oh, and congratulations on the decor site! How fun!

  10. Happy Birthday tio your sweet grandson! Glad to hear Maddy is home safe.

  11. Hello!
    Im so glad Maddie is home!!! Have been so worried! :D

    And your grandson is soooo cute! Time flies so fast doesnt it? Thanks so much for sharing this with us! :)


  12. Happy belated birthday to your grandson! Oh my they do indeed grow up far too quickly don't they.:o) My grand daughter is already fifteen, and it seems just a few days ago she was just a little one.:o)

    Happy week to you!



  13. Hi Spencer
    I love that name...
    I just got to see some of my grandkiddies and I love it! They are truly the crown upon my head.
    and I agree they grow much too fast.


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